Prompt:Without planning it, Kurt and Puck show up at a Halloween party in similar themed costumes.

Puck as devil (I'm imagining not much effort in the costume-like a red t-shirt/ tight black jeans and a pair of devil horns) Kurt as an angel. A naughy, naughty angel.

At first they're both kind of weirded out/annoyed, don't want anyone thinking it's on purpose. But somehow in the course of the evening they end up having mad dirty heavenly sinful sex in an empty bedroom.

Bonus if it's in the room where the coats are stored and they do unspeakable things on Rachel's sweater.

I'm not a part of the glee comm this is on, but by god I am gonna do it! :O

"Oh how cute! You guys did a couples theme. You know, I was worried when Puck came in alone, but if you're here in a matching outfit then you guys must be okay. My outfit obviously comes from the broadway..." it all went to babbling from there. Rachel tended to do that. It was especially annoying when she did it while blocking your way into her own Halloween party. Just as she was doing to Kurt right then.

What had she said about Puck? Matching outfits? They hadn't planned anything. In fact, they were in the middle of a fight. They normally got on fine, but when Kurt mentioned Halloween, it seemed their plans were different. Puck had wanted to just stay home, maybe take his sister trick-or-treating, while Kurt wanted them to make a debut at Rachel's party.

It would be fun, he had promised. Kurt had almost gotten Puck to agree, but then he mentioned the idea of a couple costume, and Puck flipped. He hated romantically cheesy stuff like that, while Kurt really liked it. So they argued and argued until Kurt left in a huff. They hadn't spoken more than a few words to each other since.

It was a little later than the party started, so Puck must've gotten his sister out and did all the trick or treating already, then came over here. Kurt arrived fashionably late, on purpose of course. When Rachel stopped talking, he pushed his way in, and scouted the room.

The party was more crowded then he expected, more than just glee kids seemed to have come. No one threatening though, thank goodness. He spotted Mercedes in an adorable 1920's flapper girl costume, Tina in some kind of renaissance look that was frighteningly close to her usual way of dress, and Mike next to her dressed up like a vampire count.

Quinn and Sam were by the food table, in a couple's outfit. He was prince charming, she was cinderella. It was absolutely adorable to Kurt, but Puck probably found it stupid and dorky. Puck, where was he? Rachel walked by in her Elphaba costume, which was surprisingly good, and mentioned seeing Puck talking with Finn near the stereo.

Wading through the small crowds of people, it was easy to spot the freakishly tall Finn dressed as Frankenstein, and next to him, was Puck. Tight black jeans, a red muscle shirt, and a pair of red horns. How creative. But it did indeed make them a theme, althought Kurt put more effort into his costume.

He was an angel, with a halo headband, wings that strapped on, and a tight white tank that dared to show off his lithe body. On his lower half were white boyshorts and white slippers, his smooth legs bare.

Puck must've felt eyes on him, because he looked over and caught Kurt's eyes. He pulled an annoyed look and walked over to the equally annoyed angel, who had his hands on his hips, ready to argue. "Kurt, what the hell? I said no couple crap."

"You act as if I knew what you would be dressing as, Puckerman. This is merely an unfortunate coincidence."

Puckerman? Kurt had to be pissed if he would call him that. How dare Puck assume Kurt had done this on purpose. If he had his way, their couple costume would've been something much more original.

"Whatever, just go change, okay?"

Kurt's eyes flashed. "Absolutely not! Do you have any idea how much work I put into this? You go change, all you have to do is take off the stupid horns."

Puck snorted at Kurt's refusal, he expected nothing less. "I did more than that, look!" he turned and showed an idiotic but adorable devil tail attached to his ass. He wiggled a little and gave Kurt a smirk. "So I'm not changing."

"Then I guess we are at an impasse." Kurt sniffed and walked away, his ass begging Puck to look at it as Kurt sashayed away to talk to Mercedes. They stayed away from each other for most of the night, sneaking glances that went from annoyance, to regret, to longing, to lustful.

It was around midnight, and the music was louder. The liquor cabinet was picked and opened (thanks to Puck) and about half of the group was drunk, including little miss Berry. Albeit, they spiked her drink. Puck leaned on a wall, sipping a beer and looking around wistfully, trying to pick Kurt out from the crowd.

"Looking for someone?"

That light voice was unmistakable, and he turned to see Kurt standing next to him, smiling coyly. Puck humphed, a light red, and looked away, mumbling 'as if' under his breath.

Kurt sighed, standing next to him. He scooched a little closer, then a little more, until their bodies brushed together. He rested his head on Puck's arm. "Puck... I really didn't mean for our costumes to match... I'm sorry to upset you." He had on those puppy eyes, and a big pout that made it impossible for Puck to stay mad.

Which he didn't. He put an arm awkwardly around Kurt, kissing the top of his head. "It's cool. I know you didn't mean for this. You'd prolly want me a lot less clothed if you had your choice, right?" he winked, and made his boyfriend blush and giggle a little. Looking down, as if he was really taking in Kurt's costume, Puck licked his lips. What a delicious feast set in front of him. No way he wouldn't enjoy it.

"C'mon." he said simply, tugging Kurt away from the crowd. Messing with a few doors until he found one that opened, Puck pulled Kurt into what was being deemed as the coat room, and locked the door behind him. He was on the smaller boy in an instant, kissing him hard and hot, bruising his lips as he bit and sucked on them.

Kurt didn't protest, hands snaking around his boyfriend's neck as he returned the harsh kisses as best he could, gasping for air when he got the chance. "You're -kiss- so fucking -bite- hot in that, you know?" Puck murmured between acts of affection, and Kurt chuckled.

"Show me how much you like it."

Puck smirked at the challenge, ready to prove it. He ripped Kurt's shorts down, revealing a half-hard cock, and gripped it playfully. "No undies tonight, Hummel? It's as if you expected this to happen..."

With flushed cheeks, Kurt didn't answer, just mumbling a 'get on with it' that made Puck push him to the floor. On a variety of coats and sweaters, one most definitely being that god awful knitted animal sweater of Rachel's, Kurt got on his hands and knees, forced down by Puck.

He looked like a heavenly sight, those round firm cheeks out in the open, that innocent look he gave as he glanced back to see what would happen next. Not to mention he still had the halo and wings on. It was one naughty angel look, not something you'd see every day.

"Fuck... you're so beautiful." Puck muttered, just barely out of Kurt's hearing. Reaching down and getting on his knees, he squeezed the plump mounds, peeking at the puckering hole hidden in their crevice. Kurt whimpered, he'd always get embarrassed when Puck looked at him so intimately. That didn't stop Puck from leaning down, kissing one of those soft cheeks before sucking on his fingers.

When they were properly wetted, he positioned one at his boyfriend's entrance, and slowly pushed in. A soft hissing sound was Kurt's only reaction, and Puck bit his lip in excitement. It was almost unbearably hot inside, no matter how many times they fucked, it still came as a surprise. Kurt was tighter than usual, due to the fact that they hadn't had sex in almost a week.

It took a few minutes and two more fingers before they decided they were ready. Really, it was mainly that Kurt couldn't wait anymore. His dick was already starting to leak in anticipation, and he didn't want to come without Puck inside, so he hurried him up. Recklessly, the mohawked boy tore open that glow-in-the-dark condom he'd been saving in his wallet and shoved it on himself. Kurt gave him a look when he chuckled at the dim glow surrounding his cock, and he told him it was nothing.

Finally they were ready, Puck's aching cock pressing against Kurt's twitching hole, both eager to get it on. Slowly he pushed inside, groaning as the tight ass all but swallowed his cock all the way up. He didn't stop until he was fully inside, the smaller boy trembling underneath him as he took in all that length and girth in one swift move.

"Amazing..." Puck said in an appreciative moan, and Kurt had no words, body trembling as pleasure filled him in every way. The fucking began slowly, as it always did. Puck would be hesitant, making sure not to hurt Kurt like he would mistakenly in the beginning. Then the angel would whine for more, and Puck would hurry his pace.

In and out, thrusting a little more forcefully, Puck bit his lip in an attempt to hold his moans in. Kurt was less quiet, crying out his boyfriend's name, along with gutteral moans and gasps. The music was loud enough that they wouldn't get caught, but even if they did, neither would care.

Tan hands gripped porcelain hips so tightly, bruises would be left along with the memories of how Kurt got them. Puck was heavily panting now, putting his all into it. Kurt appreciated it, and showed his appreciation with his cries and moans.

"Noah, oh N-Noahhhh..."

When Kurt started using Puck's actual name, he knew it was close. Damn good timing too, after a week without sex, Puck wasn't gonna last much longer. "Come on, babe, do it." he encouraged, thrusting even harder in.

He was awarded with a beautiful cry of pleasure, as Kurt tensed up tightly, and shot his load all over that ghastly Berry sweater. A few more pumps and Puck finished up too, filling up the condom. Pulling out, he tied it closed and showed it to Kurt when the smaller man got up. The brunette laughed outright.

"Oh my god, it looks like it's radioactive! Thank god you didn't come in me!"

They laughed together, got dressed, and left the room, leaving Rachel's animal sweater for her to find in the morning.