Chapter 5 I really can't believe this!

Blooms POV:

I can't believe Diaspro is here, why would the Queen call her. I know she doesn't like me like she likes Diaspro but why can't she see that Sky loves me and not her. I think I should have a talk with her. I reached for the phone to call the guards so I could set up a secret meeting with her.

Calling the Queen:

Queen: Hello Queen speaking

Bloom: Hey Samara

Queen: Oh Bloom honey is everything okay with you and the baby?

Bloom: Yeah everything fine, well not really I know you don't like me like you like Diaspro but why would you bring her here, why can't you see that me and Sky love each other. Everyone can see it you are the only one who can't. I love you son with all my heart, I know at my age it was a mistake to have a child but…. (Bloom is hyperventilating)

Queen: Bloom that is not it I do like you but I have known Diaspro's parents forever and when Sky broken off the engagement I was mad at the girl who happened to be you, Bloom you are a wonderful person and I am really happy and I can see the way you look at Sky and the way he looks back at you. Bloom I am very happy for you and Sky and from now on I won't speak to Diaspro I promise, you can really trust me.

Bloom: Queen Samara I really thank you for letting me stay here with Sky and your whole family it means a lot to me.

Queen: Don't worry about you are now part of the family, ummmm…. Where is Diaspro can you tell her to meet me in my room so I can ship her home.

Bloom: Okay. Bye

Queen: Bye sweetie!

I really think she finally gets how much we care for each other and now I don't have to worry about Diaspro ruining my wedding. Oh Shit! I forgot about her and Sky. Jumping up then I felt a terrible pain in my stomach, Shit I think I just to much pressure on the baby, but I have to find Sky. SKY! HELP ME PLEASE! I screamed hoping he would hear me but he didn't. I reached for the phone and called the Queen again.

Queen: Hello

Bloom: Queen I think something is wrong I have a terrible pain in my stomach and I called for Sky and he didn't answer me.

Queen: OH MY,

Bloom: What do I do?

Queen: I am sending guards to you and I will meet you in the hospital in the castle and I will send more guards to find Sky, Bloom I am afraid to say you might be going into labor.

Bloom: What! That is impossible I can't be unless….

Queen: Unless what?

Bloom: That people on Sparks have babies within a shorter time.

Queen: You could be right the guards are almost there Bloom hold on Please!

Bloom: Aaaaaaaa! Owwwwww!

Knock! Knock! Princess Bloom we were sent to bring you to the hospital.

Bloom: They are here please find Sky I am not having this baby with out him!

Queen: Will do I will see you there!

Meanwhile while the guards are rushing Bloom to the hospital



Sky and Diaspro are talking on the ship which is sound proof so they can't hear anything. But in the back of Sky's mind he can feel that there is something wrong he can feel it. "Diaspro I have to go I am really sorry and I happy we caught up but I really have to go". "But Sky…" She said pulling him in for a kiss. He used his battle tactics he learned and dodged her. "Diaspro what do you think you are doing I am marrying Bloom in 48hours?" "Well your mom called me and she said we have to get engaged again and rule the kingdom together and have kids of our own and you first have to drop Bloom!" "I don't think so, I have to go and you know what I never really loved you I love Bloom and we are having a child so you have to back off Diaspro, you know what why don't you just leave okay!" Sky walks out of the ship and hear the Intercom: PRINCE SKY PLEASE REPORT TO THE HOSPITAL, YOU FIANCE COULD BE IN LABOR I REPEAT PRINCE SKY PLEASE REPORT TO THE HOSPITAL. Oh Shit I have to get there quick. As he was about to run he was hit on the head from the back and went down and blacked out.

Meanwhile in the hospital:

Bloom: Where is Sky?

Queen: I don't know the guards are looking for…..

Bloom: Queen what?

Queen: An Eraklyon ship just left the grounds and none are suppose to leave without permission, and that one didn't.

Guards: Queen, Princess Prince Sky has been kidnapped!

Queen and Bloom: WHAT!

Guards: We tried to stop the ship but it went up and disappeared

Bloom: So someone used magic, OH MY I think I know who did it, the only other person in this castle with magic besides Queen and me is DIASPRO!

Queen: Find her and bring my son back.

Bloom: I am not having this baby in till he is sitting next to me.

Guards: Yes!

Bloom: I can't believe her, I can't believe, AAAAAAAAAWWWWW!

Queen: BLOOM!

Bloom: I am okay I swear.

Doctors: It is time to start pushing


Doctors: But…

Bloom: No buts when you find Sky and bring him here I will start pushing but not in till he is here!