Chapter 42 Another Possibility

Smelling lilacs Tsukune groggily opens his eyes, having passed out in Moka's arms Tsukune doesn't know where he is, or why he should be smelling lilacs. The scent is undeniably Akasha's, and the last he knew in whatever dream/vision world Azrael has thrown him into, Akasha is dead…

His vision coming into focus Tsukune's eyes pan around, his gaze searching for the source of the lilac-like scent wafting into his nostrils. Instead all Tsukune can see is a strange roof and strange walls, soft silken sheets pulled up to his shoulders, warm, electric feelings running up and down his spine. Looking down Tsukune can see a small hill in the sheets, the hill slowly rising and falling, faint slurping noises wafting from beneath the comforter…

"Hu-ha…" Tsukune wordlessly mumbles, grasping the top of the comforter and pulling it up, looking beneath the blanket to see a crown of pink hair slowly bob up and down…

Were it not for the fact that Akasha's scent is everywhere and there is no trace of Moka's scent anywhere Tsukune would assume that the pink haired woman is his former mate…

No…it can't be her…

"A…Akasha…?" Tsukune whispers the woman's name, the pink haired woman momentarily pausing her motions, her lips puckered, Tsukune's member held between them.

Her eyes rising Tsukune's chocolate gaze meets her emerald one.

"Gooh Morning…" Akasha slurs, and Tsukune's hands gently grip the sides of her head, slowly pulling it off of him…

"Morning…" Tsukune offers with a half grin, Akasha's head tilting up fully, the Hades Lord crawling up from beneath the blankets, her head finding it's way to the pillow above his left shoulder.

Not a thread of clothing rests on her body.

"Sleep well?"

"Uh…" Tsukune mumbles, breaking eye contact.

Lying next to him Akasha cocks her head to the size quizzically.

"Is something bothering you Tsukune? You're acting like you're embarrassed to see my body…You haven't done that for years."

Years…? Is this another vision of what could happen?

Much as he may want to the Aono vampire can't say anything about what he's experiencing being a vision to the pink haired Hades Lord lying next to him. If this is in fact a vision of the future than Akasha would believe what is currently happening to be the present time, and not have any idea about an enigmatic angel riding around in a homeless man's body…

"It's nothing." Tsukune denies, offering the older vampiress a grin. "I just didn't think you'd wake me up like that…"

Smiling Akasha leans on him, unabashedly snuggling up next to him.

"It's your scent…" Her voice whispers into his ear. "It's just addicting…"

Looking around Tsukune doesn't recognize his surroundings. It isn't his room in the Castle, and it isn't the room he'd woken up in during the vision with Ria. His eyes panning around the room is circular, the wall past his feet curving around, the room itself apparently surrounded by a floor to ceiling set of sectional blinds, the room itself bathed in darkness, recessed lights in the ceiling turned off, Tsukune's vampire eyes allowing him to see in the darkness almost as clearly as if it were as bright as day…

Where am I? Is this another vision being shown to me by Azrael?

"Hmm…" Akasha wordlessly mumbles, nuzzling against his collarbone.

A contented sigh wisping past Akasha's lips Tsukune doesn't say anything at first, the Aono vampire wondering just exactly what he should say in this situation. It's clear that he's involved with Akasha, and judging from where they are he's assuming that this isn't any room in Castle Akashiya. He knows for a fact that it isn't Akasha's bedroom, nor is it his bedroom.

Where would he be if not one of those places?

"Akasha-chan…" Tsukune begins slowly, Akasha's green eyes fluttering open at the sound of his voice.

Her body against his Tsukune can feel the softness of her skin, felt her arm slide across his chest, her warm breath across the width of his neck…

To say it mildly arouses the Aono vampire wouldn't be very far from the truth…

"Yes Tsukune…?" Akasha asks in a breathy whisper.

Meeting her gaze Tsukune can see the desire in her eyes, hear the want in her voice, as though the pink haired Hades Lord can smell his own desire and respond in turn…

His cheeks flushing Tsukune looks away momentarily, guilt momentarily flashing in his eyes, the memory of the first night he'd been with Akasha coming back to him with crystal clarity.

"Tsukune…" Akasha whispers his name, pulling her head up toward his, her lips drifting closer to his with every passing moment…

"Akasha-chan…I…" Tsukune whispers, not sure what else to say as the Hades Lord draws herself closer to him…

Tsukune can feel Akasha's body atop his, the Hades Lord on her elbows and her knees, her eyes staring into his, her lips parted ever so slightly, her breath warm across his skin. He can feel his heart rate begin to rise, his lower body rising at the same time at the prospect of intimacy with the beautiful pink haired woman lying atop him…

One part of him wants to find out what is going on, another part, a growing part, wants to enjoy the woman lying in bed with him.

He can feel his organ twitch against her stomach, a throaty purr escaping Akasha's lips, her eyes momentarily drawn downward between them, her gaze taking in the sight of Tsukune's swollen organ, her eyes rising to his, her lips curled in a sinful smile.

"Well…aren't you eager?"

Leaning down Akasha lowers her lips toward his, licking her lips to wet them, a shared breath passing between the pair, Tsukune opening his mouth to say something when Akasha's lips cover the distance, claiming his lips as the Hades Lord presses her body against his, Tsukune's hands unconsciously slipping around her ribs, holding Akasha close as the Hades Lord curls her tongue around his, Tsukune kissing the Hades Lord back, pressing his lips to Akasha's for several moments before the Hades Lord pulls back, putting only a scant few centimeters between them.

"Akasha…" Tsukune whispers her name into her ear, a shiver of anticipation running down Akasha's spine at the sound of her name.

"Tsukune…" Akasha whispers his name, staring into his eyes, her gaze begging for the Aono vampire to ravish her.

Shifting her body Akasha can feel Tsukune's member against her skin, the Hades Lord positioning Tsukune at the entrance to her womanhood, the tip of the Aono vampire touching her, Akasha's body parting for his, the Hades Lord momentarily pausing with Tsukune waiting at her entrance…

"Akasha…" Tsukune whispers her name, his hands drifting down toward her waist, any thoughts of what is happening to him and his current situation completely flushed from his mind, replaced by a single, all encompassing desire…

Applying just a twinge of pressure on Akasha's hips the Hades Lord slowly lowers her hips, her body accepting him eagerly, and a moan of pleasure escapes Akasha's lips as the Hades Lord plunges Tsukune into her, accepting him greedily. Wrapped in her warm wetness Tsukune moans, his eyes nearly closing as a moan of pleasure passes Akasha's lips.

The Hades Lord lies on top of him, Akasha's body pressing against his, her jade green eyes staring into his nearly closed chocolate ones, the air around them rising in temperature as Tsukune grasps Akasha by the back of the head, pulling her lips to his, Tsukune kissing her greedily, the Aono swallowing a moan as the Hades Lord raises her hips, pulling back until only Tsukune's head remains before plunging down on him again.

Their tongues writhing against one another Tsukune can feel euphoric pleasure coursing through him as Akasha continues to make love to him, the two of them kissing again and again as the pink haired woman continues to gorge herself upon his member, the ragged breaths rising in tempo as Tsukune's free left hand cups Akasha's left breast.

"Mmm…" Akasha momentarily pulls her lips a scant few centimeters from his, her tone overflowing with sensuality even as Tsukune ever so carefully teases her nipple.

With Akasha on top of him, moaning in euphoric ecstasy Tsukune can feel his own pleasure building, his moans rising as Akasha continues to ride him cow girl style, her arms wrapped around his shoulders.

For nearly half an hour this continues, Tsukune's euphoria reaching a fever pitch as Akasha nears her own climax…

"Ugh…!" Tsukune moans, grasping Akasha by the hips and pulling her down, pushing himself deep inside her as his pleasure explodes…

Feeling his warmth spread throughout her body Akasha can feel him quiver inside of her, every muscle tensing for one brief moment before an explosion of pleasure flows through her body.

For a few moments neither makes a sound, Tsukune the first to break the silence, releasing a shuddered breath as the Hades Lord sits on top of him, the pink haired woman looking into his eyes longingly, Tsukune opening his mouth to say something when Akasha leans down, kissing him gently.

"I love you…" Akasha whispers to him, her voice filled with sincerity and love.

"I love you too…" The words just flow past Tsukune's lips without any thought.

Hearing that the Hades Lord smiles, holding him close and enjoying the afterglow, meanwhile Tsukune lies on the bed, his eyes staring up at the ceiling, unblinking.

Why did I just say that, and why was it so easy? Do I really feel that way about her, or was that some sort of bleed over from this vision?

What scares Tsukune is that he doesn't know the answer to that question. If it is how he feels about the Hades Lord than what he's experiencing now is likely to be the path he chooses...

If it isn't, and what he just said is just some sort of bleed over from what he's experiencing then Tsukune is no closer to making a decision on whom he will take as his next mate. As it is the Aono vampire feels torn, not sure who will be the best match for him…

"Hmm…" Akasha quietly giggles, gently tracing the outline of his nipple with her finger, the feel of her finger against his skin making the Aono blink in surprise, his gaze snapping down to the site of the touch.

"A…" Tsukune mumbles, not sure what to say.

"Something bothering you my love?" Akasha asks, her left hand rising to his right cheek, the back of her fingers gently caressing his cheek as she continues. "You seem distant…"

"I…" Tsukune trails, not sure how to say what he wants to say, what needs to be said. "…This may sound strange to you…"

Lying atop him Akasha can hear the hesitation in her lover's voice, her finger pulling away from his skin, her hand splaying on the mattress next to him.

"You believe this is a vision given to you by an Angel?"

Her tone is like she's asking about the weather, as though Akasha were inquiring about a mundane subject.

Blinking Tsukune very nearly starts in surprise, the fact that Akasha remains on top of him, keeping him inside of her, is the only thing that stops him from doing so.

"You…you know about that?" Tsukune whispers scandalously, the pink haired woman chuckling mirthfully.

"You told me about it after we became mated." Akasha explains to him.

"I see…" Tsukune trails, the thought that he'd choose to be mated to Akasha not as surprising as the last vision, and whom he'd taken as a mate in it.

Slipping off the bed Akasha stands, Tsukune's eyes following the Hades Lord as she walks to the circular wall, grasping at the curtains around the room and pulling them apart, the sound of casters coinciding with the sliding curtains. Sunlight floods into the room, harsh white light blaring through the floor to ceiling windows, Tsukune momentarily raising his hands to shield his eyes from the sudden glare, the light illuminating Akasha's nude form perfectly, the golden Rosario and the collar and chain the only things on her body.

Looking through the glass Tsukune is treated to a cityscape stretching out before him. His eyes looking left and right Tsukune doesn't recognize any of the buildings or the local geography.

"Where are we?" Tsukune asks, slipping from the bed and standing, walking toward Akasha and the floor to ceiling windows.

If Akasha is willing to stand near the windows, then he's sure that she isn't worried about voyeurs, meaning either they have no reason to worry, or Akasha simply lost any feeling of modesty in her very long life.

"Don't you recognize it? It's Tokyo after all."

Her tone is nonchalant, as though she were telling him about some random, everyday occurrence.


It's hard for him to believe that the metropolis stretching out before him in the floor to ceiling window is the city that Tsukune has spent much of life in. It looks nothing like how he remembers it, the Aono unable to guess just how many years have passed in this vision. Vampires don't age like humans do, meaning Tsukune will need to find a calendar or a clock to get a semblance of the time period.

"It's unreal…" Tsukune trails, truly blown away by the sight of the city stretching out in front of him.

Standing next to Akasha the Hades Lord slowly turns her head toward him, a curious expression on her face.

"Would you like to see it?" Akasha asks, Tsukune blinking in surprise at the question.

"Yes…Yes. I'd like that." Tsukune agrees, the Hades Lord smiling at his answer.

"Then get dressed."


Exiting the apartment he shares with Akasha Tsukune quickly learns that it's the penthouse level of a building, a keycard in his wallet and in the handbag Akasha now carries allowing either of them to take the elevator up to the top level.

"We sometimes fly." Akasha says matter of factly as the two of them ride the descending elevator. "Though this elevator is a private one."

Nodding Tsukune notes that no soft music plays through speakers in the elevator, the ride down filled with a calm quiet.

He wears a white button down long sleeve shirt and black slacks with black shoes, his Rosario hanging from the sleeve at his left wrist. Akasha wears a red Victorian style dress and matching shoes, along with a matching handbag, her golden Rosario hanging from the collar around her neck.

Getting dressed had been an experience. Akasha had to show him where he kept his clothes, showing him the walk in closet half dominated by his clothes, the other half filled with various kinds of woman's clothes. For him it was like moving to a new place, only to find that everything there has been tailored to him.

The elevator doors sliding open Tsukune can smell a myriad of scents flowing into the elevator. His eyes looking left and right Tsukune is treated to a sight that he's never seen before, even as Akasha steps through the open doors and out into the lobby, Tsukune momentarily rooted to his spot inside the elevator.

Standing near a sitting area is a lizard man, in full monster form, just like the creatures that were angry at Yukari his first year at Youkai. The lizard man stands almost face to face with a normal human, the two of them talking nonchalantly as though the monster's appearance were nothing out of the ordinary.

Behind the counter stands a Yukki Onna, like Mizore, and like the lizard man talking to the human in the sitting area, the monster is in their true form, quietly speaking to someone across the counter from her.

What is going on!?

Akasha had told him as they dressed that he might be in for a shock, but this…

To see monsters in their true forms freely interacting, not only with one another but regular humans…

"Tsukune?" Akasha's voice breaks his revere, the Aono blinking before his gaze rounds on the Hades Lord, Akasha standing in the path of the elevator doors, preventing them from closing.

"Sorry…" Tsukune mumbles a quiet apology, stepping out of the elevator, the Hades Lord following him out of the elevator, allowing the doors to close behind them.

"Come Tsukune…" Akasha offers, holding out her hand. "There's much I want to show you."

Taking Akasha's hand the Hades Lord smiles, leading Tsukune toward the double doors leading out of the lobby, and into the streets.


Akasha leads him to a park, fields of trees and verdant green grass in the midst of a modern city. On the way from the condo building to the park Tsukune is surrounded by even more evidence that this is not the Tokyo he once knew.

Like the building's lobby monsters walk down the city streets in their true forms, the non-humans not even causing a stir amongst the human populace. Wearing their Rosarios the two of them don't even cause the locals to bat an eye, human or otherwise. Arriving at the park Tsukune is treated to the sight of non-human children laughing and playing. Even as they arrive Tsukune can see what appears to be a half human half-werewolf girl playing with other children, a group of parents standing off to the side, watching their children laugh and play and enjoy themselves.

"This is incredible…" Tsukune whispers, unable to keep the awe from his voice.

For him this is an impossible sight. It's what Mikogami was working toward, it's the same dream Tsukune believed in, what he's always wanted ever since he learned about the existence of monsters in the first place.

"This is what we fought for…" Akasha begins slowly. "What we bled and sacrificed for."

At the sound of the word 'bled' Tsukune is reminded of an observation that he'd made in the lobby of the condominium, and again on the way to the park and once again now that the two of them have arrived in the public park.

His eyes scanning left and right Tsukune doesn't see any other vampires, other than Akasha, can't feel any other vampire auras. Meaning there are either no other vampires in the city, or they're wearing seals like he and Akasha are, which wouldn't make any sense, given that every other monster Tsukune's seen has been walking around in their true form with no difficulty.

This world…coexistence…it couldn't happen overnight, and it couldn't have been easy…

Tsukune is well aware that many vampires would sooner return to the world where humans huddle in their homes at night, afraid of vampires and monsters rather than live in peaceful coexistence. Then there are monsters like Saizo, who viewed humans as nothing more than a snack made of tasty flesh. For peaceful coexistence to become a reality, either these monsters would need to change their mind, or they would have to be exterminated.

What did I sacrifice to achieve this dream? Tsukune asks himself. In that other vision where I was with Ria, Kurumu, Ruby and the other people I care about were in my life, my family was OK and Kahlua, Kokoa and even Moka was alive. I haven't seen them yet here, and so far the only person I've met that was involved in my life before is Akasha…


An electronic beeping cuts through Tsukune's thoughts, his eyes snapping to Akasha's handbag, the source of the sound. Blinking at the sound Akasha reaches into her bag, her own gaze dropping as her hand withdraws a small mobile phone.

"Oh!" Akasha blinks in surprise, touching the screen with her thumb before raising the phone to her ear. "Saya-chan! I've been waiting for your call!"


Raising an eyebrow curiously Tsukune watches as Akasha's lips turn up in a smile, an air of bright happiness coming to her that Tsukune can't explain.

Why is she so happy…?

"We're both here…" Akasha pauses, listening for a moment. "You'll be there in 20 minutes? Good." Akasha continues. "We'll meet you there."

The Hades Lord is silent a moment, listening to whatever the person on the other end of the connection is saying.

"OK. See you soon."

With that the Hades Lord pulls the phone away from her ear, pressing the screen with her thumb again before slipping the device back into her pocket, her gaze rising up to his, her smile never faltering.

"Saya?" Tsukune asks, and Akasha nods, holding out her hand.

"You'll see soon." Akasha explains, Tsukune gingerly taking her hand, not sure what Akasha is planning but willing to go along with her, at least for now.


Following Akasha through the city Tsukune has no idea where he's going. Judging from the local sights Tsukune can only fathom that Akasha is taking him to a business district, many of the buildings the two of them pass have signs on them, liquor stores, drug stores, convenience stores, grocers; many of them appearing to be locally owned, the businesses carrying a person's name or a family name.

Their pace slowing Akasha shifts, turning to the right toward a building, Tsukune's eyes panning to the right, his gaze rising to the sign above the door.

"Fangtopia?" Tsukune mumbles to himself, not sure what to make of the name.

His eyes dropping Tsukune looks left and right, seeing a line of people standing to the right of the door, many of the people dressed in black, some wearing fishnet stockings or shirts, some have their hair dyed in strange colors, many of the women wearing black lip stick, many of the people, male or female, have distinctly pale complexions and judging from the fact that none of them have wings or any odd appendages or strange scents, they're all human.

What is this?

Standing on either side of the entrance are two rather muscular men wearing dark sunglasses, Akasha approaching the two of them calmly, the man seemingly acting as gatekeepers for the establishment, determining who can enter and who cannot.

"Hello Takashi, Ryu…" Akasha nods toward the two men standing on either side of the double doors.

"Good afternoon ma'am." The man on the right says, reaching out and opening the door for both of them. "Please go on in."

Not knowing what is going on Tsukune follows as Akasha leads him through the double doors, into a small room with a pair of double doors opposite the two they've just passed through, Akasha waiting until the bouncer closes the door behind them before opening the interior door.

Reminds me of getting into Shade's club in Vegas…

Following Akasha into the room Tsukune can hear faint gothic music playing. Walking into the room Tsukune looks around, the lights low, tables surrounding a dance floor with booths lining the walls, a bar on the left side of the room with a bartender behind it. Looking at it all Tsukune can only fathom that this is a night club of some kind…

"A night club?" Tsukune asks Akasha, the Hades Lord leading him off to the right, the two of them standing apart from the rest of the people in the club.

"That's right." Akasha affirms for him as Tsukune's eyes pan around the room.

People sit at tables, talking amongst themselves, a handful of the tables only have a pair of people sitting at them, while others have four or five people sitting at them. Like the people waiting outside these people are also dressed rather oddly. As Tsukune's eyes pan around the room several of the patrons sitting at the tables look toward him and Akasha, a look of awe coming to their eyes for the brief moment they make eye contact before the patron looks away.

"What is this place?" Tsukune asks, turning his attention back to the pink haired vampiress who accompanied him into the club.

"It's a vampire club." Akasha answers him, Tsukune blinking in surprise.

"Really?" He asks, and Akasha nods.

"Ever since humanity learned the truth, every race has integrated. At the same time humans that idolize the different monster races have gathered in common interest." Akasha explains to him.

I bet the succubi have quite the flock gathered at their doorstep…

"So…these people are vampires?" Tsukune asks, and Akasha shakes her head no.

"There are only three vampires in this city Tsukune." Akasha answers him. "These people are all here because they're fans of our kind, many actually want to become one of us…"

If they knew the full truth about that, a lot of these people wouldn't even be here…

"Then…" Tsukune begins, only for a female voice to cut him off.

"Momma!" A young woman's voice calls out, a smile coming to Akasha's face, her eyes shifting from Tsukune over his shoulder, the Aono vampire turning, following Akasha's gaze toward the source of the voice.

A young woman walks toward the two of them. Unlike Akasha her clothing is more modern, though unlike the other patrons she isn't dressed almost solely in black. She wears a sleeveless crimson colored tank top blouse that leaves her midriff exposed with a knee length skirt and 1 inch heeled shoes. She has long auburn colored hair, her eyes a familiar shade of green, her face reminding him strongly of Akasha, though her nose and ears both resemble his, rather than the pink haired Hades Lord. Around her neck she wears a black choker collar with a bronze Rosario with a blue jewel in the center attached.

"Saya!" Akasha gushes, walking past the Aono vampire to embrace the approaching young woman.

The two of them wrapping their arms around one another in a warm embrace Tsukune can only stare in abject shock as the two of them hug. Her appearance, her age, the way she'd referred to Akasha, and Akasha's prior statement that there are only three vampires in Tokyo all slamming into Tsukune at once, leading the Aono vampire to a single conclusion.

She can't be…my child!

Watching silently Akasha and Saya part after a few moments, the young auburn haired woman smiling at her cotton candy haired mother.

"I'm glad you're both here!" Saya smiles at her, her voice carrying an almost lyrical quality to it.

"Saya..." Tsukune mumbles, the young vampiress blinking before she turns her gaze toward Tsukune.

"Dad!" Saya quickly crosses the distance between them, opening her arms and embracing him in a warm hug.

Standing there Tsukune has no idea what to do, his entire body going stiff as the young vampiress hugs him. After a few moments Saya opens her arms, stepping back and looking at Tsukune curiously, her expression impossible to misinterpret even as she cocks her head to side.

"Dad…are you all right?" Saya asks; her tone laced with concern.

Watching the entire scene play out Akasha can understand Tsukune's shocked reaction and momentarily immobility. She intentionally hadn't told him about Saya, about the fact that she is in fact their daughter, and how she'd started the vampire club as a way to make money and reach out to those humans who desire to live in their world.

"Tsukune is just a little worn out…" Akasha tries to explain, and Saya blinks, lowering her arms and stepping back, half turning so that her body is perpendicular to his and Akasha's.

"Oh…kept him up all night last night I take it?" Saya asks with a knowing grin, and Akasha's cheeks flush ever so slightly at the unspoken meaning in her daughter's statement.

"Wha…?" Tsukune mumbles, still trying to wrap his head around the fact that his daughter stands not five feet from him.

He has so many questions for her, questions that he can't ask without raising her suspicions that something is wrong with him. What kind of childhood did she have, did she know his mother, father, and the rest of his human family, did she go to Youkai Academy, is she involved with anyone, is she happy… All these questions spin around Tsukune's mind, the Aono forcing them into the back of his mind, instead smiling happily at his progeny.

"You know how your mother can be…" Tsukune chuckles, and Saya's lips curl in a smile, the apparent twenty year old winking at her father suggestively.

"Oh I do…" She trails. "I still remember that time I came home and the two of you were…enjoying yourselves…" Saya trails, mock shivering in disgust. "I think the sight is actually burned into my retinas…"

Akasha's face immediately contorts into a scowl.

"Saya!" Akasha scolds her daughter, embarrassment overflowing in her voice.

"Oh mom, relax…" Saya waves her hand dismissively. "It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"I know that!" Akasha responds matter of factly. "I just don't think it's something you should talk about so casually!"

"I know…" Saya trails. "Actually, there's someone I want Dad to meet…"

"Me?" Tsukune asks, pointing to himself with his pointer finger. "Who would you know that would want to meet me?"

"You'd be surprised Tsukune." Akasha answers him. "For humans, we represent a lot: a cure to almost any disease, a way to cheat death and be young forever…" Akasha trails, her eyes shifting toward a table occupied by several young humans talking and enjoying the atmosphere of the club.

Her implication is obvious, even to him.

What normal human wouldn't want to become a vampire? You get to live forever; you're strong and fast, and there are so few that people will adore the ground you walk on in hopes that you'll turn them…

"Actually she says she's an old friend of yours." Saya explains. "She wouldn't tell me her name though, just that you would recognize her when you saw her."

"Her?" Tsukune asks. "I've met a lot of women in my life…that really doesn't narrow it down…"

Besides, I'm mated and in a monogamous relationship with Akasha…

"Where is this woman?" Akasha asks, and Saya's head turns toward her mother, her expression shifting into a frown.

"Actually…this person wants to meet Dad alone." Saya explains to her mother cautiously. "She's under the impression that if you're with him then she'll be in danger. Something about you having a jealous streak…"

Hearing that Akasha's lips turn down in a frown.

"That doesn't sound suspicious at all…" Akasha mutters sarcastically, and Tsukune can understand the statement.

How many suitors did Issa have when Akasha met him? How many did she kill in order to become his mate?

"I think I can meet one woman." Tsukune offers, Akasha's jade eyes shifting toward him.

"Good!" Saya agrees emphatically. "She's waiting in my office upstairs."

Glancing to Akasha concern is written on her face like a billboard.

"Be careful Tsukune." Akasha warns, Tsukune smiling at her assuringly.

"I will."

With a farewell wave Tsukune follows Saya through the club and up a stairwell. Following his daughter Tsukune has no idea who this woman he's supposed to meet is, and is mildly curious as to her identity.

At the top of the stairwell Saya leads him through a single door that leads directly into an office. The walls are white and posters of various landscapes hang on nails, a single overhead bulb casting modern light into the room, a single darkly stained desk with a single chair behind it, a pair of chairs on the door side of the desk. His eyes glancing right Tsukune takes in the sight of a small sitting area, several low sitting chairs surrounding a modest coffee table.

Standing in front of the desk is a blue haired woman, Tsukune blinking in surprise at the sight of a blue mane of hair while Saya closes the door behind them.

"Kurumu-chan?" Tsukune asks, not sure who the woman waiting in Saya's office is.

She has shoulder length hair and a flawless complexion. She wears a black tube top and a mini skirt, black thigh high boots with a three inch heel on her feet.

"Not quite, Tsukune." A familiar voice answers him, the Aono blinking in surprise at the sound of that voice.

It's very familiar to him, and yet at the same time, it isn't…


"I brought Dad, just like you wanted." Saya answers him, Tsukune momentarily glancing back toward her.

"Um…" Tsukune mumbles, watching as Ageha turns to face him.

Seeing her Tsukune's eyes go wide in surprise.

She doesn't look like a woman in her fifties. Instead she looks like she's barely even twenty. Were she wearing a school uniform Tsukune would believe that she's a senior in high school…

But why would she change her human appearance to look like that? Is she just trying to deny how much she's aged?

Ageha looks into his eyes, and in the moment of contact Tsukune's body feels like it's become distant, his arms and legs no longer responding to his thoughts, like something has disconnected him from his own limbs.

"That's good Saya-chan." Ageha praises his daughter. "Go and keep your mother busy, use whatever means you have to in order to assure that we aren't interrupted."

"Yes, Ageha-sama." Saya answers, Tsukune blinking in surprise at his daughter's answer, looking back in time to see his daughter open the door and then close it behind her.

"Wha…what is going on?" Tsukune asks, turning back toward Ageha to see the young woman approach him, a smile on her lips.

"I've been waiting for this day…" Ageha trails, reaching up and touching his cheek with her hand.

Tsukune can feel his own will being suppressed, Ageha's charm literally separating his body from his mind, making him unable to move or do anything without Ageha's permission. Tsukune also has experience breaking said charms, and in that moment, with Ageha's hand on his cheek, Tsukune tries to free himself from Ageha's mental control, using everything he knows to try and regain his freedom.

Unfortunately nothing works. Every time Tsukune tries to break Ageha's control, her charm bounces back, just as strong as it was before Tsukune pressed against it, and his own will weakens with each attempt…

"Why…why do this?" Tsukune asks, struggling to speak, trying to distract Ageha and weaken her control.

"Now…now…" Ageha smiles at him, her hand dropping to his chest, her fingers gently flowing down the front of his body as she continues. "You're mine now Tsukune, so stop struggling. If you don't you'll be comatose before I can even get your pants off."

Were her words capable of doing so, a chill would go flying down Tsukune's spine at the implication of her statement.

She's going to rape me…but why…?

"Why?" Tsukune asks again. "Why did you change how you look? Why rape me?"

Smiling Ageha's pointer finger hooks against his belt.

"We succubi are capable of a great many things Tsukune…" Ageha begins slowly. "If we're willing to pay the price, we can even attain eternal youth."

"But why…?" Tsukune insists, judging from everything he knows about Succubus lore and Ageha's statement, the price for her youth must be innocent male lives…

"My daughter is dead Tsukune…" Ageha explains, opening his belt, her fingers grasping his zipper. "She died in a hit and run years ago, they never caught the person responsible, and I know that it wasn't an accident."


The sound of his zipper coming down is loud in the otherwise quiet room, Tsukune swallowing the saliva in his mouth, hoping to keep Ageha talking, give him time to try and break free from her control.

"She was murdered?" Tsukune asks, and Ageha nods, bending her knees and kneeling down, putting her head at his crotch level.

"By your scheming mate." Ageha responds, pulling his pants down, leaving his underwear on. "She died so you would stop paying attention to her, just like your witch friend and nearly every other girl you knew in school."

What? Akasha had them killed? No…she wouldn't…

"You…you can't know that for sure…" Tsukune tries to argue, and Ageha laughs.

"Of course. You think a two thousand year old would be stupid enough to not cover her tracks? Honestly…she must be as dry as desert, being that old…"

Her last statement is said almost sarcastically, and Tsukune is in no mood to appreciate the attempt at humor.

"She wouldn't…" Tsukune mumbles, and Ageha looks up at him, mirth in her obsidian orbs.

"You think she'd be willing to wait when the only things that stands between her and the man of her dreams are a few non vampires? Would you?"

Much as Tsukune may not like it, Ageha's logic makes a lot of sense. Akasha spent decades without a mate after she left Issa. Would she really be willing to wait eight plus years for Kurumu and his other female friends to die so they could be exclusive?

"That doesn't explain this…" Tsukune tries to argue, and Ageha pulls his pants down, taking in the sight of his flaccid self.

"Well…what do we have here?" Ageha asks, eying it a moment. "This is rather nice…Kurumu must've really enjoyed it."

Tsukune tries to fidget, to get away from Ageha, but his body won't respond to his will.

"This is rape Ageha-san…please don't go through with this…" Tsukune begs, and Ageha's head jerks up, her eyes staring heatedly into his.

"My Kurumu never wanted anything other than to have a family with you." Ageha explains. "She died wanting nothing more than to allow herself to conceive your child and raise it with you, but that Scheming Bitch would never allow it."

"We can't have a family…" Tsukune argues.

"I know." Ageha says matter of factly. "You're going to inseminate me, and then you're going to forget this ever happened. I'll bear your child and raise it, just like Kurumu would want…"

She begins to touch him, using her hands in a way that she knows will excite a man, regardless of his mood…




Opening his eyes Tsukune sits up in bed, his breath coming in short, sharp gasps. His eyes dancing around the room Tsukune takes in the sight of his bedroom in Castle Akashiya, where he'd fallen asleep before he'd had his first…whatever it was he'd just experienced.

A dream…or a vision? Or maybe a nightmare?

Not knowing what to make of what he just experienced Tsukune just sits in his bed a moment, breathing and trying to relax.


The sound of a gentle hand tapping against his bedroom door nearly makes the Aono vampire jump through the roof in surprise. His head turning toward the door Tsukune has a moment to ask himself who it is knocking on his door when a very familiar voice wafts through the wooden barrier.

"Tsukune…are you awake?" Moka's voice carries. "Please open the door…"

Listening to her a heavy sigh wafts past Tsukune's lips.

Great…what does she want now?