Released before but I rewrote the parts I hate. Which was alot. So re-enjoy!

Anyway, this story is inspired by many other Fanfiction I've been reading when I'm bored. Some were written amazingly, others had good plots but they were poorly expressed so I decided to try and write my own serious Fanfic' with normal characters and maybe even an OC or two. Maybe a small lemon eventually but I really cannot be asked to write a lemon in my current state so my other story will be on hold for now.

Anyway here's a basic outline for this story... Ash, Dawn and Brock's journey has come to an end and they go their separate ways. With Dawn and Brock following their own path Ash decides to fulfil his destiny in becoming an aura guardian. Will he be the same Ash everyone came to know and love? Or will the power have changed his personality for the worse?

That's as much as I know of at the moment. Enjoy! Oh and one thing before I start. I use names and such from a Machinima called Deus Ex Machina by Digitalph33r (JonCJG) I just like some of the names, cut me some slack.

OH. And I realised I didn't do ages or anything for what they are in the present, since it'll skip to the future pretty soon.

Ash - 16, 6ft tall and everything else is the same.

Dawn - 15, 5.5ft tall and everything else is the same

Brock - 22, 6.5ft tall and everything else is the same.


I don't own Pokémon. It owns me.

Chapter one: Prologue

As the sun set on another beautiful day in Sinnoh the three friends Ash, Brock and Dawn were walking a path towards the next city on their journey.

"Broooocckkk, we've been walking for hours! When are we going to get to the next city?" An exhausted Ash groaned.

"Pip-luuuup..." said an outstretched Piplup on Dawns head.

Brock stared down at his map, and brought it closer to his face. "Hmmmm... Well without having any of my equipment thanks to SOMEONE picking up the wrong bag at the last Pokémon centre I can't really tell." He pushed his face closer to Ash's in annoyance.

"I said sorry Brock! Man give a guy a break..." Ash looked at Pikachu on his shoulder then down the road they were heading and his face lit up, "Hey guys check it out! Esoteria!"

The three friends ran up the path and got a better look at the metropolis. "Wow it looks so... Futuristic!" Dawn said as the three began to slow down.

"Yeah tell me about it, it's like no city we've been to before, looks kind of clustered" Brock mumbled.

"Pika!" Added Pikachu.

"Looks kind of like LaRousse city, you know the one where we met Deoxys!" Dawn looked quizzically at Ash. "Deoxys? LaRousse? What are you guys talking about?"

"Oh right Dawn wasn't with us at that time Ash." He looked back at Dawn "A few years back Me, Ash and two of our old travelling partners went to LaRousse city to enter Ash into a battle tower competition. But instead we ended up in the middle of a legendary Pokémon battle." Dawn was amazed all this had happened and they had never told her about it.

"You mean you guys have seen more legendary Pokémon other than the ones we've seen?"

"You know come to think of it we've met alot of amazing Pokémon haven't we Ash?" Brock turned to look at his friend but was met with empty space. He had continued running after they had slowed down.

"ASH! SLOW DOWN!" Brock shouted.

Way out in front the trainer turned with a confused look on his face "How'd you guy end up way back there come on or the sun will set before you even reach the city!" Him and Pikachu both smiled at each other and started running again.

Dawn and Brock turned, looked at each other and sighed. They started towards Ash.

Esoteria was a very modern city with many tall buildings, highways, shopping malls and perhaps the most daunting of all buildings the mayor's complex. 600ft in height it's a kick in the crotch for whoever sees it. The current mayor, Mayor Mathews was at best a kind man. He was slightly egotistical but that comes with the job. He's kept the city clean and the education, healthcare and its economy were doing great. It seemed like the perfect city. However out of the public eye things can be completely different.

Ash, Dawn and Brock were all looking in awe of the massive buildings, muttering the occasional "Wow..." or "Whoa..." Pretty much anything expressing surprise and amazement.

"Okay so let's find out where the Pokémon centre is in this place..." Said Brock as he looked around hand above his eyes. Or slits whatever you call them.

"Hey guys I see a map!" Dawn pointed to an information board with a large map of the city on it. They made their way towards the board and all shared blank looks trying to find the emblem for the centre.

"Ah-hah! Here!" Ash pointed at a red Pokéball near to an arrow stating 'You are here."

Brock and Dawn both followed Ash's finger and began tracing their route with their fingers. "So let's head west guys" Brock told his two friends.

The three friends started down the road watching the citizens of Esoteria go about their business as the day slowly came to an end. Ash yawned loudly, "Guys when we get to the centre I have some things I want to talk about."

Dawn and Brock both shared looks of confusion as the black haired teen turned forward continued walking "Sure Ash, whatever you want" Brock quietly replied.

"Welcome to Esoteria Pokémon centre! How can I help you?" Said Nurse Joy behind her desk with two chansey standing by her side.

"My dear I'm afraid what is hurting me can't be healed by your medicine, only your unlimited beau-"Brock winced in pain as Croagunk's glowing purple hand deep into his back then dragging him away.

Ash and Dawn laughed with each other "I guess some things won't ever change" Dawn said. "Nurse Joy could you take our Pokémon, and can we get two rooms for the night please?" Ash asked the pink haired nurse.

"Well of course!" She grabbed two trays from underneath her desk and both Ash and Dawn placed their five Pokéballs into the spaces. She handed the pair each a key and picked up the now Pokémon filled trays. "Have a great night!" They both smiled and followed after Croagunk into the guest wing of the building.

Walking down a hallway there was a comfortable silence between the two trainers.

"Hey... Dawn?" Dawn turned towards Ash with a small smile on her face and her hands behind her back. "Yeah Ash?"

"Hypothetically, say if you had never met me and Brock, where do you think you'd be right now?" Dawn looked at Ash quizzically. Partly because of the strange question Ash was asking and partly because Ash knew what hypothetical meant.

"Well I suppose I wouldn't have come as far as I have if I hadn't met you guys. I might not have even been able to get to the grand festival let alone get to the final round"

Ash nodded slowly still keeping a steady pace down the dimly lit hallway. "So what if I stopped travelling with you..?" Dawn stopped and her smile faded. "Hypothetically of course!" Ash panicked and rubbed the back of his head, grin on his face.

"He doesn't want to travel with me anymore?" Dawn thought to herself.

Ash stopped rubbing his head and felt a stab of guilt in his chest. "Dawn, I'm sorry for mentioning it. I won't talk about it anymore." He turned forward to start walking down the hallway but stopped in his tracks when he felt a hand grab his wrist.

"If you don't want to travel with me anymore, then you don't have to..." Dawn said almost whispering.

Her right hand was latched onto Ash's wrist and her left arm held at her side, she was facing down with her face hidden from Ash.

He turned to look at his blue haired friend. "This isn't like Dawn... She's looks kind of... Cute?"

"Dawn I..." Ash couldn't think of anything appropriate to say. He'd never had to deal with a situation like this before, mostly because of his normally dense personality.

Ash took a breath and put his hands on Dawn's shoulders "I do want to continue travelling with you Dawn; you're probably one of my favourite travelling partners yet. But I feel like I'm meant for something bigger. And Dawn, I promise we will meet again one day, in this city I swear it."

Dawn looked into Ash's eyes as he still held onto her a look of complete seriousness on his face. "Okay Ash, but only because you promised." She smiled again but this time it was a sincere smile. Dawn walked closer to Ash and wrapped her arms around his body, pulling him into a close hug and resting her head below his.

Ash was surprised but not in a bad way. He wrapped his arms around her as well and they stayed like that for a while before they were interrupted.

"Pika, pika!" Both Ash and Dawn turned to see the small yellow mouse running towards Ash who smiled and let him jump onto his shoulder. "Wondered where you went buddy, where's Piplup?" Pikachu pointed down the hall, and they both assumed he was asleep in Dawn's room so they continued walking.

As they came to their assigned rooms they both said goodnight and walked in. Ash entered seeing Brock lay frozen in the position he was in when harassing Nurse Joy, twitching. He laughed to himself, took his vest, jacket and trousers off and clambered into the bed across from Brocks. He would tell Brock tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile on the other side of the hallway Dawn had closed her door and instantly stood right in front of it, blocking it. She wore a huge smile on her face.

"I held Ash for what seemed like hours" She squealed in happiness before running and jumping onto her bed where her sleeping Piplup was awoken with the crushing weight of his trainer.

Piplup wriggled out from under Dawn and gasped for air. "Oops sorry Piplup go back to sleep, But I gotta say I just had an awesome night." She yawned and looked at her Pokétch.

"Hmm midnight.." The blunette dropped her hands to her sides and began thinking of what she'd do if Ash left. After 5 minutes of unsuccessful thought her eyes slowly closed and fell asleep next to Piplup who was leaning on her stomach.

-(Morning at the docks) -

"So Brock that's what I've decided." The spiky haired teen told his oldest friend.

"Well are you definitely sure? How long have you wanted to do this?" Ash muttered some numbers and counted his fingers before finally saying "About a month. But I'd only seriously considered it about a week ago." Brock nodded solemnly.

"And we said that we'll all meet again someday, in this city." Dawn added.

Ash turned and smiled at Dawn who smiled back at him.


Brock turned to Ash and broke the silence "Well we better be getting on that boat now Ash; goodbye Dawn it's been great travelling with you and good luck in whatever you do in your future. I know you'll be a top coordinator." Dawn also said her goodbyes to Brock before turning to Ash.

Ash then spoke up. "Uh, Brock I'll meet you on the boat... I won't be long" Brock shrugged and turned saying one final goodbye to Dawn.

"So..." "So..." Said both trainers, not knowing what to say.

"We already said our goodbyes last night so let's just not say anything." Dawn silently agreed as Ash turned around to walk away. He took at least three steps before turning his head and seeing Dawn still stood there looking as if she was about to burst out into tears. "How do I know that you actually meant what you said when you told me we'd meet again?" Ash didn't know what to say.

He looked at the boat he was supposed to be on then back at Dawn. Ash walked towards the blunette and stood directly in front of her. Ash pulled off his hat and put it on Dawn's head.

"I'll be back for that one day, promise." He hugged her once more before turning towards the boat that would take him home. She looked up at the hat on her head and smiled, a tear rolling down her cheek. "I'm gonna miss you Ash, until next time" She wiped the tear off her face and walked toward the bus station across the road from the docks.

"Man I bet I looked so cool!"Ash proudly thought to himself.


"Oh yeah I bet she's all like- Wait..." Ash started sprinting toward the boat that was pulling out of the port as Brock frantically waved his arms from the Railings on the side of the ship. "Come on, run faster Ash! I'll catch you!"

Ash sped up and leapt off of the dock towards the boat with Brock leaning over the side. Brock stretched his arm out as far as he could and caught Ash's hand just as he was about to fall. He pulled Ash up and over the bars and they both collapsed panting on the wooden flooring.

"Thanks Brock you really saved my ass there" Said Ash rubbing the back of his head. "Well next time don't take so long saying goodbye and i won't have to save your ass." Brock replied while lying on his back breathing heavily. "Did you drop your hat or something when you ran here?" Ash laughed. "Don't worry about it Brock" He grinned and lay flat on the floor also breathing hard.

An hour had passed now and the two friends were standing near the bow of the boat watching and listening to the wave's crash against the boat and the cry of the wingull and various other Sea Pokémon. Brock turned to his black haired friend "So Ash what do you think you'll do when you get home?"

Ash didn't turn but replied "Well I don't know exactly but after all the adventures I've been on I've learned to expect the unexpected." Brock raised an eyebrow "Surprisingly that sounds pretty smart... Where's the real Ash?" They both laughed as the boat brought them closer and closer to the region where their journey began.

Little did Ash know he was getting closer and closer to his most dangerous adventure yet.

To be continued...

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