Silver The Hedgehog took a peek from the corner of a very busy street, looking around as he watched people pass by him. he spotted Vanilla coming out of the flower shop.

"Perfect..." Silver muttered quietly as he ran over the street, nearly being run over by the fast moving cars. Silver jumped over the cars and ducked under them, gasping as he made it to the other side, panting quickly. He looked up, gasping as he noticed that Vanilla wasn't there.

"What the? Where did she go" Silver looked around, groaning as he ran towards the western direction, hoping h would find Vanilla.

Amy Rose was on the toilet, trying to take off her tight blue jeans. Unfortunately, her jeans were permanently sealed to her butt, making it impossible to take them off. Amy groaned as her stomach gurgled loudly, unable to hold in her poop. Amy groaned as she buried her hands in her face, demoaning herself as she let out a huge fart that echoed throughout the bathroom.

"Well... I'm going to likely hate myself for this, but..." Amy sighed, turning around and looking at her huge butt as another low pitch fart echoed out, "I guess I'll have to crap myself.. in these pants..." Amy's lips trembled as she shook her head, accepting it much to her dismay as she sat in the toilet, squishing her butt firmly fit it in.

Several seconds passed. Amy groaned as she rubbed her stomach, clenching tightly as she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes, letting out short but loud low pitched farts as they echoed inside the toilet, pooping without hesitation. After two minutes, Amy gasped, sweat coming down from sides of her head. Amy tried getting out, but her butt was so big it was stuck inside the toilet bowl. Amy gasped in horror as she screamed for help.

Agh! My butt's stuck!" Amy demoaned as she tried pulling out her butt, the only results being somewhat higher pitched farts. "This can't be happening to me! This is impossible! This is madness!" She continued to struggle, but didn't get anywhere.