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Magic Trick

Chapter 01

England had observed the Axis powers training for a bit, hiding behind a conveniently placed bush near the house of Germany, and after what felt like hours, he was bored.

Not of watching them, of course –they were strangely entertaining in their own ways… with the German man spouting orders all the time, growing flustered with every attempt at physical contact the Italian Nation made, Italy running away as soon as things got problematic, and Japan reserving himself some time to pet a stray cat…

But England was bored, because there was nothing for him to do, and his fingers were itching to do something…

Especially regarding Italy.

He was familiar with how annoying someone that bright, cheerful and idiotic could be… after all, he was allied with America, of all people… he should know. So he could sympathize with poor Germany (despite them being enemies, of course! You could never forget which side you were on during a war, right?), and feel a vague sense of pity for him.

Italy was… just like America.

Talking all the time, mostly nonsense, clinging at Germany's arms, neck, on his back, at his legs… hugging and even demanding kisses (England had a sudden mental image of America asking kisses from him and promptly flushed crimson, denying any implication to himself and blaming it on the heat. Yes, the heat), demanding pasta…

The last drop was, of course, when time ticked three o' clock –with an elegant twirl, Italy spun in midair, getting undressed in the blink of an eye, and then rolled into a makeshift bed, calling out with his lazy, soft tone something that to England's ears sounded like "siesta~!"

No, England couldn't stand that anymore. Italy being allowed to act like that in the middle of a war, and Germany allowing him to be touchy–feeling (when England couldn't even hint at America for that, and– no, that was not the point! It was not jealously! Not at all!), it was wrong. England knew he had to do something… anything, to change the situation.

It had nothing to do with revenge over how close those three were, while the Allies could only fight and hiss at each other, or how America kept poking fun at England… not that he wanted anything different from the git.

The Axis were enemies, and this was just a disrupting action! Yes! Nothing more than that!

He'd have to do something. Well, not really him, per se. Someone else would, of course…


"Ha ha ha~ Axis Powers, hello!"

The day hadn't started out so badly for Germany, all things considered. He'd had a relatively quiet morning of paperwork, and then he'd met up with Japan and Italy; the Italian Nation had tried to run away only thrice, and he'd clung to him a bit less than usual, and Japan had lost concentration only twice, so all in all, Germany had considered the day a success.

Until England arrived.

Germany had been about to ask Japan and Italy what they'd do if England appeared in front of them dressed like a policeman, and then… England's voice had interrupted him, making the whole team jump and turn around…

Germany lifted his hands balled into fists, ready to fight. Italy's grip on his white flag tightened, ready to start wagging it around with his most pitiful look. Japan readied his katana, about to extract it from its sheathe…

Then they looked up, and froze.

Yes, it was England. Those eyebrows were impossible to miss, really, but…

"Wait, wait, that's just England, ve~?" Italy blinked, not sure what face to make.

England was standing in front of them dressed with some sort of white toga, a pair of cute, fluffy wings popping up from behind him, and a… halo hovering above his head. And he was smirking, pointing towards them something that looked a bit too much like a wand with a star on its tip.

"G–Germany–san… we never did cover what we should do if England–san pops around dressed as… er… eto… an angel?" Japan's cheeks were redder than usual, and he quickly looked to the ground, refusing to stare up at the Englishman's uncovered legs.

"…" Germany really didn't know what to do, either –this was an attire he'd never ever considered, and he was left speechless, his brain trying to cope with the sight and not blank out. "I…"

"B–but I'm not England!" cheeks flushed in shame, England tried to recover his pride, puffing his chest out and laughing. "Haha~ I'm Britannia Angel, of course, you foolish people!"

Italy, Germany and Japan exchanged a look, their faces blank, and England turned even more crimson.

"D–don't look at me like that, you bloody idiots! I came here to solve your problems with Italy once for all, so you'd better thank me!"

"V–ve?" Italy squealed, hiding himself behind Germany. "W–what? Germany, ve~, help me! England is scary! And freaky! Is he a perv?"

"I–Italy, stop squirming! He can't do anything, he has no weapons on himself," Germany tried to rationalise, twitching and turning around, pushing the Italian away from him.


Hit by the 'perv' comment, England straightened his back, trying to ignore it, and waved his wand around. "Don't worry, Germany, it will be a progress! Hoata!"

There was a flash, then an explosion, and white smoke surrounded the Axis, and that was it.

"There, all done, don't bother thanking me for that!"

Coughing, Germany took a step back, shocked –did England have a smoke grenade on him?– and waited for the white cloud to disappear.

At his right, Japan let out a startled yell, and he turned around.

"Japan, is everything alright?"

"S–something grabbed my hand!"


Germany froze at the unfamiliar and loud shriek, and waved his arms around, finally dispelling the smoke. Japan was staring down with wide eyes, and when he moved over, Germany managed to see something fluffy and green clutching at the Japanese nation.


"Ah~? W–who are you? W–where is Austria?" with a loud, childish and girlish voice, the small green thing turned around, and Germany found himself staring down at a strangely familiar, chubby face.

The fluffy thing was actually a vaporous dress with a white frilly apron on top and a white kerchief tied around a small kid's head.

What had grabbed Japan's leg was actually a little girl, her small hands tightly clutching at the Japanese Nation's pants.

Germany felt his cheeks burn crimson at the sight; everything about this little girl screamed cute –from her puffy cheeks to her small arms and legs to her big, round brown eyes, she was the epitome of cuteness.

"L–let me go, please," Japan looked to the side, then back at the girl, red cheeks turning even redder. Germany didn't really know what was passing through his head, but he guessed it was something similar to what he was thinking.


There really was no other word to describe the little girl.

It was only then that Germany realised he'd entirely forgot about Italy and England's threat towards him; momentarily ripping his attention away from the adorable girl, Germany looked around, not finding Italy anywhere.

"Italy?" he called out, feeling a small twinge of worry curl inside his stomach. "Italy!"

Maybe he'd retreated when England had thrown that grenade, or–

"Y–yes? H–how do you know my name?"

Germany paused and looked down at the girl, who was still staring fearfully at him, big tears pooling into the corners of her eyes. Germany was once again assaulted by the intense need to pat her head and…


There was a curl bobbing up and down at the side of the girl's head.

There were only three people who had a similar curl –Italy, South Italy, and that Micro–Nation Seborga.

And the girl's eyes, and the face, now that Germany looked closer…

"I–Italy?" he ventured, eyes wide.

This couldn't be Italy –this was a girl!

"Yaa~n!" the girl squealed and promptly let go of Japan's leg, rushing behind him and staring in fear up at Germany. "S–scary~"

Germany froze again, shocked and vaguely hurt. Yes, this was Italy, indeed, but how…

Japan's lips twitched upwards, vaguely amused at Germany's reaction, then he looked at the little Italy again, his only thought a mantra –'moe~'

"H–how did this happen?" Germany refused to admit magic existed, but then how to explain this? "Is… is this girl… Italy?"

This was a bit too much for his rational mind, and Germany's thoughts went instantly to the beer he had at home, safely away in the fridge. Oh, how he wanted one of those beers now!

"H–hungry~" the little girl… no, Italy… rubbed at his left eye with one small hand, then stared up at Japan, her… his little stomach rumbling. "Do you perhaps carry some pasta with you?"

Blushing a fierce crimson, Japan stared to the side, unable to face that adorable kid. "Ah… ano…" he hadn't known Italy was such a cute kid when little… and he was wearing a dress…

Japan's eyes turned dull as he lost himself in his thoughts, mentally listing all the cute cosplay clothes he could have little Italy wear for him, and–

"England!" using his commanding tone, Germany turned around, ready to thunder his anger and overall confusion on the culprit, and found nobody there.

England was gone.


"V–ve~ I need to go back to Austria's house before I get punished!"

With that, the little thing that was now Italy turned around and promptly ran down the street, incredibly fast for someone wearing such a big, fluffy dress.

"W–wait! Stop right there and come back here, Italy!"

"U–uwaaa~ that person is so scaryy~ big sister Hungary help mee~"

Germany, who had been about to chase Italy down and make him stop, froze in mid step, once again suffering damage at being called 'scary' by this cute little kid–Italy, and Italy took that opportunity to run away even faster, disappearing down the road.

"Uh… Germany–san…? W–what did just happen?"


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