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Danny spent the next few days attempting to not make the former SEAL laugh. Which, unfortunately, was almost impossible to do when watching Airplane and its sequel. Followed by Naked Gun and each subsequent sequel. He was pretty sure at one point that the other man had broken further ribs just through laughing. Chin and Kono came by each day to give the injured men updates on the case. The grave site had been found, not too far from where they'd crashed. Seemed their suspect had indeed been telling the truth. Which meant that they weren't going to get the chance to work him over. Chin admitted he was a little disappointed but at least they had solved two crimes with one suspect.

After the fourth day home Danny noticed a slight change in his partner. Steve still laughed at the movies, but it seemed like an effort made more so for Danny's sake. What he was gaining in strength he was losing in momentum. Spending so much time in his childhood home had brought forward too many memories. Steve loved the house, loved living there. But the day to day adventures of Five-0 kept his head balanced. Being there while injured and before he'd reinforced his emotional walls wasn't as easy as he had expected it to be. When the house was quiet, he kept expecting to hear his father call him from down the hall. Kept expecting to see him walk through into the study, carrying a beer and a case file.

On the fifth day Danny decided to take action. He suggested a stroll along the beach. Steve had half heartedly agreed. As the two men walked beside the ocean they fell into a common stride. Neither spoke, just walked in companionable silence. The fresh air and change in scenery lifting both their spirits. They hadn't gone far when Danny noticed the other man's breathing changing, his arm going to rest around his ribs. For all his healing, Steve still had a way to go. Building up the muscles around his lungs would take time. The fresh air did him good but the limp he was still contending with, alongside the still healing incisions, slowed his pace.

"Hey, why don't we stop for a while." Danny gestured to a large rock with his blue-casted hand.

Both men sat facing the ocean. The breeze rolling off the waves ran her fingers through their hair. The sun dipped into the horizon, signalling the impending ending of the day. Danny ground his bare feet into the sand, he glanced over at his silent companion. Steve stared into the distance, his eyes landing on the far away islands while his mind fell backwards into distant memories.

"Dad loved this view." Steve said, his voice breaking the silence and making Danny jump slightly. The Detective kept quiet, hoping his stillness would urge the other man on.

"He used to take me out on his boat, we'd go sit in the middle of the ocean. Just sit there. Not having to talk. Not that he was ever much of a talker though. I loved being out there with him. It was our time. You know?" Danny nodded. "We'd sit out there, he'd drink his beers, I'd drink soda's. When I got older he stopped taking me. I don't know why, he just did. Guess connecting in quiet only works when your son isn't constantly challenging you." Steve's voice broke a little, he looked away, focused back along the beach they'd walked.

"Every son challenges his father. That's how we all become men." Said Danny. "And a good father knows when to accept that and allow his son to go out on his own."

"You think that's what he was doing? Why we stopped coming out here?"

"Could be. I didn't know your dad, but I know you. You're a good man, he had a hand in that. It's thanks to him and the tools he gave you that you're able to do all the amazing things you do."

Steve looked over at Danny. Danny held up his blue-casted hand. "If you claim I just said that I'll deny it."

Steve smiled and nodded.

"Your dad would be proud of you. And I think you know that."

"He kinda said as much the last time we spoke."

"You knew it way before then, partner."

"It's hard, you know, being back here. All these puzzles and questions he's left me. He's not here to help answer them."

"Then we find the answers. Together."

Steve smiled at Danny. He nodded his thanks. Danny rested a hand against his partner's shoulder. It was a trick of the light he was sure, but he was almost certain he saw a weight lift off of the other mans shoulders. He'd helped heal the external injuries, but this was the first step to helping to heal the internal ones.

"You wanna go back?" He asked.

"Sure. We have another Naked Gun to watch after all."

"After that though, sleep. Got an early morning."

"For what?" Steve frowned as he asked.

"Thought tomorrow we'd go out out."

"Out out?"

"Yeah, as opposed to , you know." Danny gestured to the surrounding sand.

"So we're not out out now?" Questioned a perplexed Steve.

"No." Danny sighed. "We're just out. Out out is, you know, out out."

"So what about when we're out out and then out some more? Are we out out out?"

"Shut up."


No one would tell him where they were going. No one. Not one of his team would spill the beans. That wasn't what made him nervous. Oh no, not that at all. What was really making him nervous, what was downright scaring the hell out of him, was the weird smirk Danny had been wearing since Chin and Kono had picked them up.

"We going to Kamekona's?"

"No, Boss." Answered Kono. She shared a look with Danny. Now that really, really unnerved the former SEAL.

"Well then where the hell are we going?" He asked in his most demanding tone.

"Be patient, Brah." Chin tapped Steve's left knee in an attempt to calm the man. He still didn't quite understand Danny's plan, but anything that involved getting them both out of the house and back with him and Kono had his vote. Still, it was a weird destination. Especially since they weren't picking up Grace. Surely the little girl would have loved this. But Danny had said she was out of town with her mother for the weekend. So be it. Still, seemed a little strange for four adults to be going. But what the hell, he was with his ohana. That was all that mattered.

Kono turned the car down a busy street, adults and children were everywhere. All seemed excited as they headed toward a building at the far end of the street. There were balloons and stalls lining the road. Steve strained his neck trying to get a glimpse of what all the commotion was about. As their rookie pulled the car into a free space his face fell. He glared at Danny.

"What the hell, Danny?"

"What?" The Detective aimed for innocent, fell short and landed on smug.

"Seriously? This isn't funny."

"What's going on?" Asked China and Kono simultaneously as they both stood outside the car, waiting for Steve to join them.

"Nothing." Danny tried for innocent again, failing worse than the first time. "You getting out?"

Steve frowned. He had two choices. Admit to the rest of his team that this was so not the place he wanted to be, or bite down and grin and bear it.

There was another choice though. He got out of the vehicle as he whole heartedly chose door number three. Fight with Danny.

"Seriously, this is your idea of a fun day out? What the hell, Danno?"

"Firstly, this is a fun day out. Secondly you agreed to the day out, thirdly, don't call me Danno."

"I didn't agree to this."

"You said you were ok going out to the park."

"You never said anything about a circus."

At that moment a little girl came running past straight into the arms of the biggest clown Steve had ever seen. Danny could literally hear the penny drop as Chin and Kono caught on.

Steve's face had paled, he'd taken a step back, and Chin was pretty sure he'd seen the Lt Commander reach for his gun. Which thankfully had been left at home.



Steve avoided looking at Chin and Kono. Instead he focused on Danny and all the ways he could make the man pay for this.

Danny smirked.

Steve glared.

Danny sniggered.

Steve growled.

Chin and Kono took a few steps back ,leaning against a nearby tree they watched as the two men faced off. One trying to hold back laughter as the other circled while trying to avoid a clown.

Chin and Kono stood side by side waiting patiently for one of the men to give in. "Never a dull moment." Observed Chin.

"I couldn't have put it better myself, Cuz." Answered Kono.

It was going to be a long day.


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