Hey ok my first attempt at glee seeing as oth doesn't inspire me anymore, this is quite au, and it will make more sense at it goes along... as more is revealed hope you like.

Rachel Barbra Berry walked down the hallway her eyes cast down, waiting for the inevitable slushy to impact with her face. She got to her locker and opened it cautiously, her back still tense half expecting to feel the icy slush drip down her back. She took a deep breath and rested her head on the inside of her locker. Rachel took that moment to compose herself; she quickly righted herself, and in that instance put on her show face. Putting on that smile that never quite reached her eyes, as soon as she had turned back from her locker she felt the ice make contact with her face and slip down over the front of her jumper. She lifted her hand up to wipe the flavoured ice out of her face, and spluttered slightly at the slushy that had made its way into her mouth. She glanced at Karofsky who was high fiving his buddy in celebration. Rachel just turned back to her locker quickly to grab a change of clothes and a towel. The hallway was practically deserted. She sighed in relief; it would not have been worth the drama if she had seen that happen.

Rachel walked into Spanish class late due to the Slushy incident. Mr Schue just raised an eyebrow at her lateness but chose not to comment, instead returning to the tenses he was teaching on the white board in front of him. Rachel opened her book up and then proceeded to doodle musical notes on the front of her Spanish book, until she was interrupted by her phone vibrating in her pocket. She glanced discreetly at the message, 'where the hell have you been?' Rachel sighed at the message, before typing a quick reply. 'I got caught up in the choir room; you know how involved I get when I'm practicing.' There was a gap of a few minutes, before Rachel got a reply, 'I don't believe you, and you know S won't either...' Rachel groaned and rested her head against her desk, and dramatically lightly hit her head against it until she was interrupted by another text, 'that won't help you baby girl so stop it, we'll talk after glee, all of us.' Rachel decided she better at least pretend to be listening to Mr. Schue. As soon as the bell rang, she rushed out of the room like a bat out of hell; she hurried over to her locker, glancing repeatedly over her shoulder to make sure she wasn't being followed. Jacob was waiting patiently by her locker, a bag in his hands. Rachel cringed to herself. "Here's your dry cleaning Rachel, all of the slushy is out of them..."

"How much do I owe you?" interrupted Rachel reaching into her purse.

"Uh uh," cut in Jacob "you promised me a pair of panties a week if I sorted out your slushy mishaps."

"You're such a creep Jacob,"

"Be that as it may, hand them over or I'll tell the girlies all about Karofsky..."

"Fine," cut of Rachel in exasperation, "I'll give you them tomorrow." Jacob passed the bag into Rachel's hand, his hand lingering on hers longer than was necessary. Rachel quickly stuffed the bag into hers. "Until next time my love," whimpered Jacob as he practically skipped off. Rachel lifted her wrist up, to look at her watch. She looked up in alarm she was so going to be late for glee and she was never late, early but never late. She slung her bag over her shoulder and started off towards to the choir room, when something big blocked her path. Rachel felt herself pushed up against the locker, a strong hand rested on her knee and slowly slid up her leg and up her skirt. She was breathing heavily in shock. "Have you missed me Berry?"

"Get off me Karofsky... I need to get to glee..."

"Shh Berry you know our agreement now don't you? One word and I ruin everything."

A solitary tear dripped down her face and Dave Karofsky tightens his grip on her leg and used his other hand to massage her breast harshly, he leaned in and kissed her neck possessively. Rachel whimpered and Dave sighed, "Stop pretending you don't like it, I'll text you tonight, you remembered to save me under Finn on your phone right." Rachel just nodded in response.

"Good girl," he replied. Dave pulled her away from the locker and slapped her butt to send her on the way. Rachel walked quickly to the choir room, waited for a second outside then put on her show face. Then strutted in, "sorry I'm late guys I got caught up in the library perusing possible options for sectionals..."

"No problem," replied Mr Schue, hoping to halt Rachel mid-rant. He motioned over towards the chairs. She sighed considerably when she saw the only free chair was between Santana and Quinn.

"Ok guys," started Mr Schue, "I need to go and print off some more sheet music so I'll be back in 5, just talk amongst yourselves." Rachel's worst nightmare just came true she glanced over and saw Kurt and Mercedes chatting animatedly, the football boys were play-wrestling. She turned to her right, and saw Santana staring at her with one of her patented looks; she shrunk down into her chair. Rachel then turned to her left and saw Quinn looking at her with the same look, she then turned behind her and saw Brittney attempting to give her the same look but not looking anywhere near as intimidating as the other cheerleaders.

"Ok can we stop giving me evils..." stated Rachel. Quinn shook her head vehemently, "No way baby girl what the hell is going on you're never late for glee? Something is going on; you have been acting weird for weeks."

"Don't you think you're over-reacting a tad?"

If anything Santana's look hardened, and Rachel inwardly cringed and her stomach turned in knots. Rachel just continued, "Can we talk about this at home at least?" a hopeful tone in her voice. Santana's facial expression didn't falter or change, Brittany rested her arms loosely around Santana's neck. She visibly relaxed and shared a look with Quinn, "Fine baby, but don't you think we won't be discussing this at home."

Puck looked over at the girls, "did Santana just say baby?" he asked incredulously. Santana quickly morphed back into HBIC mode and burnt a hole through puck with her eyes. "Or not..." finished Puck quietly looking sheepishly at the floor. For the rest of the practice, Rachel was unusually quiet, though the rest of glee club noticed they decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth, so Kurt used the occasion to push for more solos. While the girls just tried to hide the concern. "We'll call it a day there," finished Mr Schue, as he packed up his bag. The glee kids stood up, Finn made his way over to Rachel, looking at her with a puppy dog expression, "hey Rachel."

"Rachel can't talk now Franken teen, she'll ring you later to discuss your infatuation." Finn just stood there staring between Santana and Rachel.

"Santana, there's no need to be rude." Cut in Rachel. Santana just raised her eyebrow; Brittany wrapped her in a hug to calm her down. "Let's go now," Stated Santana. She marched out of the room, Brittany following. Quinn turned to Rachel, "come on babe, talk to Finn later can you please not piss Santana off anymore?" she asked pleadingly. "Fine," acquiesced Rachel, "talk to you later Finn."

Santana was waiting in the car drumming her fingertips against the steering wheel impatiently. Rachel wrenched the back passenger door open got in and slammed it shut. Santana took a deep breath and looked in her rear view mirror, at Rachel who was sat in the backseat arms across her chest. Quinn opened the other back door gently and climbed in and put her seatbelt on. They all sat stationary in the car for a few minutes, "well are we going home or not?" cut in Rachel.

"Well we will go as soon as you put your seatbelt on," replied Santana.

"You know I don't wear a seatbelt," responded Rachel.

"It's the law Rachel I'm fed up of having this argument with you everyday!"

Quinn could sense the rising tensions in the car; Santana was gripping the steering wheel hard. When surprisingly Brittany broke the silence, "put your seatbelt on right now Rachel!"

Rachel looked at her in shock; Brittany always called her 'Ray Ray' or some kind of endearment. She grudgingly clicked the seatbelt in, and Santana then pulled away from McKinley High. The drive was completed in absolute silence no radio no sounds, just the occasional moan from Rachel which just angered Santana even more. As soon as she pulled into the driveway, Rachel jumped out of the car and headed into the house. Santana took a deep breath and pulled the car key out of the ignition. Brittany and Quinn stayed in the car with Santana, "what's going on with her? When did our baby change?" Brittany looked at her sadly, shocked to see her Santana looking so defeated. She leant over and kissed Santana on the lips, it was soft and comforting. Quinn just smiled in the back seat, "god do you guys have to be constantly loved up?"

Brittany just smirked at Quinn, "come on let's go deal with Rachel?"

"Can I kill the dwarf?" questioned Santana. Brittany responded by slapping her playfully. All three of them walked into the house.

"We'll cook dinner," stated Quinn motioning towards herself and Brittany.

"I'll go deal with the baby then." Replied Santana. She climbed up the stairs and stood outside the bedroom that had a gold star outside, it was the room Rachel shared with Quinn. She knocked on the door and entered. Rachel was lying on her bed, listening to her iPod. She sat up and had the grace to look sheepishly at Santana. "Um...sorry," Santana's heart melted a little, "what's going on Rach? You've been acting weird for ages?"

Rachel sighed loudly and put her show face on, "it's nothing Santana I'm just missing my dads' and wondering about my mom," she lied hoping that Santana was buying it. Rachel watched Santana's face soften. "I know it must be hard Rachel, it's hard on all of us, but our situation is so delicate any mess ups and we'll be split up you know that right?" Rachel just nodded; she knew how important it was. "They gave me guardianship of you and Quinn, but we need to be damn near perfect, that means perfect attendance at school and no lates. You with me Rachel? And you can't question me in public ok? If they think I don't have control you and Quinn could go into foster care?"

"I know all this San; you don't have to remind me ok!"

"Well I obviously do," replied Santana curtly, "your 15 Rach..."

"16 next month," cut in Rachel.

"That's irrelevant," stated Santana, "I'm your legal guardian, and I'm 18."

"6 months ago you were a drinking, drug-taking slut and now you're all miss responsible." Santana sighed heavily.

"Stop it Rachel I've grown up I've had to, now go downstairs and apologise to Brittany."

Rachel flopped down onto her bed. "I'm just gonna ring Finn first." Santana rolled her eyes but left her to it.

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