Chapter 4 Our Arrival, and a Unexcepted Guest Show Up!

Sky, what are we going to do? I don't know Bloom. Sky, I have the best idea we have to get married so then our child will have a good family. I think that is the best thing to do to. We will be married on Sunday, huh what that is only to days away, and I haven't even met your parents yet. You will meet them tonight at dinner. So we are leaving, right now pack some stuff okay. Yeah that is fine. What am I going to do I knocked bloom up I told Brandon that I would use protection what is wrong with me.

OH MY GOD I am pregnant I can tell sky isn't to thrilled about it what if I go an get abortion done without this knowledge then I can just say that I had a miscarriage. And when we go for our first appointment they will look and see there nothing in there. DAMN that wont work cause if it really died then it would still be there and have no heartbeat. DAMN why does this have to happen to me

Sky, sweetie, I know that you are really surprised but you don't have to marry me, I can just get abortion and then we can go back to our happy lives and have kids when we are ready. And I know if we have this kid now you are going to leave me to do all the work.

Bloom, honey, I can't let you do that. And I would never leave you to do this all on your own. This is part my fault for not having protection when I knew something good was going to happen. Why not I know you don't want this baby I can tell, I can feel it. Bloom that is not it, I wan to have this baby I really do but what if I am a bad dad then this kid could be seriously messed up. Sky, you aren't going to be a bad dad, I promise. Let's go your parents are probably waiting for us.

We arrive at Eraklyon, his parents waiting. Oh my, Sky why did you bring her back here? Mother, this is Bloom, my fiancé, and the woman that is carrying my baby. Oh my, you got her pregnant. Yeah, mother and we are getting married here on Sunday! Ohmygod that is great welcome to the family Bloom! With a devilish look on her face. Ummmmmmmmm…. Thanks Samara. You can call me mom. Okay! If you please excuse me I have to make a phone call. How could he get her pregnant he is suppose to marry Diaspro, and I know how he is going to.

Dialing Princess Diaspro:

Diaspro: Princess Speaking, who dares to call me now!

Samara: Diaspro,

Diaspro: Oh my, I am soooooo sorry Samara!

Samara: I have something that might make you very very happy.

Diaspro: What?

Samara: I need you to come crash a wedding and marry that groom.

Diaspro: Who's wedding?

Samara: Bloom and Sky's.

Diaspro: Ohhhhhh, so then I marry him, but why?

Samara: Because he got that earth girl Bloom pregnant and I need you to get them to break up.

Diaspro: Okay then I will be there.

Samara: See daughter!

Diaspro: Bye mother.

Yessssss, I get to marry prince Sky. I am so happy now I must find that potion, that will help a lot. Ohhh yeah I also need to pick out a wedding dress. Found one the one I suppose to wear before he dumped me. I am going to make Bloom cry like a big baby.

Back on Eraklyon

Bloom and Sky were sitting in their room now, once it was Sky's now it is ours. They were sitting on the double king size bed. Well more like he was sitting and I had me head on his lap looking up at him. There everyone we know is coming to the wedding on Sunday. Everything is done for the wedding all we have to do it wait for Sunday. Knock, Knock. Who's there?

Its me Diaspro. Huh? I jump up and rush to the door. Why are you here no one invited you to our wedding and even if we did, yeah it is in two days. Sky right behind me had his arm around my waist. Diaspro, why are you here? Because your mother invited me to come and so I did. Ummmm….. Sky can I talk to you for a minute in private. Oooo, no I am not leaving you to alone again. Bloom, it is fine I will e right outside, why don't you get some rest. Remember what the doctor said not to put stress on the baby. FINE! I will wait here but you two got five minutes and if you aren't back I am calling the guards on Diaspro. Giving her a devilish smile. Bye sweetie. Giving him a passionate kiss before I went to the king sized bed.

Love this Chapter two.