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The first thought that ran through Danny's mind, waving it's arms and screaming, related to airbags. Did this car have them? Of course it does, his mind argued. The second thought that followed hot on the heals of the first was when the hell were the airbags going to deploy? When you hit the damn ground, his mind snapped.

The air brushed against his skin, hot and humid despite the force with which it was being driven through the windshield. The pain had yet to register, the panic of the inevitable crash was already too much for his mind to process. Something had to give, he was silently thankful that if this were to be his last moment, that there was no pain. Gracie's Daddy didn't suffer.

It's only been a few seconds, his mind reminded him. Only a few seconds? How could that be? They'd been falling for what felt like an eternity. The collision had been unexpected, the journey along a remote road of North West Maui a necessary detour in an attempt to find a grave site a suspect had hinted toward. Find the body, lesser sentence for the suspect. The fact the low life hadn't come forward to reveal the location to the family five years prior had angered the whole team to the point that Chin had almost decked him. He'd been caught for a recent homicide, implicated in another. With his deal to reveal where the first body had been buried by his old partner, the sentence would be looked at leniently.

All they had to do was drive out and take a quick look, if they found the body they could call Chin and Kono back at headquarters to set the deal in motion. If there was no body…Well, there was no telling just how hard Chin, or Kono for that matter, would go at their suspect.

A quick drive out. Back in time for dinner. A quick drive through some beautiful scenery, stunning locations Danny could take Grace to. Something he was sure Step-Stan hadn't done yet. Thrilling cliffs and incredible plummeting views into the ocean. A paradise lost to a city boy displaced. The road had been winding, the sunshine brilliant as it bounced off the windshield, temporarily blinding Danny as he drove as carefully as he could despite his partner's assurances that they weren't lost. Danny had argued that Steve couldn't know every back road in the state.

That was when the Deer had run out into the road. The large, muscular, white speckled animal had bolted into the oncoming car's path, only to leap out of the way before the driver had registered the road clear again. The vehicle flipped from the sudden turn, the windshield shattered as the metal protested the violent twists and turns of the roll. Just as the rollercoaster seemed to come to an end, the ground disappeared. Danny became aware of the weightlessness as the world fell away into oblivion.

Only to come crashing back down into reality mere seconds later.

Their fall hadn't been far, but it had been severe. The car stayed in tact and landed right side up. The seat belts groaned in relief as the stress of keeping their burdens safe fell beyond their control. Their job done, they settled back into the wreckage of the car.

The silence that followed was deafening. Not a soul moved within the music of the aftermath. The gentle song that signalled to all that the drama was past. The air was clear. The moment over.

In the quiet that followed a serenity fell across the landscape. A peaceful ebb and flow as the wind whistled through the nearby trees. Danny stirred within the freedom of the dream. No confines, no barriers as his mind flew freely, oblivious to the predicament his body was caught within. A light dusting of rain fell, collecting along the cracks of the windshield only to fall heavily on to the face of the HPD Detective asleep against his airbag. He twitched. The movement having a domino effect across his body. The aches and pains of the fall forcing his adrenaline to work its magic.

Road. Deer. Crash. Fall.

Danny came to with a start, sitting bolt upright before realising what a horrible, horrible idea that was for someone with possible whiplash to do. His head throbbed but thankfully not enough to signal debilitating concussion, that much he knew from painful previous experience. His right wrist ached. Flexing the fingers he thanked himself lucky the bone didn't feel broken. The movement causing pain to flare up his arm so he quickly stopped. Ok, perhaps a little broken. The silence in the car alerted him to Steve's injuries. His partner was out cold. The Lt Commander was slouched against the passenger window. A cobweb of cracks reaching out from where his head lay, as if they were trying to escape the limitations of the glass. Blood had pooled along the cracks, the trail ran quicker by the slight rain that continued to fall. Steve was still. Steve was never still. Fearing the worst Danny reached a trembling hand toward his partner's neck. As the steady thrub, thrub of his pulse danced against his fingertips, Danny released the breath he'd been holding.

"Shit." Short, to the point and perfectly summed up how he felt. "McGarrett, you damn well better wake up soon. I'm too tired and you're too tall for me to carry you back up to the road."

Steve countered his argument with silence.

Unbuckling his belt, Danny pushed the drivers door open with relative ease. He fell to the ground, breathing hard as the relief of being out of the car overwhelmed him. Gathering himself and reining in the increasing panic, he used the car to gain his feet. Making his way toward the passenger side he prayed the door would be as easy to open.

No, of course not. This was Steve he was dealing with.

Using his leg as leverage and ignoring the pain in his wrist, Danny pulled as hard as he could, squeezing his eyes shut he cried out in anger. The door gave way suddenly, throwing Danny to the floor. Had he not been wearing his seat belt Steve would have joined him. Instead his head fell to the side at an awkward angle. Danny jumped up, gently repositioning Steve so he was more comfortable. Now able to check his partner more thoroughly, Danny wasted no time. The whole of the right side of the former SEALS face was covered in blood. The culprit a deep gash just below his hairline above his right eyebrow. The blood flow had already slowed so Danny moved on, feeling gently around Steve's neck he checked for any unnatural bumps or lumps. Nothing. His hands moved further down, he moved aside the left side of the blue shirt and felt along the black T, all ribs seemed intact. Repeating the action on the right side his face etched in concern as two ribs moved beneath the skin. Gently Danny unbuckled the seatbelt to alleviate any pressure against Steve's torso. He continued his investigation finding only a deep gash in his right thigh. No further broken ribs. Well, at least that was something positive. If the idiot would wake up they could hop out together up to the road.

The remote, deserted road. Oh yeah, great plan Danny. You should just call for help instead of trying to save yourself. He literally could of smacked himself as he fumbled his pockets for his phone. Great, no signal. Typical. He was pretty sure if Sleepy McSleeperson hadn't been with him he would have had five full bars of signal. But as with everything else concerning McGarrett, it had to be done the hard way.

Danny continued his rant as he tore off part of Steve's shirt to use as a makeshift bandage around his thigh. The bleeding didn't seem too bad so he was pretty sure the gash wasn't deep enough to cause major concern. It was gonna hurt like a son of a bitch though. Well, at least that'll teach the idiot that errands into the middle of god-knows-where in who-knows-whatsville could be done by rookie HPD officers fresh out of the academy. Not a special task force Detective and idiot Lt Commander. Oh no. This kind of stuff was for those looking to earn their right to wear the uniform. But of course, why shouldn't Danny be dragged along. Oh you'll get a great look at parts of the island, Danny. Oh there's some excellent views you could show Grace, Danny. You know what Steve! NO! DON'T. WANT. TO. SEE. "Stupid pineapple infested hell hole."

"No pineapples."

"Still doesn't mean it isn't a hell hole." Danny frowned as he answered. He hadn't ranted out loud had he? Who the hell could answer… "What the?….Steve!" Bright, pale blue's found clouded dark one's as Danny reached forward to check his partner's responses.

"Hey, man? You had me pretty worried for a while there."

Steve frowned at the shorter man. He reach forward with a clumsy hand to poke the bruise along Danny's forehead.

"You ok?" He asked around an uncooperative tongue.

"Me? I'm fine, I'm not the one who decided to take a nap while all the chaos was going on." Danny looked closely at the confused eyes of his partner. Equal and reactive weren't quite what he found.

"Who t'k nap?"

Danny smiled affectionately. "You, you moron."

"Not a mor'n." Steve's eyes began to droop, he was roughly pulled from the warm embrace of sleep by supposed 'gentle' taps on his cheek.

"Hey, stay awake ok?"

"Am awake."

"Yeah and I'm ten foot tall. Open your eyes."

With a tired exhale Steve complied. He rolled his head to the side, taking in the wreckage. "What happen'd?"

"We crashed." Danny sat back down on the floor. He needed his partner more awake if he was going to leave him to hike back up to the road to check for a signal.

Steve frowned as confusion melted across his features.


"What's the last thing you remember?"

"You bitching about the fact we were lost."

"We were lost."

"No we weren't, aren't. We're not lost." Steve looked around at his surroundings and silently took back his claim. He was slowly becoming more aware. His vision clearing enough to help keep his mind awake. His body felt like it had been thrown off a cliff. Which, he guessed, was technically what had happened. He attempted to move only to suck in a breath as pain assaulted his senses and his vision blacked out for a few seconds. When he finally opened his eyes he was greeted by the concerned eyes of his partner. His very, very close partner.

"Man, back off."

"Back off? BACK OFF? You just passed out again! And why? Because you're a hard headed idiot who can't just sit still. And now we're stuck here, you're hurt, I don't know where we are and there's no cell reception yet you tell me to BACK OFF!" Danny paused as Steve held up his hand. "WHAT?"

"Danno, if you're going to rant can you take the volume down a notch. Gotta killer headache, man."

If he hadn't looked so injured and pitiful, Danny was sure he would have punched him.

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