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Chapter 11 (Epilogue)

With Malchior back in jail, things slowly returned to normal. Kori was angry at Raven for a few days but after explaining the situation, even she realized that there was no other way. Evidence was needed for the case and it had worked in their favor.

Still…it was many days till the girls could talk comfortably without one breaking off in uneasy silence. Kori often took to taking Silky out for walks and would often reflect on her moments spent with Raven and the history they shared. As the days got cooler, Gar would often come out and the two would chat amiably about random things. Very rarely did it get personal.

"So Kori, how's life goin' for ya?" Gar asked one afternoon. "You seem a bit different today."

He was raking some leaves outside of his house, grinning from ear to ear when he saw his friend come up with her drooling mutt. Reaching out to scratch Silky behind the ears, he saw a distant expression on the red head's face. "I hope this little dude, hasn't been giving you any trouble."

Surprised, Kori looked down in surprise. "What? Oh, no…Silky's been great. I've just been thinking. Do you think it's time I move on Gar? I've stayed with Raven for three months now. We hardly talk to each other anymore and there's always my old job in Gotham."

Gar nodded sagely. "Yes, there's always Gotham but what about Jump City? I bet there's a job you could find here. There's even a new opening down in the police station. You could fight crime with Richard! Be a superhero and stand up to any more Malchiors out there!"

He did a karate move, holding the rake out like a bow staff. Kicking his foot in the air, Gar promptly fell onto his back in the most undignified position. Kori started laughing hysterically.

"Yes, yes can you imagine me?" Kori chortled. "A superhero? I suppose you would be my sidekick? What would your name be? Animal Man? Beast Boy? Am I getting warmer?"

Kori helped Gar up and he tried, with little dignity to regain his serious expression.

"It would be Beast Man to you! Defender of the weak! Protector of stray dogs and abandoned kittens! We could be a superhero team and Raven…Raven will be my Lois Lane. I bet she'd love a man in tights! She'd be practically swooning for me." He exclaimed, all starry eyed.

"I seriously doubt that." A voice came from behind them. Dressed in her signature purple sweater and black jeans, Raven was looking both amused and wary. "I hope you don't mind Kori. I was hoping to join you on your walk. I had to make sure that Gar is behaving himself."

Gar pouted. "Of course I'm behaving. I promised you I would."

He turned to Kori and wiggled his eyebrows. "Raven and I have a date tonight. She made me promise to be good for an entire week if she was to agree. Acted like I was forcing her against her will but I know she likes me!"

Raven rolled her eyes and pointed towards his house. "Could you give us some space please? I was hoping to talk to Kori alone for a moment."

"Alright! Alright!" Gar sighed, putting his hands up in defeat. "I'm going. Just don't take too long okay? I want to get these leaves raked up by nightfall!"

The man headed inside, whistling obnoxiously and taking his sweet time before finally shutting the door, leaving Kori and Raven to walk the sidewalk in companionable silence. Kori kept her eyes straight ahead and her friend looked down uncomfortably.

"So I've heard you were thinking of leaving Jump City." Raven began awkwardly. "Is it true?"

Kori nodded. "It crossed my mind, yes. I've probably worn out my welcome a long time ago and now that…that Malchior is gone, there are no more problems. I might return to fashion modeling. You're probably tired of me being here anyway."

"What gave you that idea?" Raven asked, looking up in surprise. "I enjoy your company. It makes my house seem…well, less lonely I suppose. It's too big for one person anyway. You can stay for as long as you want. It's no trouble."

"Still…I just…well I don't know what I feel anymore Raven." Kori cried out, throwing her hands in the air for emphasis. "Before I came here we had gotten into a horrible fight about a boy. I meet said boy again and he tricks me into finding you again. Then I find out not only was he a felon but that you tried to kill your father? What am I supposed to feel Raven?!"

Raven was silent for a moment. Walking along the sidewalk with Kori on her right and staring at the trees. They had changed into brilliant colors of red and orange, most had fallen at their feet in a mess of colors and were being crunched as they walked. Summer felt like such a long time ago.

"Things change." Raven began softly. "I've changed, you've changed, we all have changed and there's nothing we can do about it. I came here as a scared girl named Rachel. Now I'm a stronger woman who knows I've made mistakes. I came here for a new beginning."

"But that's the thing! I'm part of your past." Kori protested. "We have history, so why would you want me around? Wouldn't I just bring back bad memories?"

Raven laughed. "Bad memories? It's because you knew me that I want you around. You and Victor were some of my better memories. You're my best friend. I may not be the same girl you once knew but I'm still me. We may fight but we still care for each other. So if you can handle my idiosyncrasies, then I'd be happy to have you for a roommate."

Kori still looked a little unsure. Her eyes were lost in thought as she watched the cars pass by and listened to the soft rustle of wind against the leaves.

"You don't have to stay if you don't want to." Raven added. "I understand if you want to leave."

Finally, Kori stopped and smiled. "I guess it would be alright if I stayed a bit longer. I have friends here now and there's still Silky. Not many apartments would take dogs anyway. So if you don't mind then I don't mind."

"Great." Raven agreed. "It seems like we have a deal then."

Kori beamed. "Yep and the best part of being a roommate is that I get to help my best friend get ready for her date. I bet you don't have a single thing to wear tonight!"

Raven backed away from Kori with a horrified look on her face. "You aren't thinking what I think you're thinking…are you? Because there's no way in…"

"We're going to the mall!" Kori squealed happily. "This is going to be so much fun! We'll try on clothes and I know this wonderful place where you can get both manicures and pedicures!"

Face palming dramatically, the darker girl winced at the idea of such girly pursuits. Still she couldn't help but smile as Kori jabbered away about their new destination. Sighing, she reluctantly followed Kori home so they could return Silky and get the car. It looked like Kori could hardly wait. For even with all their differences, it seemed she would never be lonely again.