* The Italics are Bloom or Sky thinking*

Chapter 1: Sky….Why would you do this to me?

Sky asked me out and this is our 3 year anniversary and tonight I am really hoping he is going to propose to me. Well I know he is because I saw the ring in his bag a couple days ago. Stel come help me pick out a dress. I run into my room and Stella follows me and we are in there for 2 hours and I finally pick a dress. It was down to the floor and it was pink with white ruffles with sparkles.( Picture on my profile)

Finally I met Sky outside and he is in a Redfountian hero uniform. We start walking to a picnic that he set up right by the lake. It was so romantic it made me love him even more then before.

"Bloom you make really happy and I have something to tell you." "Yeah Sky what it is" Here it comes he is going to ask me the marry him. "But Bloom I have to dump to you because….." "What, why do you have to?" "For me to get the crown of Eraklyon I have to marry a real princess." "So what are you calling me a princess wannabe, just because I didn't know for years doesn't mean I am not." "That is not what I am calling you, but a real princess has a kingdom to protect and Sparx has been gone for a long time because of the witch invasion. "Sky, I love you, does that mean anything to you?" "Of course it does." "Then why?"

Why is she overreacting, I am just warming up to ask her to marry her so she doesn't know it is coming. But I guess I went about this the wrong the way.

"Bloom, I have something to ask you" "What, could you possibly want to ask me when you just ripped my heart from my body." "Will you marry me?" "Huh? Did you just ask me to marry you?" "Yes, what you answer?" "Ummm….. What the hell is wrong with you?" "Nothing, I just knew you were peeking around in my bags the last couples dates and I knew that you knew that I was going to ask you to marry me." "I have no idea what you are talking about." With a devilish smirk on my face. He right I was peeking around in his bag; I knew that, that is why I had to dress up. "Of course I will marry you, you are my prince and I am your princess." "I know Bloom I love you!" "I LOVE YOU TO SKY." I run into his arms and he swings around and he pulls out the most beautiful ring in the world.

Yeah i know short... but the others are longer! :)