Amy Rose was still inside Nabnut's house, farting a storm alongside Nabnut, who was burping it up as well. As the tree home got smellier, Amy frowned as she tilted her head back and forth.

"Say, are you always this cute and fat in summer?" Amy asked as she blinked curiously. "I'm just askin'."

Nabnut nodded his head as he fell back on his butt, letting out a wetter fart. "Yeah... even when I try to go do my business, I still end up like this." He burped loudly as his eyes widened. "I don't think even exercise is gonna make me better..."

Amy placed her right hand on her big butt, letting out another deep pitch poot that echoed throughout the home. "Well, don't feel bad. I'm well fit, but I still end up making my pants browner than Choco Mountain!" She giggled briefly as her giggling turned into soft crying, her smile transforming into a frown. "Oh, sometimes it's nasty to be gassy..."

Nabnut chuckled as he burped loudly, laughing at Amy's joke. "Ha ha, nasty to be gassy! That's a good one!"

Meanwhile, Silver and Shadow were running up and down the giant yellow tree, collecting green caterpillars to free Eyrie the Eagle, who was still a giant, baby brown bird.