Sky and Bloom thinking are in Italics

Chapter 2 Sky Stays The Night

"Bloom will you go to Eraklyon to announce our engagement?" "Ummm… Sure why not, but what if you parents don't like me. "Why wouldn't they like you?" "Because I am not a Princess, well I am, but my planet it dead." Tears in my eyes and my heart is like broken, but not because of Sky. I am sad because I have tried everything to find my parents and fix my planet. "But Bloom you are, and if it makes you feel better once we are married I will help you return Sparx to its formal beauty.

"Hey, Sky you want to stay over, since we are engaged in all?" "Ummm… sure I would love to, but wouldn't Faragonda be mad?" "Yeah but I don't care, I love you ,she cant take that away from me, I want to spend the night with you if that is okay with you!" "Okay, I would love to, let me just call Brandon and tell him that I won't be home tonight." "Okay meet you inside."

Dialing Brandon:

Sky: Hey Brandon

Brandon: What's up with you?

Sky: Nothing but that Bloom just asked me to stay over and well yeah whatever happens, happens.

Brandon: Wow, use protection

Sky: Hahah I will, if we get that far.

Brandon: Have fun, buddy

Sky: Okay, bye

Sky hangs up the phone and walking into Blooms room.

She is sitting on the bed with a robe, I don't know if anything is under that but man I hope not.

Because I have no idea how to get a bra off, yeah that is really lame, but I will have to learn.

"Sky, I LOVE YOU!"

"Yeah, I know you do."

I walk over to him and start kissing him passionately.

His tongue touches my lips, to enter my mouth and of course I open.

I start to walk over to the bed and I start to untie my robe.

Ya, i said they would be longer, ya this isnt it i am gettin there come down.