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Patch had stabbed me in the back the same way I had stabbed him. But now it was back and forth. Now it was a game.

He had thrown me to the flaming pits of Hell, leaving me without my wings and without any hope of ever getting back to Earth. I didn't hold any hopes of it in the first place. Nora was my key through. And Patch had ruined that, leaving me utterly stranded.

But here's what Hell is like, for those who care to know.

Without having actually died and gone to Hell in the first place, I was sent down there without having to relive Death every second of every conscious second. I had been spared of that.

But now I felt the three prongs of Lucifer's pitchfork driving into me sharper than a saber. One plunged through my forehead, totally shattering my skull. I just felt this driving pain take over my senses.

Then the middle prong drove into my chest, part of it slicing open my heart. I felt my blood drain from me. Lucifer was merciless. He knew how to play to someone's worst fears and most painful memories.

And having been a fallen angel way too long, I should have seen this coming. Patch saw it coming. But he had found his sole ticket out of the life we had once deemed as a living Hell. Not being able to feel pain and being stronger than any other mortal being ever was. Yes; that was once our definition of Hell. Now I knew otherwise.

The third prong pierced my stomach, searing my body with hot, sizzling agony. It set my skin on fire, letting me burn alive with a fiery passion. I let it eat me. I let myself be engulfed in the waves of flames that weren't deterred from charring my skin.

Screams were ripped from my throat. I shrieked and thrashed, knowing it was useless. I was doomed to burn for the rest of my life. I was awake enough to feel the pain. I was alive enough to know how badly it hurt. I was miserable enough to know this torment would never fail to end. It wouldn't end. Not for a second. Not ever.

Patch. If I ever got out, I would make his life miserable. I would make him watch Nora die over and over and over again as much as I could. I would make him suffer for every second he was alive. I would ruin him.

And Nora would pay for foiling my plots. Nora would pay dearly. She wouldn't know what hit her when I was done with her. She would face the pain I was now experiencing in this pit of fiery demons.

Revenge would be sweet. Vengeance would follow me with my rage. Redemption was what I craved.

But for now, my best friend was Lucifer. My love was the pain. And my home was Hell.

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