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Disclaimer: I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh, and I never will (much to my displeasure). All I own is what I make up and the original characters that are showing you this story.

Just so you know, this fanfic is manga-based, meaning that it's far darker than the anime series. If you've never read the manga, then I suggest you do, or you'll be utterly confused about what's going on. However, I will be including the filler arcs (such as the Orichalcos fiasco), but they'll be darker. Much darker.

And without further ado, on to the story!

Narrator: Selena Kuro

Chapter 1



"Hajimemashite. Watashi wa Selena Kuro desu."*

Those were the first words I ever spoke here in Domino High. It's been nearly a month since then, and I'm still the oddball. Albeit, it's not as bad as back in the US, but as a foreign exchange student with no money and a severe lack of a decent Japanese vocabulary, and the phrase I just stated is about the limit of my vocabulary. Apart from my introduction, I only know a few other words; arigato, konnichiwa, sayonara, and baka, of course. And over the past month, it hasn't gotten very far beyond that.

I'm Selena Kuro, a freak of an American, and a loner. And this is how I somehow managed to change.


"Out of the way, bitch."

Selena was pushed to the side like a piece of trash. The power of being a hall monitor has gone to Ushio's head and swelled it to the size of Jupiter. She thought. Picking herself up from the ground again, she made her way back to the classroom.

She peeked into the classroom and sighed. The roof it is then. She thought. The last thing I need is someone prying, asking me about who I am, where I'm from, and why I never eat. I like to use my lunch hour for something a bit more productive. She reached the roof and set the alarm on her watch. Instead of reaching in her bag for a lunchbox, she pulled out something else; a small, rectangular wooden case. It didn't look like much, but when she opened it, it revealed something important to the American; Duel Monsters.

The card game hadn't reached Japan yet, nor had it fully caught on in the US. Selena was one of the few people playing it, and she already had a strong handle on the game. She was even building a deck of her own. So far it wasn't near the forty cards she needed for a tournament…

Selena jumped as the bell for class rang. "Shit!" She yelped, shutting her case and stuffing it back in her bag. "I spent all that time working on my deck, and missed my watch! Damn it…"

Selena shot to her seat in the classroom right before the teacher came in to notice that she was late. Thank goodness for small favors.

Selena sat at her desk, struggling to understand anything the teacher was saying. She let her eyes wander, finally settling on a boy with spiky hair, crazy blonde fringe, and short. The reason she stopped wasn't his appearance; it was something else.

These aura fluctuations, they have nothing to do with his emotions. Selena thought. He's not distressed or emotional right now. Hell, it's more like he's bored. What could they be coming from… she let her thoughts trail off, unknowing of what she would discover the next day.


"I hate homework." Selena mumbled. "Especially since it's all in Japanese, and I've got to translate it into English!"

She was laying on the floor of her bedroom with her TV on, playing Star Wars as she pored over her geometry homework. It wasn't the challenge that was making it hard for her; it was the fact that it was in a language she barely understood.

"Screw this, I give up!" She said, slamming her book shut. She sat back to finish her movie, when she felt something…odd.

"The hell?" She thought, pausing the DVD. She looked around, hoping to find the source of the ripple. It wasn't close, that much she knew.

But still, it was weird. She thought, hitting the "play" button on the remote. It almost felt like a new aura released its power just now. Not quite familiar, but not quite strange either.

Little did she know that she was right.


The next day Selena frantically finished her geometry homework before class started, when she felt it again. The familiar and strange aura she'd felt while watching Star Wars on her DVD player. And just as before, it was gone almost immediately.

"Hey! Guys! Look at what happened to Ushio!" One of her classmates said. Selena first dismissed it as some kind of nonsense, but when chatter started popping up, she just had to look.

When she reached the window, a scene that she couldn't help but smile at met the American's eyes. Ushio, the asshole hall monitor, was throwing around a bunch of leaves thinking that it was money. I don't know who made Ushio lose his marbles, but I hope I meet him so I can thank him. Selena thought.

What she didn't notice was the pendant hanging around her short classmate's neck.


That's when I first noticed things getting odd. I know I should tell you how I can sense auras and such, but that explanation's coming later. Like I said before, I started out as a girl with no friends, and I had wanted to keep it that way. Little did I know that there was one person in my class who was ready to change that.

*= "Hello, nice to meet you. My name is Selena Kuro" in English. Just like Selena, that's the only complete phrase in Japanese that I know!

As you may have gathered, this takes place around the manga. I'll be ending Part 1 about when the manga does. Don't worry, Selena makes friends, and I'll leave you guys to guess who!

By the way, things are going to be slow for the first several chapters, so please bear with me! It'll get more exciting once the rest of the characters on this fic make their appearances! Ja-na!

~Hikari Hellion