Chapter 16

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Rachel took a deep breath, "it's ... complicated."

"I'm not known for my patience berry," replied Santana angrily.

"You won't love me anymore, when you find out what he knows."

"There is nothing anyone could ever say to me, to make me not love you Rachel. You're Rachel Barbra Berry; my annoying Broadway obsessed little sister."

"I'm not your real sister," replied Rachel downcast.

"How am I not? Blood doesn't make family Rachel. Look at my blood relatives; they threw me out without a second glance. We are family by choice, how much better is that?" Santana stated simply grabbing Rachel's face firmly. Rachel nodded in her hands as her tears fell.

"I've been crying so much recently," Rachel said placing her hands on top of Santana's using the other girls hand to wipe away the tears.

"That's not a bad thing; sometimes it's good to have a cry."

"Cathartic," whispered Rachel. Santana rolled her eyes good naturedly, "yes Rachel cathartic."

"So come on what are you hiding?"

"The accident Santana, I was a coward, and he saw me."

"What are you talking about Rachel?"

"The accident didn't kill dad and daddy instantly, I crawled out the window, I tried to open the door, but then the car set was on fire, and I got scared and I left them." Rachel sobbed out to Santana's shocked face.

"I tried to save them I did San, but I got scared. I know it's all my fault, but please don't leave me."

Santana grabbed the girl roughly into her embrace, "shh, why didn't you tell me Rachel?"

"I was ashamed; I know you must hate me,"

"I don't hate you Rachel, what you went through no-one should have to go through. I know we all like to think we would play the hero but we don't. Self-preservation wins out every time. What if you had stayed at the car and you had been killed as well? Would that make it better?"

Rachel looked confusing at her, "but Dave said you would hate me? And you wouldn't want me and we'd be split up if I told?"

"Karofsky? He's behind this?" Santana shot up, "I'm going to kill him."

"San don't," Rachel grabbed Santana's arm pulling her back towards her. Santana shrugged her off, and starting marching towards the door.

"Santana!" yelled Rachel, "please I can't lose you too."

"You're not going to lose me too," replied Santana.

"I will if you go out there find and hurt Dave, we will lose this family. Revenge won't help anyone San. You angry and violent won't help anything."

Santana turned back to the smaller girl, "ok I won't go running off, if you tell me everything..."

By the end of the conversation Santana felt sick, the thought of Dave touching Rachel like that made her want to vomit. "Are you disgusted with me San?"

"No Rach I'm not, I'm disgusted with myself for letting you down. I promise you Rachel no-one will hurt you again."

"You can't promise that San," replied Rachel sadly, "you can't protect me from the world."

"Doesn't mean I won't try," replied Santana with a shy smile.

"And that's why I love you, my over protective bodyguard. Do you remember my first date with Finn? You were freaking out more than my dad's."

"He was a footballer Rachel, and I had dated Puck. I knew that dance."

"I'm not as naive as you think San."

"I know Rach but I remember what I was doing when I was 15." She replied with a grimace.

"You worry too much San, remember I'm not you."

"You're still a cheeky bugger!" joked Santana. "How about we go find Quinn, and go out for a meal? My treat?"

"Ok," replied Rachel, "what about Brittany?"

"Brittany and I are on a break, Rach,"

"What? Why? Is it because of me?" asked Rachel innocently.

"No it's because of me," replied Santana earnestly. "It's not for you to worry about." Santana's reply leaving no room for compromise.

Santana linked arms with Rachel, and headed out the door, "San?"

"Yeah what?"

"I'm in love with Quinn."

"God took you long enough," was Santana's only reply. While Rachel looked put out that she hadn't scandalised her older sister.


They were sat at breadsticks, Santana was arguing over the all you can eat breadsticks. Rachel was trying to hide her embarrassment at the situation, while Quinn was just laughing. The waitress walked away huffing, Santana turned to the two other girls, "what? Gotta have my breadsticks." The two girls couldn't resist laughing at that, glad to see some of the old Santana back. Santana picked her phone up, seeing the reply she got to the message she sent, "consider it sorted." She smiled to herself. She promised Rachel she wouldn't do anything, and she wasn't going to lay a finger on him.


Jesse St James was sat opposite the new directions glee club, "so how are we doing this?"

"I was thinking we kick the living shit out of him," replied Puck angrily.

"Well obviously, but I don't want to get arrested, or implicate the girls," stated Jesse. The other glee club members nodded in agreement. Kurt started clapping his hands together excitedly, "I could design some outfits, balaclavas, chic but practical."

Jesse lowered his eyes at him, "I'm gay, but dude you're super gay."

Kurt just scowled at him, "and lucky for me, you're not my type."

"Ouch Hummel, ouch," joked Jesse.

"Ok enough of the flirting," cut in Finn. "Tomorrow at 10?"

"Sounds like a plan," replied Puck, "I'm going to look forward to tearing Karofsky a new one."

"As much as I abhor violence I believe in this instance is it totally justified," agreed Kurt.