Doubles Guy was in a doubles tennis match, his partner being Genesect, playing against Aria Meloetta and Keldeo, who were both losing horribly. Genesect smashed the ball right at Meloetta, htting her in the face. Doubles Guy laughed as he pointed at Meloetta, high fiving Genesect as they taunted Keldeo and Meloetta.

"All right, Gene, my mantis, you showed those two My Little Pony reject whose boss!" Doubles Guy proclaimed with joy.

Genesect was about to say something, but then rubbed the back of his neck. "Wait... what exactly is My Little Pony?"

Silence. Doubles Guy stared angrily at Genesect, slowly turning his head at the mechanical bug Pokemon.

"Are you fucking real?" Doubles Guy stated, "You really have no idea what My Little Pony is?"

Genesect just coughed. "Not really, no. I don't really lurk 4Chan as much as you guys do..."

Doubles Guy groaned as he slapped his forehead, just shaking his head in dismay. "Oh Genesect, you have a lot to learn... just a lot to-" Doubles Guy then got smacked by two green fuzzy tennis balls, courtesy of Meloetta.

"How do you like dem doubles now, Patrick?" Meloetta exclaimed as she turned around and bent over, smacking her right buttcheek with her right hand as she stuck out her tongue, with Keldeo laughing his head off.

Doubles Guy was knocked out unconscious, leaving Genesect to ponder just what My Little Pony really is. But was it worth it?