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"To the left, to the left. Everything you owns in the box to the left!" I sang, jumping up and down on my big trampoline. I made weird conga line movements with my arms to my singing. My blond hair bounced up and down with my jumping. "Abby! For goodness sakes you should be getting ready! Didn't I tell you we're going out to meet someone very important today?" Yelled my mother from our sliding glass backdoor. 'Important?' That perked my interest. I got off my trampoline and went inside as my mom asked. As I changed out of my dirty clothes I went over possible candidates in my head. I got out a clean shirt and a pair of unriped skinny jeans. I threw my hair into a high ponytail, and fixed up my make-up. What? That's the best it got with me! I paused, and looked at myself in the mirror I had hanging above my dresser. "If it's someone important, then it must also be formal." I thought aloud. I took out my nose stud and eyebrow piercing. Nodding in satisfaction I walked down stairs to meet my mother. "So…. Who am I meeting?" I asked excitedly. "Doctor O'shay!" she said proudly. 'Interest lost' I thought to myself. I mean sure, there would be the chance to meet 'Astor Boy' or whatever but, I not into that stuff. When Doctor Tenma was head of the ministry of science, one of his projects was trying to make human hybrids. Most of them were fails except for the Pisces/ human hybreds which is just a fancy way of saying mermaid. Great job, you made a mythical creature! Someone give them a prize! So, because I'm a picas/ human hybrid (mermaid) I've never been able to go into a body of water without my fish geans kicking in, and you all can figure out the rest. I sighed inwardly. 'This should be fun!' I thought sarcastically.


'I have to give it to them.' I thought, I hadn't been here since Doctor Tenma was in charge and it does look different. More happy? Less, take over the world with words nobody can understand? Something along those lines….. "Well, you must be Abigail Tyler. Welcome to the Ministry Of Science!" I turned around to see a portly man with white hair and a big nose. Doctor O' shay. I smiled back at him "Doctor O'shay, It's nice to meet you!" I chimed. I could be very charismatic if I wanted to, it just took too much work. "Doctor O'shay!" called a boy with unmistakable black spiky hair, running to us in a school uniform, waving at Doctor O'shay. 'Hmmm,' I thought ' so I did end um meeting Astor boy after all.'


K so that's where I'm leaving if off at. I am debating on if I should put the next chapter in Astor's POV…