Chapter 3 My Unbelievable News

I continued to untie my robe, knowing that I didn't have anything on under it. Sky pulls me close and put his arms under my robe and basically throws it off. By this time he has his shirt of and basically all he was on his is boxers. But don't worry they will be coming off soon! And all I had on were my panties. Boy are those panties ever going to drop DAMN! Haha trust me there they go. EUREKA! I am so close to him and AWWWWWWW! That feels so nice. Finally he will be a part of me. I can feel him entering in and out, Oh man that feels so good! I have to touch his penis. I put my hand there and Oh man it is so thick and I knew that was going to feel so good inside. I start to move down to give him a blow job. Man is he going to like that. Then we can get to the real sex here. I grab his penis and put it in my mouth, I goes in and out, and I hear him moan. Then I start to play with his balls which made him all stiff and I knew what to do I kissed his penis and continued with my blow job by moving my tongue around his penis, and he loved it. He was ready to have the best sex ever.

I am lying on the bed with him on top of me he enters me and I can feel him. He finally got hard and released himself. And he starts to kiss me and I love him even more than before. Before I knew I was on top of him with my boobs hanging out and he was grabbing them and starts to rub them and starts to kiss them. I was humping him and just kept on moans. Then I hear laughter enter our dorm. I put a sign on the door that said, "STUDYING DO NOT DISTURB!" So I wasn't worried. I just kept on humping him, while he kept on grabbing my boobs, and now he had them pushed, in between his penis. I knew what to do next. I gave him another blow job. This time it was nice and slow. I went in and out in and out in and out. He loved it. He finally brought me up and I pushed my boobs against his chest. We were kissing again.

He puts his tongue out and demands to enter and I let him because I love him. He moves his tongue around in there and then all of a sudden Flora walks in.


Well I know what you are doing but why?

Flora you don't understand, were engaged and well I have been waiting a long time for this. I quickly grab my robe and throw it on and pushed Sky into the bathroom with his clothes. Then I heard a squeaky noise I knew he opened a window and then I hear a thump outside.

Flora do you want me to explain about what just happened or should I spare you. "Yeah I would, like to know why you are having sex with your boyfriend in our room." "Ummm… he isn't my boyfriend anymore a little embarrassed." Well whatever he is why here? Because I wanted it to be special and not just in some hotel, okay. Okay that makes sense don't tell anyone okay. Yeah tell me was it good? Yeah I was amazing. Bloom did you use protection? Ummmm….No why? Bloom are you that stupid did you a protection spell? No I haven't gotten there in magic class. Bloom what if you end up pregnant. I won't ever happen.

4 weeks later

I wake up and I feel so sick, and I haven't gotten my period yet I am past due like a week and a half. I have to call sick and go get a test.

Dialing the school nurse:

Bloom: Hello good morning

Nurse: Yes what is wrong

Bloom: Well I woke this morning and I throw up, may I miss classes today?

Nurse: Of course get plenty of rest today

Bloom: Yes nurse and thank you?

Nurse: No problem

Bloom hangs up. All of the winx are gone so I can go now. I use a portal to get out unnoticed. I run to the store and buy 5 testes just to be on the safe side. I portal home and run to the bathroom and read the directions. Pee on the stick and wait 5 minutes. Okay this should be easy. I peed on them now I will set the timer and call Sky:

Dialing Sky:

Bloom: Sky please pick up

Sky: Hey beautiful

Bloom: Sky, umm,hey

Sky: Bloom is there something wrong

Bloom: Yeah, you remember when we had sex

Sky: How could I forget I was there, hahaha

Bloom: Well I think I might be pregnant

Sky: What?

Bloom: Pregnant, baby

Sky: I know what that means but how?

Bloom: No protection

Ring Ring that was the waiting bell the testes are done

Bloom: Sky, I am scared I don't want to look

Sky: Alright I will be right there

Then there he was, and he ran right towards me

I was so happy to see him, and he held me close in a hug. I held his hand and we walked into our fate.

All the testes say….positive

OH MY GOD I'm pregnant!

Love this chapter! 3