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My Love is Yours:

Chapter 9:

Things had been quiet for almost too long. I was worried that with too much time our enemy could plot against us and form a greater opponent than we were ready for. Any time I wasn't with Bella, I was with the rest of the family, training them in ways of combat. Peter and Char were well versed in the art and were helping me. I was being a dick and it wasn't long before Bella put me in my place and called me out for being such.

I also felt like I never got any time alone with Bella. Our lovemaking had gone from wild and crazy to barely non-existent. She was bitchy and I would bet millions that my sour mood stemmed from my inability to be alone with my mate.

Alice had been almost obsessive in her need to figure out her human life. Ever since the run in with James, she and Edward had taken apart every thought, visual and memory they could. Perfect vampire recall came in handy for things like this. I couldn't fault her because knowing who she was, where she came from and what that monster did to her, she really deserved to know.

With Alice's absence, Bella became closer to Rosalie which seemed to brighten my sister's normally sour demeanor. Rose showed Bella how to do basic maintenance on the family cars, letting her know that she should NEVER depend on a man. Rose was like that. As much as she loved Emmett, she was scorned by men and trusted fewer and fewer of them as time went on. Bella had tried to defend me, saying I'd take care of whatever she needed but Rose protested in return and said that I'd be impressed with what she was learning.

It was true. When Bella showed me what she'd learned, I attempted to get her naked, right there on Edward's Volvo. At the very same moment, Edward and Alice decided to go for a drive and found me with my pants around my ankles and Bella's underwear in my teeth about to be pulled from her body. That was awkward.

Things seemed to follow that pattern for a while. Christmas came and went and I tried to take Bella under the Christmas tree, Emmett decided he needed a late night Call of Duty fix and saw Bella about to take my dick in her mouth. On New Year's we caught Charlie and Kate in the laundry room, which was where we were headed as well. Total mood killer.. Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day were pretty quiet. We didn't try anything out of the ordinary.. Now, we were coming into Spring time. The weather was getting wetter if at all possible.

Bella was spending some time with Kate while her dad was at the station. Kate was trying, with no avail, to get Bella to eat some more. The girl had lost even more weight if possible. She was pretending to eat, always pushing the food around on her plate before excusing herself. I couldn't figure out the reason, besides that her mother had told her she was looking chunkier before she came here. That was months ago.

I hated that Bella could regulate which emotions I could feel from her. She always let me know she was happy and the love she had for me was like a psychedelic high. It never wavered, only became stronger and stronger as time went by. I knew there were things she was hiding. The eating was one of them. Her school work wasn't up to her normal par either but she was getting by. I didn't want to push or pressure her but I wanted to know what was wrong with my mate.

With the help of Peter and Charlotte, I was able to kick everyone out of the house before Kate was to bring Bella home. Home to me. They were spending the day at Charlie's, which gave me time to set up what I needed for some Bella time.

I'd easily cleaned out the living room of any furniture and placed a blanket on the floor with all of Bella's favorite foods spread across it. I had a book to read to her so we could just lay together, spend time together and I'll admit I wasn't going to complain if we happened to get naked before our evening was over.

I heard the engine of the car Carlisle had given Bella for Christmas. We had to fight for that option. Charlie, Carlisle and I all wanted to get Bella a new car for Christmas. They argued that I'd gotten her her first car, which was still in good condition, she just needed an upgrade, so I fell out of the running. Carlisle and his diplomatic demeanor was able to convince Charlie that he wanted to do this for Bella and that would give Charlie the option to give her something a little more meaningful, an heirloom or something of the sort. He ended up giving her a set of pearls from his grandmother and she'd loved them.

She loved the car as well but had felt guilty for liking it so much. I'd laughed and told her that it was understandable. I'd gotten her a small little Honda and Carlisle had purchased a Mercedes. It was reasonable to like it better.

Bella came barrelling in the door and nearly tripped on the last step. When she saw me sitting on the blanket in the living room, she let out a sigh of what looked like relief.

"I...I thought…" she'd stuttered and made her way over to me. She dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I could see the room was empty when I pulled up, I thought something happened. That everyone left."

Bella was insecure. That was for sure. I'd left her alone in Phoenix for far too long. That's what got us into all this mess. I grew angry every time I thought of the distance I'd put between us.

"Bella, I'd never allow that. We won't leave you. You're our family." I stroked her cheek and felt a tear fall from her eyes.

"Things have been so hard lately. We're all waiting on the other shoe to drop, for something to happen, that we aren't living for this moment. Here and now." She spoke barely above a whisper. "These are the last human moments I'll have. I won't ever get this back and we're walking on eggshells. We're all so afraid of what MIGHT happen that we aren't doing ANYTHING."

Instead of responding, I lifted Bella's shirt over her head and places soft kisses to her neck. My hands roamed over her bare skin and I reveled in the warmth of her still human body.

"I love you Bella and I'm going to make everything better. I promise." I vowed.

She in turn reached for my shirt and at first I was wary, considering we were in the living room, with a million and a half windows. Anyone could come by, anyone could see me, my scars. Eventually, I allowed her to take my shirt away and moved her to stand in front of me so I could unbutton her pants and slid them down her legs, placing kisses on her now exposed thighs. Bella stood before me in just her undergarments and I wasn't about to waste the opportunity and moved my lips over her barely covered piece of heaven. I could smell her arousal, feel her lust, and her eyes rolled back in her head as she whispered my name.

Moving the panties to the side, I gave a long slow lick between her folds. Her hand went to my hair, tugging me closer. Her knees buckled and I moved her to lay down on the blanket and freed myself of my clothing confines. Speedily, I finished removing Bella's clothing and there were were. Naked as the day we were born, with my body hovering over hers.

"Tell me you want me," I spoke with my authoritative voice she seemed to swoon over.

She shook her head and I felt her defiance. She was teasing me. Her hips lifted against mine, searching for friction and I let out a growl.

"Tell me." I repeated.

Again she shook her head, a small smile pursed on her lips. Lowering my mouth to hers, I pulled on her bottom lip with my teeth.

"Bella…" I let out in a warning tone, moving my hips closer to hers. Rolling them in slow circles against her but pulling away before she got an sort of pleasure from the movement.

"Tell me," I tried one more time.

"Jazz," she whimpered, "I want you now."

I spent the afternoon lost in my Bella. I took her slowly, sensually, and then in a fast and frenzied attack of need. My Bella was satied and softly snoring when I felt the approach of the family. I scooped Bella up, along with our clothing and dashed toward the bedroom before anyone could see my Bella in such a state. I laid with her on the bed after dressing myself when I felt him approach.

"Come in Carlisle." I spoke softly to not disturb Bella.

"There's a bit of a problem downstairs Jasper, I wondered if you'd join us and possibly come up with the situation." His emotions showed that he was afraid of my response but he genuinely wanted my help.

I gave a nod and checked to make sure Bella was fast asleep, placing a kiss to her forehead and disentangled myself from her. I followed Carlisle out of the room and into the living room, which had been refilled with all the furniture I'd taken away hours ago.

The family was seated sporadically around the room and when I made my entrance, all eyes turned to me.

"What's the problem?" I asked, my voice quiet.

"Jasper, before you freak out," Edward started cautiously, his hand stretched out toward me, giving me a small package.

"What's this?" I opened the package and found a small disk with my name on it. There was a note that had fallen to the floor. I reached for it and looked around the room.

"We don't to ruin the time you spent with Isabella, Jasper but it seems….well, the evidence shows that…." Carlisle was struggling to speak and I looked from him, to the other's and then to the disk in my hands.

"Tell me this isn't a video of what Bella and I did this afternoon." My voice was calm, steely but deadly.

I looked at the note and opened it to reveal scratchy handwriting.

Major Jasper Whitlock,

I'd like to say I enjoyed the show you and your human pet put on this afternoon, but I felt the need to edit it slightly. I hope you enjoy the show as much as I did.


I knew this meant Cortez, well, probably not him, himself, but someone he'd sent, watched and apparently recorded Bella and I this afternoon. If, no when, she finds out, it will ruin everything I thought we'd gained. I wanted to give Bella more freedoms to do things, I wanted her to experience her human life, what was left of it, but how could I when this sick bastard was stalking us.

"Who watched this?" I asked, looking around the room at my family. "Who know's what's on this disk?"

Carlisle unnecessarily cleared his throat, "Jasper, we didn't see the note until after we'd already begun to…"

I cut him off, "So you all saw this? Every one of you?"

Charlie and Kate at least looked remorseful, since this was their daughter, but the other's the curiosity had been too much for the vampiric selves and they needed to know.

"Jazz?" I heard my mate's bell-like voice call out from the stairs. She was rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "What's going on?"

I sped over to her, showed her the note and held up the disk. "And apparently our whole family has watched this."

I allowed Bella to have her moment. Her face was scrunched up in the way I'd come to realize was her trying to control her emotions from me. She didn't want me to feel the full extent but I knew she was furious, I just wasn't sure if it was towards our family or Cortez.

"Well, do Jasper and I need to watch this, or can we get the gist from the rest of you?" Bella placed her hands on her hips and stared down a room full of vampires and her father. It would have been comical had the vampire that was set to destroy us not watched and recorded Bella and I making love all afternoon.

No one spoke, so what did Bella do? She walked right up to the big screen television Emmett used for his gaming and placed the disk in the DVD player and stepped back. She looked at the family again and when they didn't answer, she pushed play on the remote control.

There on the fifty some inch screen television was my Bella. Her eyes rolled back in her head, screaming in pleasure. The view pulled back and I saw my body but not my face, slamming into Bella from behind. There was a digital recreation of what I assumed to be Cortez's face on my body as it ploughed into Bella. Her screams of my name were replaced with a recorder saying his name. It was disgusting and finally when the whole scene got worse if that was possible.

There was Cortez, sitting at what looked like a desk, with a girl, a young girl, with dark brown hair, just like Bella's, servicing him. He was whispering, "Oh yes Bella, that's a good girl. Suck my cock like you did the Major's." Then he starting speaking in Spanish.

The girl, since we couldn't see her face, looked so much like Bella from behind it was scary. He was trying to goad me, to break her and to separate us.

Bella turned to look at me then looked at the family. She was pissed. Royally. Bella never spoke a word, just stomped her way back up the stairs and we all cringed when the door was slammed shut.

I couldn't stand it. I ran from the house and into the trees. Bella was looking out the window from our room and I waved my hand at her. She understood. She was cooling down one way and I needed to let out my anger in another way. I started by kicking over some half dead trees, snapping their trunks and punching them over and over again until only splinters were left.

I felt them behind me and crouched down in a defensive position. Three males. I knew their scents. Family. I tried to remember, tried to stay out of my anger filled haze. I wouldn't do that to my family. I couldn't.

Edward approached first. His body rigid and in a submissive stance. I wouldn't attack him but he seemed to only be cautious of the situation.

"What are we going to do about this guy, Jasper?" Edward's voice was rough, almost tired sounding.

"We're going to kill him." I spoke as if it was obvious.

"But how?" Emmett's voice joined the conversation. "Are we going to him or wait until he's going to attack us?"

Peter stood back, leaned against a tree I hadn't managed to knock down. Silent.

"Who's with Bella?" I asked.

Edward looked down and shook his head. It was obvious. My girl was tough and wanted to tough it out alone. She didn't want anyone harping on the obvious in this situation nor did she want their pity. I knew they'd all be watching her, without hovering.

"That's it. This family is on lockdown. From here on. We're out for Spring Break but we're not going anywhere alone. Bella's not to leave the house and hunting will be done in pairs. Edward, I want everything Alice has seen and I want it as soon as fucking possible." I was about to continue when Emmett clapped his hands together and yelled "break" like we were in a football huddle.

Ahh, the comic relief. I shook my head and made my way back to the house. Peter was close on my tail and called out to me. I stopped a few hundred yards from the house and waited on him to speak.

"You know she's going to hate this right?" Peter's eyebrow was raised in question. I knew that. Bella was going to hate me, hate this whole plan but I couldn't have her in danger. I'd rather her be alive and mad at me than dead or worse, a part of that asshole Cortez's harem of whores.

"I know, I know but I have to keep her safe Pete, I don't know what else to do." Honestly if I could send her somewhere, I would. I'd make sure she was safe and deal with this problem on my own.

"We're going to need help you know. So unless you're calling in the puppies from down the road, Char and I need to head out and do some recruiting." Peter was radiating honesty. He truly meant what he said but for some reason or the other, I felt like he had an ulterior motive.

"Alright." I agreed and made to move back in the house.

As I stepped inside, the mood was chaotic and I felt almost dizzy from the way the emotions were attempting to strangle me. There were so many varying emotions that I couldn't focus on what belonged to who. It was terrible. I grabbed at the sides of my head, almost as if I'd had a headache but then all of a sudden, it was gone and all I could feel was love. The greatest love I'd ever known. Bella.

I looked up and there she stood, arms crossed over her chest. She was protecting me from everything going on, she was what kept me steady and I was about to break her. Not even a few hours ago, she was begging me to let her have some life experiences and I longed to do that for her. Maybe after Cortez was taking care of I could show her the world before she was changed. I promised myself to give Bella everything she wanted before the time came but there was a nagging voice in the back of my head that said I wouldn't get that option, that Bella might need to be changed due to something else.

"Bella…" I started to speak, ready to face the fight of a lifetime with my mate. Anything to keep her safe.

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