Chapter 6 Thank God!

Sky's POV:

Owwww… my head hurts what the hell happened last thing I remember was that I was done talking to Diaspro and heard on the intercom that Bloom was in labor, SHIT I have to get to her I don't want to miss my first child being born. I heard someone outside and the door flings open and in the doorway is the devil herself!

"Diaspro let me go I have to go and see if Bloom is okay." "You are not leaving Sky you are going to live with me and we are going to live happily ever after with little kids of our own." "Diaspro if you haven't notice that I don't like you and I am having a child not with you I am having a child with my fiancé Bloom NOT YOU!" "But Sky I love you why can't you see that." "Diaspro I can but I don't love you I never loved you remember we were forced to get engaged, now I am engaged to a person I want to be and I am having a child with her like right now.

"But Sky!" "No buts, now if you loved me you would let me out so I can go home to my family, I am really sorry Diaspro but I don't love you." "Fine, I will let you go but just remember this I have always loved you and tell Bloom that I am sorry for how much trouble I have caused." "I will." "And Sky there is a ship out there ready to take you home bye." Diaspro kisses him on the cheek.

Sky's phone rings:

Queen: Where the fuck are you?

Sky: On my way mother.

Queen: Well you better get here soon because Bloom refuses to push in till you are here and she is really in pain she already had 2 epidurals she can only have one more and we need that for when she starts to push so get you ASS home now!

Sky: Ok mother I am in Eraklyon landing as we speak where are you

Queen: At the hospital

Sky: Okay bye mother.

Sky jumps off the ship and ran to the hospital, and nurses asked what he needed and he said to see his fiancé and they showed him the way and he rushed into the room. Bloom looked up from being in pain and screams at him for being so selfish and letting her go through this alone when he said he wouldn't. Then the doctor told her it was time to push and she gladly grabbed Sky hand and squeezed every time she pushed. She was in labor for a total of about 36 hours. And they had a beautiful baby girl and they named her Daphne after Bloom sister, who risked her life to save Bloom.

Weeks after they had Daphne, Bloom was walking down the isle to marry Sky. Finally everything turned out the way it was supposed to. Then me, Sky, and Daphne all went to the rest of winx club wedding Flora and Helia's first, theirs was so natury and it was a lovely ceremony. Then it was Stella and Brandon's theirs was huge and lovely as well but Stella planned it so it was really big, and speaking of big Stella is pregnant with a baby girl. Then next was Tecna and Timmy's theirs was very techy and boring but they are my friends so I had to go. And then I was Layla and Nabu's wedding their had a lot of water and it was on Tides there home planet. Layla is also pregnant with their first child and is having a baby boy. And last it was Musa and Riven's theirs had a lot of music and weapons, riven's idea. Musa is a realm famous singer with Riven always with her they are so cute together. And for me and Sky we are happy and we are having another child to and we found out that it is a boy and Sky is so happy. Sons and their Dads.