I do not own the Ramona series. Here is my first story so no flames, but I will except constructive criticism. I'm just putting myself in the place of Beezus.


The sound of Ramona's alarm clock woke me up at six in the morning. She probably forgot to turn it of for the summer, but when I open my eyes she's not there. She's probably in her fantasy world outside.

"Alex," my mother yelled for me to come for breakfast. She said we had a big day today. She said we were doing something on the first day of summer but, it was to be a surprise. My mom and dad weren't very good at surprises but, they were planning the big surprise for months now. It was almost driving me crazy but, it was driving Ramona even crazier. She hated when someone wouldn't tell her something. That's the kind of pest she is and very noisy.

After breakfast I went to change, but I found Ramona in our room dancing to some crazy singer. It was kind of disturbing. I wish I had my own room. A fourteen year old shouldn't have to share a room with an eight year old. It really stinks. I wonder what we are doing today. Oh by the way, I change the subject a lot.

Finally my mom and dad told us what we are doing. They said we were going to look for houses for sale. We were MOVING! They said we would all have our own room. Yah I said about a million times. I couldn't wait until we move. It's going to be awesome. I finally wouldn't have to share a room with that pest they call my sister. Also are little baby brother, Ethan, would have his own room and not sleep in a crib in there parents room.

Mom said that are new house would have four rooms. It will be a change from two rooms to four rooms, but I don't care as long as I get my own room. I'm so excited. I won't have to clean up Ramona's messes and wont have to see here dancing or hear her singing anymore. I will never let her in my room and less she was delivering something to me. Thank the Lord.