Yay! Second Fanfiction! Well first one technically but I'm waiting for permission from a fellow writer if I could use one of her general plotlines… Jellal and Erza, just because. I totally ship this pairing and uh, I feel there should be more love for this canon. Anyways, enjoy!



Jellal murmured in his cell. The prison was enchanted with multiple spells that prevented him from escaping. Not that he wanted to escape in the first place. Jellal accepted his punishment. He had been told about the treacherous things he had done. The numerous amounts of people he had killed and the millions of people he had injured. Not to mention that the person he would give his life up for any second if needed was one of those people. The name of this person that brought warmth and hope into his heart.

Erza; the 2 syllable name that he would sacrifice his life, soul, and body to. But she was gone as well. He would be locked up in this cell for the rest of eternity. In fact, he probably would of committed suicide by now if it wasn't for Erza's words.

"LIVE! Live, and atone for the sins you have committed. Dying is running away from it. Jellal, strive and live your life and don't run away. Death is not enough to atone, you must continue to live."

Those very words are what kept him from strangling himself to death everyday. Light didn't reach his cell. It was pitch dark. The only light he had, were the words said to him by Erza. He was afraid. Jellal Fernandes was afraid of remember what he had done. What he had done to Erza, Natsu, and many others. The people he had killed, the people he had caused adversity to. Having his horrible actions told to him was enough. There was no way he was going to resist not killing himself if he were to remember those things. Not even Erza's words would be able to stop him. It was quite ironic though. How God had planned this out. The one person he had a true urge to kill previously, was the one person he needed right now. The only thing he had. Erza Scarlet, of course Scarlet because of her hair color. What a pathetic thing to say to the one person you love before you get imprisoned for the rest of your life. He hoped. Deep deep down, he hoped for her to visit. Though Jellal knew it wasn't going to happen, he wanted to see the light in his life once more. He wanted to feel the warmth and happiness emitted from this light. He wanted to see Erza.

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