Hey guys, so I wanted to let you know that the 2 sequels to this have been out for a while. Uh, sorry if you thought that I updated this story lol, but it'd be great if you could check those out.

Also, for those of you who wished me good luck on my exams (I got a full academic scholarship to this snotty rich kid private highschool haha) thanks for the care! My hands my might be full, getting used to a new school and all, (which btw the uniforms are hideous Dx) but I will definitely try my best to update weekly or at least bi-weekly.

Laissez Faire is on a short hiatus because of the lack of inspiration (and reviews)

Letters to Erza is on a semi stable weekly/bi-weekly update.

AND I have started a new story under the name of 'The Not So Secret Life Of A Fiore Teenager' –which is in fact, quite a lame title. But it's the whole Gauken AU thing and I figure I'll have some fun writing that.

Also, NaLufan03, thanks for the review. Um. I understand that Jellal is still in prison after they come back from Edolas, since I read the manga as well, and that's why this story is kind of AU (Alternate Universe) so I'm sorry if it has caused any confusion in the time/plotline. In the beginning of this story, I said that it was in the infinite time span after the Oracion Seiss arc yet before the Edolas arc. I also realized that if the Edolas arc played apart in this, there'd be a major plothole in what happened in this story, versus, the manga happenings. But thanks for reading anyways I hope the kind of clears up the confusion.

And while I'm on the topic of reviews, thanks for all of your reviews, I sincerely appreciate it. Thank you guys so so much for sticking with this amateurish story till the very end. Virtual cookies for all of you!