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Bella has had a really hard life. She's been in foster care for the past six years, and she loves her foster family very much. When the agency decides that her foster family can't afford the seven children they have, they gave pictures to a family who are looking to adopt. The Cullens decide on chosing Bella because they didn't want a younger child to be around the three teens they already have. How will Bella feel when she meets her new parents?

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I sat on my bed, my knees pulled up against my chest. Wet, thick tears were running down my face as I stared at the pale blue wall across from me. An occasional sob broke from my chest. The pain in my chest was getting bigger and bigger. It felt as if I was being torn open… and in a way, I was.

I was being taken away from my foster family. The family I've been with since my father killed my mother, and then committed suicide right after… It's been almost six years since I've been with them, and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. No one but my foster family… but the agency was taking me away because they found a family that was going to adopt me… A family that was taking me away from Arizona. A family that was bringing me to California.

I didn't want to leave. I knew nothing outside my family of nine. My foster parents, Joe and Anita Kelly, were the best people ever. They understood everything I went through. They understood that I'd have breakdowns and scream and fight. Whenever that happened, they left me alone. They didn't bother me… they'd wait a few hours before they'd come find me and comfort me, telling me that everything was going to get better. My seven siblings didn't really bother me at all, seeing as I was older than all of them. They were all under the age of seven, and sometime I didn't know how Joe and Anita could keep up with them.

The oldest, besides me, had just turned six. Anna was beautiful with bright green eyes and blond hair to her waist. Her parents didn't want her, so they just left her on Anita's door step in the dead of winter, even if the lowest temperature was only sixty degrees.

The two next to her are twins. They turned four a few months ago. Sterling and Amie were pretty much identical except for their gender. They both had black, shiny hair and brown eyes. They were both in a car accident that killed their parents as they were leaving the hospital with them, three days after they were born..

Kayla was next. She was three. She's seen more in her three years than I have in my 15. She sat in her crib and watched as someone stabbed her mother over and over. She cried, and cried for her mother to wake up. When her cries got so loud, the neighbours came to see what was wrong. Kayla was sent to us almost immediately, only three weeks ago.

Next was Tyler. He was only one. No one knows what happened to his parents. He was left in the hospital as a baby. His parents had just gotten up and left while he was in the ICU getting his lungs developed seeing as he was born prematurely. No one's heard from them since.

The youngest two, Lucas and Jonathan were the only children that actually belonged to Anita and Joe. They were three months old, and completely identical. Brown hair, blue eyes, same height, same facial features. The only one who could tell them apart was Anita.

I loved my family. I really did. Sure, it was big, and there were times when one child didn't get as much attention as the other, but we were all happy. We were a true family. But now, the agency says that Anita has enough on her belt, and were going to let the family that wanted to adopt me, take me away. They said that The Cullen family were very nice people, and that I would like it there. The only thing I could say was Tough chance.

So I sat on my bed, crying my eyes out, staring at the wall. I was leaving today. I was going with the Cullen family, and I would probably never see Anita or Joe ever again. The thought made me cry harder. Sobs broke through my chest more often and I couldn't find the energy in me to stop them. I couldn't stop the sobs, I couldn't stop my heart from breaking, and I couldn't stop the tears.

"Bella?" Anita's soft voice cut through my crying. I lifted my head from my knees and looked at her, my tears continuing to fall. "Oh, sweetie." she sighed sadly, crawling on the bed next to me, hugging me to her side. "I don't want you to leave either, baby girl. You're my daughter." she whispered to me, kissing my forehead.

"But-but-" my voice cracked. "You're the only family I have… I can't just… I can't just… I can't just let you guys go and be part of the Cullen family.. I can't!" I sobbed into her chest, my arms snaking around her waist, clutching her to me.

"Es niña bien." she whispered. "It'll all work out. You'll get the family that can give you anything you want. You wont have to live with financial limits anymore. You can wear the clothes I know you want to. You don't have to put your dreams on hold anymore, sweetie." she whispered to me.

"I don't care about that anymore, Mom!" I cried, pulling away. I was getting angry. "The point of this is I wont be with you! You're the only mother figure I've had since…" I trailed off. "I don't know the Cullens. What if they're just like my father was? Hateful? Hurtful? Sick? And there's boys in the family! What if one of them decide to rape me or something? Mom… I don't want to go!" I cried. My tears were bigger and thicker now. My eyes hurt. I had a headache.

"I can't do anything about it honey." she had tears welling in her eyes. "The agency things there's too many children in this home. The Cullens were looking to adopt, and the agency gave them pictures of you, Anna, Kayla, Sterling and Amie, and Tyler. The Cullen's had decided that they didn't want to have a small child in a house full of teenagers, so they chose you. The agency tried to fight with them, because they know how much you love it here, but the Family was insistent. They wanted you, and they were going to have you. We have no choice but to hand you over… and I cant fight them because your not in my custody anymore…" tears were falling freely down her face now.

"But… will I ever-" I stopped.

"Will you ever what, baby?" she asked, running her fingers through my knotted hair.

"Will I ever see you again?" I asked softly.

Anita sighed. "I.. I'm not sure. I guess you'll have to talk about this to your…" she gulped, "family." I cringed at the word and snuggled closer to Anita, looking for comfort only she could give.

"I'm going to miss you so much, mom." I whispered into her chest. "I love you." I choked out. My throat closed up, and gasped for breath as more tears ran down my face and painful sobs ripped from my throat. My grip on Anita's shirt was like a vice, and if I tightened it anymore, I think I'd rip it off.

"I love you too, baby girl, as if you were my own." she whispered into my hair. "But come on, let's get you cleaned up. They'll be here soon." she sighed, her grip tightening on me.

Finally, she stood up, pulling me with her. We walked slowly through the eerily quiet house to Anita and Joe's room. She sat me on her bed, and walked to her closet. "I was saving these clothes for an emergency… and I think this is that emergency." she pulled out a really nice white blouse and a black skirt that looked like it would only reach my mid-thigh. She looked at me, sadly, and walked over. "Put these on, baby girl. I'll do your hair." I nodded slightly before I started to take off my old black shirt. I carefully slipped on the blouse on and stood up. I looked at the skirt before slipping out of my sweats and sliding the skirt on over my hips.

I looked over at Anita who walked towards me with a brush. She sat me down on her bed again, and perched herself behind me to brush the knots from my hair. I winced, and groaned a couple times, flinching as I felt my hair being pulled from the roots as she brushed it, but other than that I made no sound. When she got every tangle out of my hair, she walked to her dresser and picked up a beautiful sparkling butterfly clip. She moved my long bang from my eyes and clipped it back out of my face. She smiled at me and kissed my nose. "You're so beautiful, baby girl." she said as more ears ran down her face. "Please, keep in contact with me!" she cried as she hugged me closer to her body than ever before.

"I will. I promise."

We were interrupted when Joe walked into the room, a sad look on his face and tears shining in his eyes. "Um, the Cullens are here." he whispered, his voice cracking. I pulled away from Anita and walked over to him, hugging him tightly.

"You're the best father anyone could ever ask for, Dad. I hope you know that." I whispered to him as he put his arms around me.

"It's only because of you, darling." I sniffled a bit and pulled back, not wanting to ruin my hair.

"I love you, daddy." he leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"I love you too, baby."

I walked to the door, and opened it. Standing there were two people who were holding hands. I gulped and smiled shyly. "Hello." I said quietly. "You must be…" I wracked my brain for their names. "Carlisle and Esme Cullen?" I asked, sniffing slightly. They smiled sadly at me before they nodded. "Um, wont you come in?" I asked, opening the door farther. Carlisle put his hand on Esme's lower back and escorted her into the home first. "I'll only be a few moments. I have to say goodbye to my family members." I whispered.

Just as the sentence left my mouth, Anna came running up to me. "Bella! No! don't go!" she had tiny tears running down her small face and it made me want to screech my eyes out. I lent down to her level, and pulled her into a hug. "No Bells, stay." she whimpered into my chest.

"I'm sorry, Anna, but I have to go." I whispered. "I have no choice. But you'll see me again. I promise." her sobbing was become louder and she pressed herself against me tighter.

"I love you, sissy." she whimpered into my neck. A sob broke from my chest as I hugged her tightly to me.

"I love you too, Anna."

Anita took Anna's hand and pulled her into her arms, letting the oldest twins run at me. "Will we see you again, Bella?" they asked together. I smiled at them, kissing both of their cheeks and smoothing down their hair.

"Of course you'll see me again. I'll come back whenever you want me to." they smiled they're adorable identical grins and hugged me. "Now, Sterling, listen to mom. Don't give her any trouble." he smiled innocently at me. "And Amie, no more playing with her make up. You can play with it when you're older." she sighed and pouted at me. "Nope, no pouting. When you're my age you can play with make up, alright?" she nodded, and the twins hugged me again.

They moved to the side and little Kayla wobble over to me. "No go, Bewwa" she cried.

"Don't cry, sweetie. Bella will be back before you know it." I whispered to her. She looked at me, and nodded once. "Be good for mommy, okay? When I see you again, I want a good report." she nodded against my chest before she wobbly walked back to Anita. I walked over to Tyler, who was sitting in the corner playing with his blocks and kissed his cheek.

"Bewwa." he giggled. I smiled. I looked over at Anita and sighed.

"Lucas and Jonathan are too young, honey. They wont remember you. But I'll make sure to show them a picture of you every day of the year and tell them all about you. They'll know who you are when you see them again." I nodded and hugged her again. "I love you, Bella." she whispered and kissed my forehead.

I looked at Joe and burst out crying and hugged him tightly. "Bye daddy." I said, not caring if Mr and Mrs Cullen heard me or not. "I love you." he embraced her tightly and kissed my forehead.

"I love you too, darling. You'll always be my daughter." he whispered.

I pulled away and sighed, looking at my family. I stepped back, feeling my heart rip open at the small whimper that came from Kayla, and I turned to Carlisle and Esme. They had sad looks on their faces, but I knew that no matter what they'd never let me stay. I sighed and walked over. Esme embraced me in a warm hug, and ran her hands through my hair.

"You'll like your new home, Isabella." I cringed at the name and she pulled back. "Is everything okay?" she asked, her brown eyes sparkling with worry.

"Yes…" I hesitated. "I go by Bella." I smiled shyly.

"Ah, Bella. Yes, the agency said something about that. My apologies." she smiled. "Well, should we get going? It's quiet a drive to the airport." I sighed and nodded once. I looked back at my family behind me, and waved as tears once again welled in my eyes. Carlisle placed his hand on the small of my back and led me to the door. I looked back again.

"Bye guys." I whispered as Esme walked out of the house. Carlisle's hand pressed into my back, making me walk forward. I followed Esme to the taxi that was waiting, and Carlisle opened the front door for me. I smiled shyly in thanks and got in the car, immediately putting on my seatbelt.

The drive to the airport was quiet and I stared out the window the whole way. I watched the houses, buildings and desert fly by as we drove further and further away from my home. I watched as the children with their parents walked around in the park, I watched as teenagers with friends and boyfriends hung out on the broken equipment. I sighed sadly and sunk down in my seat. I knew this was going to a long rest of my life.

When we arrived at the airport, Carlisle opened the door for me again, and once again, put his hand on my back, as if I was going to run away. We followed Esme into the airport and up to the check-in desk. "Three first class flights for the Cullens." Esme said gently, smiling. The woman behind the desk smiled and began typing on her computer. After a minute, I saw three tickets being printed from the desk.

Then it hit me.

I wasn't a Kelly anymore. I was a Cullen.

Isabella Cullen.

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