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The sea side shack looked old and broken down. With crusted blue paint and a roof with no shingles it could have been mistaken for a homeless shelter. But beside the shack was a small dock with a sturdy boat, that's where everyone was. So Neji, Sasuke, Kiba, and Shikamaru all walk down the dock to here the lecture by a busty blonde woman.

"Now listen! My name is Tsunade and the old geezer over there is Jiraiya. We are your guides for the tour of the Soto coast. After you put you wet suits on we'll sail down around the coast for a while before letting you dive." The busty blonde announced as she and a white haired man handed out wet suits to the group. Sasuke looked at his suit in distaste. But, if he wanted to prove that he really saw a mermaid –or merman- then he was going to have to dive and hope that it was still swimming around. Sasuke was still contemplating and didn't notice the figure walking up behind him until he felt something wrap around his neck.

"oh, Sasuke-kun! Isn't this going to be romantic? Just you and me in the open sea. Together. In skin tight suits?" said a certain pink haired lady. Sasuke groaned in displeasure and he rightfully removed the arms and made a quick glare before walking to the protection of his closest friends. Neji smirked and patted his friend's back.

"Won't it just be heart-breaking when she finds out you love a fish?" Neji asked gleefully. Kiba and Shikamaru snickered behind him while Sasuke growls in frustration and jerkingly puts on his wet suit. Soon everybody entered the boat and admired the smell of the ocean around them as the boat started and sailed out to the middle of the coast.

"The legend says that long before this town was made that this coast was the cite of a mermaid city. It was prosperous and peaceful until one day..." Tsunade paused for dramatic effect as she watched the group of tourists watch her in curiosity. "One day the queen gave birth to a child, a child that broke to royal glass as it screamed when it was born. This child was known as the most beautiful, yet the most dangerous, of the mermaids in the city. So, on the child's twelve birthday, a group of mermaids retaliated and demanded to child to be killed. For during it's time of life the child has destroyed and caused havoc. They fought long and hard but the queen and king had no choice...they announced to the city that they were to destroy the city and move, while leaving rocks around the city to keep the child from following...and that's what they did. They left the child with one bit of parting words 'look for the water touched diamond and grow legs to walk over the stone baracade to find us.' and that what the child did. It says that even today that child is looking for that diamond to find it's family...SO! who wants to go diving?" Tsunade asks after her dramatic pause. Almost everyone raised their hands. Sasuke leaned against the side of the boat in thought while watching the water smash against the side of the boat. 'who could do such a thing? Abandon someone just cause they cause a little havoc...' Sasuke thought as he was passed a air tank and diving gear. The dark haired man sighed before gearing up and watching as the geezers instruct everybody.

"Okay kiddies, absolutly no treasure hunting. we dont know what you idiots could do to the precious ecosystem by taking things." the white haired man said while twisting the air knobs for the air to be released.

The various sound of splashing was heard as everone flipped back and dove into the warm water of the Soto coast. Sure above the surface was pretty cool, but the bottom was breath-taking. Various colors and shapes were from the coral and fish as everyone swam, Sasuke himself was amazed by the sight as he swam past many figures and fish. What a wonderful place like this, of course there would be a city of mermaids. The coral was literally sparkling from the sunlight and the fish weren't shy the way they were started messing with Gaara. Sasuke took a breath of air before diving down deeper than the others, he might like the beauty of the underworld but what he prefered was the darkness. As he dove he noticed something non-coral sparkle in the small glit of sunlight. The Uchiha narrowed his eyes from behind his goggles before swimming closer to the glitter of sparkle. Before he could make the object's shape he heard a whooshing sound from the side. He quickly turned to see what it was -hopefully the mermaid- to only stare straight at the eyes of a feirce barracuda. Sure, Sasuke would eat those things on a silver dish with a lemon but now he was in the fish's territory, and this fish had teeth, sharp teeth. The fish soon swam up and tore at the air hose that connected the Uchiha with his precious air with a bite before it shot downwards and took a bite at the man's arm. Sasuke yelled in pain, only to watch as bubbles started to flee from his lips. The barracuda let go before taking another bite at Sasuke's leg, blood slowly seeping into the clear ocean water (God, i hate those fish. first Nemo's family, now Sasuke?). The man's vision began to grow blurry, the now lack of oxygen reaching his senses. He was going to die...then get eaten by a mere fish? Sasuke attempted to blink back the darkness from the corners of his eyes. What a stupid way to die, Kiba and Shikamaru will be laughing their heads off during his funeral, he just knew it. Sasuke didn't even notice the fish's released bite and gentle hands holding his shoulders as he thought about how his family would take it. His brother was going to call him foolish while his parents shake their heads in dissapointment. The gentle hands soon pulled at him and he opened his eyes to catch a glimpse of ocean blue eyes before the darkness surrounding his vison...

Was it just him..or did the ocean blue eyes...a little bit familiar?

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