hay gang sorry for the slow up date but here it is and there is a new little supprise in this for the happy couple it may be short but it's sweet hope you all enjoy it and i also wanna thank squad unit 19 idea used in this chapter (thanks) :)

Today was a bright sunny day lots of people were out side enjoying it but no Minnie mouse, she was still rapped up in bed complaining of sickness and dizziness.

"Mickey I hope you don't mind looking after me when im ill" smiled Minnie.

"of cores not min I don't mind at all just as long as you're ok" smiles Mickey as he leaned down and kissed her cheek that was turning pink.

Minnie fell asleep for a little while so Mickey decided to help out by doing some house work and make her some dinner in case she was hungry when she woke up.

It was around 4pm when Minnie woke up hearing Mickey coming up stairs.

"hay is my little princess up yet I have a nice meal for her" smiled Mickey as he opened the bedroom door to see Minnie sitting up in bed.

"don't worry im up my prince charming "giggled Minnie as she took the tray off Mickey and handed him his dinner that was on there.

"thanks for making me dinner Mickey" smiled Minnie

as she leaned in and kissed him on the lips which lasted about 4 seconds before she pulled away leaving Mickey with his grin on he gets when she kisses him.

"you're welcome Minnie" smiled Mickey as he kissed her cheek.

Im going to go to the doctors tomorrow to see what's been up with lately just hope im ok for our 1st date anniversary.

im sure ya will be babe" smiled Mickey as he put his arm around her to make her feel happy about it.

The next day…

She was feeling sick from the moment she got up and was also a little sick little did she know that I was a sign to something so after a slice of toast she said a big buy to her husband and headed to the doctors to see why she had been so ill

Later on Minnie walked out the doctors with a shocker on her face

"what and how am I going to tell Mickey im pregnant " thought Minnie to here self as her phone rang, she looked at the calling number and realised it was Mickey.

"hay baby what's up?" said a nerves Minnie

"just wondering how my Angel got on at the doctors that's all" said a cheerful Mickey.

"just fine Mickey nothing up just a wee stomach bug I had" lied Minnie

"ok see ya when you get home love ya cup cake" said a shy Mickey over the phone

"ok baby love you as well sparkly eyes* giggled Minnie as she hung up and headed to the mall to buy Mickey an anniversary present she was then struck with an idea to tell Mickey on there anniversary he was going to be a daddy.

Later that night they sat and watched a DVD before heading to bed Minnie still not saying a word to Mickey about the baby

A few days later…

The happy couple sat eating a fancy dinner when Minnie decided to tell Mickey what was really up with her.

"Mickey I want to tell you some thing"? asked Minnie

"sure Mins what's up babe?" asked Mickey

"well when I said I had a stomach bug I lied I was actually not wanting to say till tonight that im pregnant and we are going to be parents" smiled Minnie.

"wow that's grate babe" I kind of thought it was not a bad stomach bug but not that you were pregnant *kisses her*

"I take it you are happy then?" asked Minnie

" I sure am baby are you?" asked Mickey

"of coerce I am silly" giggled Minnie as they shared a small kiss

Later that night they went back home and gave each other gifts Mickey had gotten Minnie a necklace and bracelet and Minnie had gotten Mickey a new watch and camera as he had always wanted.

hope you like it the next chapters will be about her pregnancy and all than hope you liked itxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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