Amy Rose's Big Butt Farting

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I swear, if I actually get to one hundred chapters with this crap, then... dramatically read it. Hell, even if it doesn't, dramatically read it anyway. Dramatically read any of my friggin' stories, I need my daily dose of lulz, you know! And yeah, I added another Amy Rose fart thing to the Internet... butt (lolpun) it's somewhat different. No, it doesn't involve Amy being fat or in her underwear, or naked. I'm not that sick, y'know. Just... read and enjoy. And I couldn't come up with a better title, so sue me.

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to SEGA and Sonic Team.

Amy Rose sighed as she was in a hotel room, having spending the day there as she was resting from chasing Sonic. Looking from the window, being twenty stories above the city streets, Amy sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror, seeing how fat she appeared to be.

"I wonder... maybe I ought to get this old red dress off." Amy told herself as she went towards the closet nearby, strupping off her red dress, leaving herself in nothing but her white underwear. She folded her arms as she pondered deeply. "There we go. Now... what should I put on... hmm... how about... uhhh..."

Amy thought for a few moments as she thought, then she got an idea, snapping her fingers as she smiled. Of course!" She jumped right into the closet, getting out a white shirt with blue collars on all ends, smiling as she noticed how great it looked on her. "Now I need something to cover my butt..." She went back in and pulled out red shorts, placing it on. Looking at her butt, Amy frowned, noticing how flat she appeared.

"Damn... these shorts don't fit me at all..." Amy shrugged as she tossed the shorts off, going back into the closet and pulling out some brand new blue jeans. "Hmm... would this look good?"

Just as Amy was about to place the shorts on, Silver The Hedgehog came crashing through the door, landing on his face. Amy gawked as Silver looked up, panting as he stood up and cleaned himself.

"Sorry about my rash entrance, Amy... but you're going to be in terrible danger!" Silver exclaimed as he pointed at Amy, sweatdropping nervously. "I'm here to warn you about the danger of those pants! You should really consider about yourself in this deadly situation!"

Amy glanced at Silver, then at the blue jeans, and then back at Silver, sticking her tongue out at him as she shook her had. "Please, Silver. I'll be fine, don't worry!" She then pushed Silver out of the room, placing the door back up as she walked back to the mirror. "Now then... let's see these babies warm up!"

Amy placed the blue jean on her. Amy folded her arms as she looked at her butt, which still appeared flat. Amy sighed as she shook her head, closing her eyes.

"Oh well... I guess my butt simply isn't that grand..." Amy admitted as she shrugged, "Oh, what I would give for my butt to be big and smooth..."

Suddenly, Amy farted a cute little poot, of which was magical, as it suddenly caused Amy's butt to become large and sexy. Amy gasped in shock as she rubbed her butt, feeling how huge and smooth it was. Amy looked down, to see that her waist slightly extended, to accompany the big butt. Amy squealed with delight as she was satisfied.

"Excellent! All I needed was to toot, and I got my wish come true!" Amy squealed with delight, rubbing her big butt that was enclosed in her sexy blue jeans with both of her hands, giggling. "I don't know how this could get any better!"

Amy's stomach growled as a tiny squeak came out of Amy's butt. Amy blinked as she giggled, before letting out a powerful gas blast that blew a hole in the wall. Her fart as loud as a tuba, Amy gawked as her eyes widened from the shock, blushing in embarrassment as her butt now felt a bit damp, a somewhat wet spot appearing at the back of her blue jeans.

"Oh no... it's going to be one of those days..." Amy groaned as she shook her head in disappointment.