I've decided to repost this story. Thank you Demigodwiththebread for fixing this story. It really needed it!

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be put in a place where you have to kill or be killed? Where you go to sleep at night; not knowing if you'll live to see the sun rise the next day? Not many of us can say we have, but I am an exception.

I know what it's like to train hard each day, preparing so that I can volunteer for that opportunity. You can call me a monster, but I'm much more than that.

Sure, so I've killed a few innocent people. That's not really my fault though; this is the Hunger Games. It's more or less mandatory.

My parents always wanted me to go into the Games. They made me train night and day so that I, Cato, could win, and that's what I'm gonna do. If my parents could see me now, they would see that I'm a champion. They always told me that I have what it takes to be a Victor.

If you train hard, Son, then you can stand a chance against the other tributes. You'll show them that you're better than them, they'll beg you for mercy. You will win, my father used to say to me.

It's kill or be killed, Cato. You'll be a champion. Show Panem the true winner, my mother always told me.

So every day I would train, learn how to be one with a knife. I can kill anyone I wanted to. I'm a career from District 2. I will show no mercy and I will dominate. I'll be the winner this year, no one can bring me down. I made it this far; there are only three of us left. Those other two are no match for me! I'll show those pathetic pipsqueaks what I am capable of. No one can bring me down.

I'm in the middle of strapping into my new armor and taking stock of my new possessions. Well, the possessions aren't quite that new. I stole 'em off of that kid I killed from District 11.

I'm smiling happily to myself when I see them. The mutts. They're coming straight towards me, but I know I can outrun them. Well, as long as I know where I'm going. I don't want to run aimlessly through the woods, so I choose to run to the first place I can think of: the Cornucopia.

I start running. I can see the golden gleam of the giant horn in the distance. I run right to the Cornicopia only to see District 12 already standing there. I hardly notice them as I start to climb. I can see them climbing behind me. When I catch my breath I start to descend on them. I reach them in time to grab the lover boy, locking my arms around his neck; cutting off his oxygen supply. He gets to die first. Twirly Girl can be next.

But all of a sudden he's marking me, putting an X on my hand in blood. I realize what it means a second too late. The girl hits the target on my hand with her arrow. I curse and let go, jerking my arm away. Before I know what's happening, I feel myself falling... falling right into the jaws of the mutts.

They drag me into the Cornicopia, and now I'm alone as they attack me. I think about my parents, watching me fail at what I've trained my whole life for. I'm a failure to everyone, especially to myself.

Yet, I'm different. I know now what it is like to have to fight others. I know what it's like to have blood on your hands. To watch the others die as you kill them.

And now it's coming back to haunt me as I lay here dying. Coming back to take my life away. I shouldn't be ashamed, I should be proud of myself. I made it this far in these lifeless games. I'm a champion! Who cares what others think? I won this battle!

I am still Cato, the winner, the star.