This morning when I woke up, I felt so sick. I must have caught the flu that's been going around in Blue Water for the last few weeks. It was a free Saturday and we all wanted

to go for a little hike and have a nice picnic. Even Garry and Bec wanted to come. Everyone was thrilled to finally have a day off. The last weeks were filled with training and competions. I managed to get out of bed and tried to get some breakfast. I knew I had to have some, otherwise Iwould't be able to join the others. Bec and Gerry wouldn't let me go if they knew I didn't feel well. The moment I entered the kitchen, Bec looked at me and sent me straight back to bed. She saw how miserable I felt with just one glance, she knows us too well. So here I was, lying in bed, hearing the others getting ready to leave and enjoy an awesome day out. I though that this would be a long and boring day. Bec came in with tea, fruits, sandwiches, books and magezines so that I'd have nothing to worry about while they were out. When the house became silent I tried to get some sleep, but the moment I closed my eyes I felt like someone was watching me. Bridget was standing in my doorway. "I...I told the others I forgot my camera, " she blushed. I have never seen her blush before. She also spoke so quietly that I could barley hear her. That was new to me. She came over and sat down on my bed, but within a few seconds she got up again and moved over to a chair, sitting down just to stand up again and start wandering through the room. "Bridget? Anything wrong?" She stopped beside the desk. "No,everything's fine. I...I should go, the others are waiting for me." But she didn't move, not a millimetre, her eyes flew through the room, not focusing on a thing. She wasn't even able to look me in the eyes. "Guy, I..." she trailed off, her eyes got blurry. "Bridget? We're waiting for you! Come on!" Garry yelled from downstairs. She shrugged off the sound of his voice and turned around to go back downstairs. "Bridget," I called after her, "don't forget your camera, I want to see tons of photos of what I've missed." Once more she blushed and even deeper than before. It seemed like she had forgotten what she came back for in the first place. "Thanks," she whispered.
When I heared the front door shut I tried once more to get some sleep, but the moment I closed my eyes, questions filled up my mind. Did she really come back to get her camera?
She said, "I told the others I forgot my camera." Weird! Shouldn't she had said "I forgot my camera?" What did she want to tell me, when Garry called out for her? What was the blushing all about? Why was she whispering? Why was she acting so weird? Has she done it before?
And then it hit me, there was a similar situation two days ago. We had to prepare dinner together. She was so tongue-tied, when I looked at her, I caught her staring at me. But she looked away each time, like she couldn't look me in the eyes. Was that what I thought? Was she maybe falling for me? But that couldn't be true. Weeks ago we had that chat that we weren't more than friends. That we had just paired up because we were kind of left over. Adam and Cassie were clearly a couple as well as Charlie and Loren. And it was she who came up with it. So why should she fall for me now? She was so sure about us being friends.
What if she knows I lied when I said that it would be fine, to just be friends?
What if she knows I had fallen for her? That I had fallen for her the moment I first saw her? Maybe she wasn't sure if I would handle a simple friendship with her? Maybe she wanted to tell me that she had a boyfriend. Maybe she had no idea how to tell me.
Great! Here I am now, lying in my bed with nothing to do that could distract my thoughts from Bridget and her behaviour the last few days. This is going to be a long day full of thinking, and there is no way I can sleep now.
Bridget, on the other hand, had just one thought on her mind. How could she ever face Guy again, after making such a fool out of herself. Why must she fall for him just weeks after she told him that she thinks they had just paired up because they were the "left overs".