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"I want a kiss, Kurt."

Puck's whiny voice echoed in the empty house, traveling to Kurt's ears as he worked in the kitchen. At the moment, Puck was lazing on his couch while Kurt cooked them lunch.

"Then come in here and get one, I'm busy."

Kurt replied sternly, as he poked at the burgers Puck insisted on eating. One was a lean turkey burger, for Kurt obviously. The other was a big chunk of burger meat, oozing blood and sizzling. Not what he would call appetizing, but Puck begged to differ.

"Aww, come onnn. They won't burn if you leave for just a second!" Puck groaned, sunken into the couch. It was too comfy to get up, so he'd try to get Kurt to do all the work. But Kurt wasn't having that, refusing to leave the kitchen area. "Really Puck, if I didn't know you better, I'd be disappointed right now."

He pulled out a bag of that pre-made salad stuff and began to fill a small bowl with it. "We have the whole house to ourselves for once, and all you can manage to do is lay on the couch and whine about kisses. Be a man, Noah."

Puck's eyes all but flashed at that, and he was up in a second's time. It took him only a moment to reach the kitchen and pin Kurt to the counter, lips inches from the back of the smaller boy's neck. "Am I not man enough for you, Kurt?" he asked in a whisper, smirking when it caused the Hummel boy to shiver.

"Stop it... I'm in the middle of cooking." he mumbled, cheeks ablaze. He half-heartedly pressed the burgers down with the spatula, recieving an appreciative hiss as juices escaped onto the sizzling pan.

The mohakwed boy wasn't ready to give up. He leaned in close and nibbled on Kurt's ear. "The only thing I'm hungry for is you." he mumbled between kisses and bites. It earned a laugh from the smaller boy, who leaned into the affection slightly. "That was so corny. I am completely turned off." Kurt joked. He honestly loved when his boyfriend said dorky stuff like that.

"I'll get you turned on again, babe." Puck promised, before sucking in an earlobe and suckling on it tenderly. Kurt whimpered and pushed back, ass rubbing crotch and making Puck groan. "Is this really the best time?" he asked, face redder than before. The burgers were ready for flipping now, which he did, clumsily, grease popping and sizzling. His boyfriend pulled him away again, turning him to face each other and pressing Kurt back to the counter.

Now they could kiss, just as Puck wanted. "Pucker up, babe." he said with a smirk. Kurt, unwilling to fight it anymore, did just that, his plump pink lips pursing in preparation for the kiss the guy bestowed on him.

It was hot and passionate, just like everything about them. A big hand moved up and messed up Kurt's hair, tangling and tugging on it just hard enough to give a pleasure/pain sensation. It made the petite boy moan into the kiss, giving his taller partner the chance he wanted to sneak his tongue in. They wrestled playfully, Puck winning in the end and overpowering Kurt. The hand that wasn't ruining his beau's hair went south, groping Kurt's perfect ass and sneaking under the jeans.

There wasn't much give, since Kurt wore those tight skinny jeans, so the best thing to do was to get him out of them. That was exactly what Puck set his sights on doing, pulling away so they could catch their breath, and quickly unbuttoning the jeans, as well as pulling down the zipper.

Then he shoved them down, along with the blue undies underneath them, leaving Kurt exposed from the waist down. Said boy gasped as the cool air hit his hardening cock, making him shiver for more than one reason. Puck smirked, extracting that hand from the other boy's hair and going down, onto his knees.

"P-Puck... Noah..." Kurt whimpered, excitement rushing through him. He didn't recieve a verbal answer, just a gentle kiss to his hip. Then the kisses went closer in, his thigh, his pelvic area, the base of his cock. Then the head, and then Puck's mouth opened, and wrapped around Kurt's arousal.

It was warm, wet, and inviting. Puck didn't give blowjobs often, so when they did, they felt almost twice as good as they should've. Small, pale hands gently held onto a tan mohawked head, unsure of where to rest. Kurt grunted and gasped as his cock was sucked so gingerly by his boyfriend. One of Puck's hands gripped his thigh, the other fondling his balls in a way that seemed all too perverted but felt all too good.

"Noahh..." Kurt gasped out, fighting every urge to buck his hips and gag his boyfriend. Puck could tell, which is why he held the thin hips in place as his head bobbed up and down, taking in as much of Kurt as was comfortable. He could probably take all of him in if he'd wanted, but then he didn't get the taste of him. That's what he told Kurt when the boy had asked, and it turned him all sorts of red. Adorable.

So Puck mainly took in half of the shaft, opting to give the cock head the most attention, lavishing it with tongue love. With how much attention and affection it got, it made Kurt wonder why his boyfriend didn't suck him off more often. But he had little time to wonder, as Puck did that thing with his tongue and made him let out a gutteral moan, precum drizzling from him.

"Noah... I..." he warned just in time, as he grunted and let his load off into Puck's mouth. The man didn't pull away or pull a face, drinking up every last drop, and even milking the cock for whatever seed hadn't gotten free. When it was all done, he pulled away with that irritating smirk on his face, pulling up Kurt's undies and pants and standing back up.

"Aww, Kurt, you let the burgers burn." He accused, looking over at the burgers which were now nothing more than two hunks of burned meat. "You go sit down, I'll make us some pasta or something." The smaller boy obliged, going to the couch and laying down, cheeks red and body tired.

He didn't move for a few minutes, just listening to the soft sounds of Puck cleaning up in the kitchen. It got boring fast, and he sighed and groaned and did anything to get the other boy's attention. He grabbed the remote and started to flip through channels, half-heartedly calling out to the other in a whiny voice.

"I want a kiss, Puck."