Sakura walked along the cherry tree filled park of her old neighborhood. Even after six months of being away she felt right at home. She was walking down a path that she had strolled down many times through out her middle school life. So many times she had walked down this road, hand in hand or hip to hip or whatever they did when she was still in Kiba's gang. His home became her home, a place she had longed to live in. Despite his behavior his family still loved him, supported him, and cared for him deeply. Before she fixed things with her mother their old house felt more like a war zone where they were just waiting for a bomb to blow up and end things.

"Things were so different then," she stopped walking to stare up at one of the full bloomed cherry trees. The pink petals being blown in the wind and swirling all around her and the ground she walked in. "Yet even then there was something about this place that made the world seem a bit brighter." It was true. No matter how upset she was or any of them were they never once had a fight here or arguments or any negative things happen. Something about this place just made them all calm and happy and Sakura could remember a lot of happy moments taking place in this very park.

"A lot has happened to us," the wind picked up and blew more petals around her, green eyes looking up at the pink cherry tree that shared her name. "But even with all these changes we're still the same people deep down inside," she knew who she was. She had left this place because she couldn't stand the senseless violence but no matter how she tried she can't bring herself to hate fighting. Deep down she a girl that loved fighting as much as she loved reading medical texts. "Now that I know this I can win." She started walking again.

Before she had been trying to act like a different girl. A girl that was only fighting because she felt that she had too, she was ignoring who she really was and that was why she couldn't get to Kiba the first day she went back to him. She acted like someone she wasn't and he knew that and it scared him. He didn't know the girl she was trying to be and that made him believe he had truly lost her. But now she knows who she really is and now she can finally win him back.

"I was wondering when you would show up." She was greeted as soon as she came to the front of the giant house. Two large doors that could be viewed as intimidating, if she wasn't used to it, stood tall and proud and in front of them was Kiba's older sister.

"Sorry if I'm late, Hana." Sakura greeted the young Inuzuka woman with a smile, a nice calm and happy grin on her ivory face.

Hana shook her head and returned the smile. "Actually you came at the perfect time," she pointed to the right side of the building. "Kiba's locked himself up in his room since last night and hasn't eaten a thing since," she gave a small sigh, one of worry and annoyance. She was annoyed by her little brother's behavior but she was still really worried about him. "We're worried about him but now that you're here mother and I can finally relax."

Green eyes traveled up the familiar household that belonged to the Inuzuka clan and reminisced all the times she had been over this place.

"Well it seems like you guys have a lot of faith in me," she ran towards the wall and put enough strength into her legs to jump onto the large wall that surrounded the whole manor. "Then I better not disappoint you."

"I take it you're not using the door?" Hana asked, an amused smile on her face.

"Nope," Sakura shook her head and grinned. "This way is more fun." She stood on both legs and walked easily along the wall, something she was used to doing from her past. She had come over to his house many times before and after they started dating, whether it be during the day or the night when he would have her sneak over and spend the night.

She was going through a lot of déjà vu moments right now but she was about to go through the biggest one of all. With a deep breath she jumped from the wall and landed on one branch of the tree outside Kiba's window. Slowly and quietly she climbed the giant tree and scoffed as green leaves became tangled in her hair. No matter how many times she brushed them out more leaves seemed to take the place of the ones she removed. She climbed until she was on the branch she wanted to be on, the one that was right outside Kiba's window and the same one she used the day his father left. That day she had been able to help him when he was at a breaking point in his life, well he was at another one and she was going to get him out of this one too. So with a deep breath, and a silent pray, she jumped off the branch and into the open window of Kiba's bedroom.

"You always did come when I told you not too." Kiba was on his bed, rolled onto his side and his back facing her, the exact same way she found him the day she first did this. Akamaru was curled up by his feet and giving a low whine when he saw her. At least he was happy to see her.

"Well you should know I have a bad habit of not listening." She walked over to his bed and stood over his form. He was tense and curled up so much she couldn't see his face at all. She wanted to say he was in the fetal position but he wasn't quite there just yet.

He gave a bitter laugh, it sounded hollow and empty. "That's right. You would always come, even when I yelled and screamed at you would always come," another empty laugh came from him and Sakura felt her heart ache for him. "Then you left and stopped coming." Suddenly it seemed like she was talking to an empty shell that was just saying words and taking on the appearance of a human. It was scary.

"I told you why I left," she pulled over a chair and sat down in it. "And before you say it I'm not going to leave so don't waste your breath."

He gave a low snort. "Why would I want you to leave? Haven't you been paying attention this whole time? I want you to stay," he moved one arm under his head, hiding his face even more. "Maybe this is all a trap to keep you here with me. Did you ever think of that?"

"I did," she had considered a possible trap happening. "But then I remembered your not that smart." As soon as the idea came she quickly dismissed it from her thoughts. Kiba wouldn't do that.

"Yeah, you're right." He seemed so lost, so defeated, and so alone.

Sakura couldn't believe this was the same boy she had grown up with and come to love. "Kiba," she couldn't let him keep living like this. "You need to stop this," she had to help him. "You're not doing yourself any good by just lying there."

"You said that before," his body suddenly became very tense and agitated. "You said that to me the same day my dad left," he jumped up before she had any time to react. He had his hands on her shoulders, keeping her in place and making it impossible to move away. "You said those exact same words to me that day, you made me believe that I wasn't the monster child that my father said I was, and like an idiot that you actually cared about me," he tightened his grip on her shoulders, making bruises form from the pressuring he was adding on. "You want to know why I leave my window open? Why I have it open when you know I always keep is closed?" she had wondered about that. Kiba loved the outdoors, practically lived in the some days but when he was in his room he liked his privacy and didn't want anyone disturbing him, thus the windows were kept closed. "I kept it open for you. I left it to make it easier for you to come in," he was pulling her closer to him, the chair and her legs rubbing up against the bed and their faces only inches apart. "Even after you left I kept it opening, actually wishing like an idiot that you would just suddenly appear and say you wanted to come back. That you wanted me back." His voice was breaking, eyes becoming glossy from the tears he was trying to hold back and his hands were shaking.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," she apologized to him, something she should have done a long time ago. She had cried this to the full moon but now it was time to say this to Kiba himself. "I don't hate you or the life you gave me, but I did hate how we were acting," it was time to make things right. "Picking fights over the smallest thing, beating up people that we knew couldn't fight back, and acting like complete maniacs was not the way I wanted to live my life."

"How do you want to live it, Sakura?" he asked her, eyes still glossy and hands still shaking but voice finally calm again.

She smiled at him before answering. "I want to go to school everyday hand-in-hand with my boyfriend, hang out with my friends at lunch, then go to a good place after school to sit and hand out, and then walk back home with my boyfriend and kiss him goodbye and wait for morning to see him again." it was a simple life, something most girls her again don't normally wish for, but for her it was the greatest thing she could receive. To live a happy life with the people she cared about.

Kiba got very quiet after that. He became very still and Sakura wondered what was going on inside his mind. "Why?" he finally responded. "Why do you want all that? Why do you want me? After everything I put you through why would you even want to be in the same room as me?" he wanted to know why she cared after all this.

"Because I love you." It was a simple answer but it spoke volumes.

Kiba pulled her onto the bed with him in a flash, his face buried in her hair while his arms held her tightly to his body. "Stay," he held her close to him, still scared she was going to leave him again. "Stay here with me." He pleaded with her. He said these words that day as well but instead of just staying the night he was asking her to stay with him forever.

"I will." She wrapped her arms around his body as well, face buried deep into his chest and stayed like that for the rest of the night. They fell asleep like that, holding each other and even in their sleeps held peaceful smiles on their faces. Their war was finally over.

"You have got to be kidding me?"

"Another one!"

"Where do they keep coming from?"

Kids and teachers screamed once Sakura walked in, hands intertwined with Kiba's as the sat down in their homeroom. She wasn't surprised that he had all the same classes as her; most likely he made Shino or someone else hack the system to make his schedule match her completely. Most of the class knew who he was and was cowering in the back of the room in fear. "I see that is still the same." Sakura sighed in her seat as she watched her classmate's fearful looks at the Inuzuka. "Well I guess it's only natural. He is next in line of a well known and feared clan so it shouldn't be too surprising." The same thing happened at Nin High but they also showed him respect because of his clan. Somehow she doubted any of them will respect him, the rest of the year will probably be of them avoiding them all completely. Not that she had a problem with that.

"So it looks like things will finally calm down." Shikamaru said from his seat in front of her.

Sakura nodded her head. "Yep, we won't have to worry about things anymore." She was glad that all of her friends could finally be together and happy.

"That's good to hear," Naruto said from his seat next to her. "Right Sasuke?" the blonde turned around to face the Uchiha that sat behind him.

"Shut up, moron." Sasuke groaned, his head lying down on the desk and he looked very tired.

"Something wrong, Sasuke?" Sakura wondered what could have happened to make him look like this.

Naruto started laughing really loud. "It's that girl, Karin. She kept calling him so he had to change his number but even after that she came over to his house and wouldn't stop banging on the door until the police came and dragged her away." Naruto only laughed louder after telling the story.

"Tell me you're getting a restraining order against that girl." Sakura hoped her was. She knew Karin and how crazy she was. The Uchiha needed one if he wanted to live in peace.

"I already did," Sasuke mumbled, slowly lifting his head and revealing dark circles under his eyes. "I got three actually but she won't leave me alone!" he slammed his head back down on the desk and stayed perfectly still.

"Is he dead?" Naruto and Sakura asked, both looking concerned at the raven-haired boy.

"He's asleep," Shikamaru said with a yawn. "I think." He added under his breathe.

"Hey Sakura," Kiba put his arm around her and glared. "Why is it that you're surrounded by guys?" he looked all around her and that's when she finally noticed herself that she was the only girl in a circle of guys. Shikamaru in front of her, Naruto to her right, Sasuke behind him and across from her, Chouji next to Shikamaru and across from her as well, and Shino behind her. Kiba was on her left and was already pushing his desk right next to hers.

"I don't know," She just shrugged her shoulders, not seeing the big deal with it. "Kakashi-sensei just put us that way." Their homeroom teacher was strange and she didn't try to understand what went on in his mind. She was kind of scared to actually.

"Well I don't like it," Kiba stood up and glared at every male in the room. "Sakura is my girlfriend so if any of you guys try anything to her then I'll you all regret it to the point that hell will seem like a paradise to you!" he cried and every mal expect for Shino moved away from her. Even Kakashi moved his desk a little. "Glad you all understand." He sat back down, arm back around his girlfriend and whistled a happy tune.

Sakura, while all this was happening, kept her face hidden in her hands. She couldn't believe he just did that. "I forgot he has a jealously side the size of a mountain!" her face was beet red and she wished she could just run home and forget this every happened. She was going to have to talk to him about saying embarrassing and stupid like that.

"Ahem," she looked up to find Kakashi grinning down at her, an amused smile hidden behind his mask. "Sakura, I was wondering if you have that report I assigned to the class? I must say I'm looking forward to what you wrote."

She remembered the report and had it already out and ready for him to read and grade. He assigned it a day when her classmates decided they didn't want an ex-yankee in their class and turned against her. Kakashi put them all in their place and gave this assignment. "Right here." She handed him the folder that held her report and she has to say that she's very proud of what she had written.

My Old Life As A Yanki

By: Sakura Haurno