The happiest day of Minnie's life

One hot summers day at the house of mouse; Mickey had a surprise of his girl Minnie. He was going to propose to her and nobody knew about it but him, he had got her a diamond ring, "oh she's going to be so surprised about this" Mickey thought to himself.

He walked in and there was Minnie standing checking who and what acts were on tonight, "hay Min could you come hear a second?"

" Sure Mickey her I come", she walked in and Mickey came up to her and started to tell her how much she meant to him then he did it….

He well he fell to one nee and hid his diamond ring behind his back and told Minnie how much she meant to and said "Minnie I want to spend the rest of my life with you ,my one true love" then he showed her the ring and said "Minnie will you marry me?"

The room was silent and then Minnie did not have to think about her answer

"yes Mickey!" she said excitedly Mickey smiled as he stood up

"relay" said Mickey

"yes" whispered Minnie as she gave him her left hand so he could put the engagement ring on it, they shared a kiss, then they heard there friends came into start work.

"Lets go tell our friends the good news" said Mickey

"ok then" replied Minnie with a shy smile.

"Hey Min are you ok?" Asked Daisy as she saw her friend walk up with a shy smile on her face.

" ye I am ok" she said shyly.

"Hi!" said everybody to each other.

Then Mickey said "I have an announcement to make" everybody gathered round to here what Mickey had to say,

"me and Minnie are going to get married" said Mickey cheerfully with a big smile

Everybody looked shocked,

"well congratulations Mick" said Goofy,

"why thank you Goofy" said Mickey to his friend.

Now it was time for the guests to arrive so the gang got to work.

While Minnie was working Daisy said to her "what kind of ring is that Mickey got you?"

"It's a diamond ring Daisy" replied Minnie.

"Oh well I was just wondering bye now".

"Hey Min" said Mickey as he came back stage "are you ok?" He asked,

"yes I'm just fine how about you?"

"Fine too" he said with a smile, Minnie smiled back at him.

"I love you so much Minnie" said Mickey as he gave her a kiss on the cheek, "I love you as well Mickey "said Minnie as she hugged him,

" oops id better go and into the cartoon see you soon" said Mickey as he walked away.

"Hi everybody here is a cartoon staring Minnie", it was called purple Pluto.

Once the cartoon was over Mickey then said "Now it's time for oh Malay and the Ally cats".

"Well min do you want to",

"what where is Minnie?" Mickey asked as he looked around for her and now felt sad as he looked over at the door and a breath of relief escaped him when he saw how was at the door it was Minnie, she was just finishing a conversation with her mum on the phone.

After she was finished she met Mickey in a tight hug.

"I love you min" whispered Mickey in her left ear.

"And I love you too Mickey" she whispered back.

The show was now over and mickey said "I have an announcement to make" and with that all eyes were on Mickey as everyone looked at him as Minnie walked out on to the stage and took his arm.

"Minnie and I are getting married" and with that all you could here was "Aww!" the guests that were there including Pete.

"So Min are you ready for that pizza"

"yep", she said to him with a smile,

"hey I thought you were coming with us to all you can eat?" asked Donald.

"no sorry were going out for pizza aren't we Min?" replied Mickey

"Yes that's right. See ya guys later" said the happy couple as they walked out arm in arm.

"Hey Mickey where are you going"? Asked a rather confused Minnie.

" oh i'm treating to a fancy 3 course meal to celebrate our engagement is that ok"?

"Yep that's grate"

just then Daisy saw them walking in to this Hollywood restaurant and suggested her and Donald went there as well.

As they walked in Mickey and Minnie were sitting at a candle light table with some juice.

"Donald there is a seat next to them" whispered daisy,

"may we sit there next to our friends"? Asked Donald,

"I'm sorry but they seats have been reserved but we can fit you in tomorrow?" Replied the waiter,

"Never mind then" they said as the walked out.

After finishing there 3 course meal Mickey and Minnie walked out arm n arm as Donald and Daisy tried to catch up to them.

They then found them at the park at the swings and Mickey was giving Minnie a push,

"I remember my daddy doing this when I was a little girl", She said to Mickey as she went higher and higher "I can't wait until we're married"

"I can't wait till then either said Mickey as he stopped the swing as there friends walked over to them .

"Hey Daisy, hi Donald what's wrong"? Asked Minnie,

"Yours lied to us about going for pizza!" said an angry Donald. "Well!" said Mickey in an also angry voice "I was treating her to a fancy meal to celebrate our engagement" .

"Oh daisy may I ask you favor?"

" Sure Minnie what is it?"

" will you be my brides made at the wedding"? asked Minnie

"Yes id love to",

"and Donald will you be the best man as well?" asked mickey

"ok Mickey and Minnie" replied Donald and daisy,

"then tomorrow why don't we ask Goofy to be the best man as well" Mickey suggested as he turned to his fiancée Minnie,

"Oh that's a good idea and If that's what you want then i'm happy I only care if you're there when I walk down the isle to become your wife".

"Oh Min you're so sweet", said Mickey as they shared a gentle kiss.

Daisy then sat on the swing next to her best friend Minnie as they talked while they swung higher and higher.