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Harry groaned as he pulled the paper towards him. He had so many letters to write, and would rather go hang with some of his friends. He had to write them, however. He picked up his pen, and started to write.

First, for the Knights.

I'm sorry for the short notice, but I won't be going to Hogwarts this term. Some stuff came up at home, and I have to stay here. Don't worry, I will be back next year, you can't get rid of me that easily. Keep pranking, and make sure to send me picture of everything.


He read the words multiple times to make sure it sounded right, then copied it onto more sheets of paper, and put each Knight's name on it. After enveloping and addressing them, he grabbed another sheet.


I'm sorry to say this, but I will not be at Hogwarts this year. I hope you find a decent seeker to take my place. Good luck on the season this year, I will be back, and in proper form, next year.

Harry Potter

Once he deemed the letter decent enough to send it, he slipped it into an envelope, and hesitated slightly before grabbing one last piece of paper.


It's Harry, if you haven't figured it out yet. I know we were making plans for Hogsmeade weekends, but I won't be able to make any of them. I'm not going to Hogwarts this term. I have to stay home in the States. It'll be cool, though. I'll get to see what an American magic school is like! We'll keep owling, during the year, yeah?


He read the words countless times before finally putting the letter in an envelope. He had kept a constant owl message with Susan through the summer, and was seriously upset about not being able to go to Hogsmeade with her.

He lent back on his chair, and looked over at his nightstand. Smiling faces looked back at him, most moving, but a few not.

The one that was not moving was older than most of the other. It showed him, Kelly, and their parents. A moving picture of his biological parents, and one of him and McGonagall stood on either side of the still photo.

The rest of the pictures were from Hogwarts. One of him and the other Knights playing around, another of the Gryffindor Quidditch team posing.

He had tacked one picture to his wall. It was of him, scowling at the camera. His skin, instead of its normal pale self, was a vivid green, and scaly. A stripe of darker green scales stared on the tip of his nose, and moved up his forehead. Across his forehead, some of the scales were hot pink, and spelt the word 'heir.'

He smirked at the picture. He had woken up normal that day, but it had all changed the second he walked out of the common room. He figured Hermione must have found a way for the spell to hang in the doorway, and only activate for him. It had been brilliant, and he had been excited to learn how they had done it, once he had been changed back to normal.

At the time, however, he had wanted to disappear. He had managed to keep his anger at his friends down, he had agreed to it, after all, but he didn't have to like it.

He turned his thoughts from that day, and look at the last picture. Him and Susan. He really liked Susan, and had planned on asking her to be his girlfriend, but it wouldn't happen now. He had to help Kelly. She was more important.

He heard the front door open and close, and turned to Hedwig.

"You think you can deliver these?" he asked her. "Before the first of September?"

She hooted at him, grabbed the letters, and flew out the window.

Harry watched her go, and got out of the chair once she had flown into the cloud cover. He let his room, and started to make his way to the kitchen for breakfast.

"We will have one less student than expected this term," McGonagall said.

The rest of the professors looked at her as she sat on the couch.

"Who?" Sprout asked.

"Harry Potter, he will be staying in America for this term, and will be back next term."

"What a pity. Must he really return?" Snape spoke up. Sprout glared at him and McGonagall rolled her eyes.

"He is staying home due to a family issue, it has been done before," McGonagall said.

"He is most likely too scared of Black to come," Snape said.

"He does not know about Blacks true identity."

"That's not Harry's way, Severus," Flitwick added.

"As much as he is like his father…"

"Do not finish that, Severus," McGonagall cut in. "He is a thirteen year old boy. Grown men are scared of Black."

Snape just turned back to the book in his hands.

"I am surprised Albus is letting him stay in the States," Flitwick said.

"He was reluctant until we heard about Black. He hopes that Black will still head to Hogwarts, which will be heavily guarded."

"I shudder to think of how Mr. Potter will react if he discovers that his friends are facing a danger meant for him," Sprout said.

"That is why he will not find out," McGonagall told her.


Why aren't you coming back, bloody twit. Don't call him a twit, Ron. Yeah, he told us stuff is going on at home. Thank you, Neville. No problem, Hermione. You probably shouldn't write everything we all say, Seamus, or it will be a long letter.

We didn't get these until the first on the Express, so we decided to reply in one letter. You really shouldn't send Hedwig on such long trips. We know it will mean less letters, but the poor bird was exhausted. (Ron is telling Hermione to lay off now. He says that this is what owls are for. We aren't going to finish this letter, thanks to Ron and Hermione, until after we reach Hogwarts, so she will get plenty of rest. –Seamus)

It really sucks that you aren't going to be here this year. We will miss you. Course, we will not take a break. What Knight takes a break? We'll send you plenty of pictures.

The new Defense professor seems decent. He was sleeping in our compartment when we got on the train. He slept the entire way until we were stopped by dementors. (Can you believe it? Bloody dementors on the Express! – Ron) He gave us all chocolate once they left. (Chocolate helps with the effects of dementors – Hermione)

The parchment is running out, and the ride is almost over, so we're going to leave it here, and send it once Hedwig is rested.




I was upset to read that you will not be back. I will try to find a decent replacement, but I doubt that I will find anyone.




I hope everything is going well at home. I wish we could go to Hogsmeade together, but I guess we will have to go next year. Make sure you give Hedwig a chance to rest.


Harry stopped when he heard the crying from the bathroom. It was soft, and he barely caught it, but it was there. He listened for a moment, before wrapping his hand around the knob. His muscles tensed, ready to force his way through the door.

"Kelly?" he whispered.

"I'm almost done," she said.

He could hear her moving around. Cabinets closed, and water ran for a moment. The lock clicked, and he released the knob. She opened the door, and tried to push past him with her head down.

Harry blocked her path, and wrapped his arms around her. She returned the hug, and buried her face in his neck.

"Please tell me you didn't," he said after a moment.

She just shook her head. He pulled back, and looked at her arm. There were no new cuts.

"I nearly did," she told him. "But I…I just."

He pulled her back into the hug, and just held her.

Harry slipped the strap of his backpack onto his shoulder. He had to catch the bus with Kelly in less than ten minutes and was making sure he had everything he needed.

His bag held a few notebooks, pens, and pencils, a much different collection than the quills and pieces of parchment he was used to. Another contrast was his clothes. He had almost grabbed his cloak when dressing, but had caught himself and laughed. Instead, he was wearing a pair of jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and an unbuttoned oxford shirt.

"You coming, Harry?" Kelly asked, looking into his room.

He turned around. Kelly looked a lot better than she had when he had confronted her over a month ago. He had started to force her to join him with friends. He also made sure she stopped cutting. He was constantly on her about it, and it had annoyed her at first, but she had started to appreciate what he was doing.

"Let's go," he said.

They left the house, and walked through the summer heat to the bus stop down the street.

"Hey Kelly, Harry," a brown haired boy said.

"Hey, Stuart," Harry replied. Kelly smiled slightly at the boy.

"This year is gunna be great," Stuart grinned. "The whole group together again."

"You gunna stay, Harry?" a blond girl asked.

"Only for the year, then I'm going back to my school in England."

"What's school like in England?" the blond girl continued.

"A lot different than here."

Harry groaned as he flopped down on his bed. He had just finished the longest day of school in his life, and wanted nothing other than sleep.

His day had started like all of the other students. He had sat through the PE teacher explaining the course. He had listened closely as his math teacher stared the lesson immediately after going through the syllabus. He had talked with his friends during lunch. He had almost fallen asleep during his science class.

Then, when most of the other students went home, he had gone to room 207 for a break before his magic classes.

There were about 50 other magic students at his school, 11 of which were in his grade and so in room 207 with him. They had spent the time, which would later be used for club meetings and sport practices, relaxing and getting to know each other.

One of the magic teachers was sitting at the desk. He had sat with his legs propped up on the desk and his chair precariously close to tipping over. He had explained to Harry how the public magic school system worked in the States.

They had to go to normal school just like every other student. If they wanted to go to a university, or get a job outside of the magic society, they needed to have a high school diploma. So, the only way for them to give them magic lessons without doing it during the school day, was to do it after school and any extracurricular activity they wanted to do.

After school, the middle school students, grades seven and eight, that would be attending their high school were bussed to their school. Then, they would break into their groups for the first subject of the day. Instead of separating them by age and grade for the practical magics, they were separated by skill level.

Once the break time was over, and most of the school was empty, the middle school busses had pulled up, and they had all been herded to the gym. The returning students had grouped up immediately, while Harry and the new seventh graders had been taken to get assessed.

They had pushed Harry through the assessment first, to get him to his group for the first subject, charms.

He had paused when he had seen Ms. Strom, his old soccer coach and science teacher, waiting to put him through his transfiguration assessment. She had greeted him enthusiastically, but had started quickly. He hadn't taken long, and the other assessments had passed just as fast. It hadn't been long before he had joined his transfiguration group.

After transfiguration, they had moved to their grade groups and went to their History of Magic lessons. A part of him had missed being taught transfiguration by McGonagall, but he had learnt more in the single history lesson than he had in all of Binns' lessons combined.

They had all taken the busses home, and Harry had walked through the door just in time for dinner.

As he lay on his bed, he kept thinking of how tired he was going to be by the end of the week. The middle school students came up three times a week, and the seniors only had lessons twice a week, but the freshmen, sophomores, and juniors had lessons every day until the skill groups reached a certain level.

Gibbs walked into the room half an hour later to find Harry passed out. He smiled slightly, and pulled the blanket up around his son's body.

"Harry," a voice said.

Harry looked up from his homework. School had started over a month ago, and his workload was worse than Hogwarts. Kelly was standing in his doorway.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Wanna go kick the ball round with Stuart and Lucy?"

Harry glanced at his worksheet, then back at his sister. He dropped his pen, and stood up.


She grinned.


School in the States is extremely different than Hogwarts. I'm not even going to try to explain in here, none of you would get it.

Everything is good here. The thing I stayed for is getting better. Much better. Sorry for the wait for the reply, Hedwig was beat after the last trip.

How is the new professor? I'll be mad if I miss the one decent Defense professor we have. Why are dementors at Hogwarts? I can't find anything.

Don't forget my pictures.




We'll be sure to go to Hogsmeade next year.




Everything is odd this term.

The professor is actually really good. We are actually learning.

They have dementors all over the grounds because Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban. First bloke to ever get out. The dementors are keeping everything restricted. Half of Hogsmeade is closed, and everything feels colder. None of us can wait until they leave.

Ron and Hermione are fighting. Something about Scabbers, and Crookshanks. (Neville just told me that we never told you about Crookshanks. He's Hermione's cat. Ugly thing, but she loves him. – Seamus) They are off arguing right now, so they aren't helping us with this letter.

We pulled off Muggle Day two weeks ago, the pictures are in the envelope.


"What is this?" Harry asked. He lifted the object to his nose and sniffed it.

"It's a cake, idiot," Kelly told him.

Harry gave it a funny look, then bit it.

"Th's ruly gud," he said. She glared at him as crumbs fell from his mouth. He swallowed. "What? I said it's really good."

Her glare slid away for a smile. "Thanks. I'm glad I'm taking that cooking class at school. I really like it."

"You're good at it. You wanna make me another?"

"Make your own."

"But it won't be this good."

Her smile grew.

"What?" he prodded.

"I just really like cooking. I feel better when I cook."

"Then keep doing it."

"I think I will."

"It has to be lying. There is no way that's the truth."

"Has the map lied to us yet? I say we go check it out."

"Leave it. The map isn't new. Maybe that bloke used to sleep there."

"Who used to sleep where?"

The twins turned around slowly, their eyes calm, but their minds swearing ferociously. Remus Lupin, their Defense professor for the year was watching them. They could have sworn his mouth was turned upwards slightly in amusement.

"No one, no where, sir," one of the twins started.

"Just a bit of fun really," the other continued.

"Yes, well, if I could just see that piece of parchment," Lupin said.

Fred and George glanced at each other for a moment before Fred slowly put the now blank parchment into Lupin's outstretched hand.

Lupin looked the parchment over and turned to the boys.

"If you tell me what you were talking about, I may be able to keep you out of trouble."

"It was nothing, sir, just like we told you."

"Is that so? Then I guess I will have to keep this," he ruffled the map slightly. "And will expect you two in my office Friday night at eight."

The twins nodded, and quickly left.

Lupin made sure they were out of sight before activating the map. He quickly found where he was standing, and watched as the twins made their way the Gryffindor Tower. He chuckled. They hardly needed the map. They were brilliant at avoiding the rest of the patrol without it.

He moved to close the map, but a name stopped him. He froze for a moment. That was what they had been talking about.

He regained control over his legs, and sprinted towards the dot on the map that was McGonagall.

"I swear, this map never lies," Lupin insisted.

McGonagall glanced up at him as Dumbledore continued to study the parchment.

"What, exactly, is this, Remus?" she asked.

"A map. The Map. We made it when we were in Hogwarts."

"We? As in..."

"James, myself, Peter, and Black."

"This was how you four managed to cause so much destruction?"

"A brilliant piece of magic, I assure you, Minerva," Dumbledore spoke up.

"Be that as it may, it was dangerous enough in the hands of four school boys, but if Black got a hold of it now."

"That may not be the issue if the map is telling the truth," Dumbledore said.

"It must be lying. There is not possible way Pettigrew is still alive, let alone in the same bed as Mr. Weasley."

"The Map never lies," Lupin spoke up. "If it says he is there, he is there."

"Then we must act with much haste," Dumbledore said.

"Sirius?" Dumbledore said into the darkness. The house creaked around him, but there was no sign of the man.

"I am not here to take you back, Sirius."

Sirius still didn't reveal himself.

"We caught Pettigrew, Sirius. You can be a free man if you just come out."

"What?" the spluttered word came from behind him. Dumbledore turned around to see the starved man watching him closely. "You…you caught Pettigrew?"

"Come with me to the castle, and I will tell you everything on the way."

Sirius watched him for a second. "Can I trust you?"

"Dear boy, what other choice do you have? However, I assure you that I am not here to trick you. Peter Pettigrew is indeed at the castle. It appears he was masquerading as a pupil's rat."

Sirius watched him with weary eyes, then nodded. Dumbledore led him through the tunnels that led to the grounds. He told him how they had found Pettigrew as they walked towards the castle.

"I really am a free man?" Sirius said when they were about half way there.

"As free as you want." The sentence held a cryptic tone, but before Sirius could ask what he meant, the doors to the castle opened, and a figure ran out. Sirius quickly recognized his old Transfiguration professor, and couldn't help but notice how she tensed up when she saw him.

"Where is Pettigrew, Minerva?" Dumbledore asked.

"Escaped. We were taking him to your office, and he pretended to slip of the stairs. He took Remus down with him, and managed to get his hands on Remus' wand. He transformed and we haven't found him."

Fear clouded the hope Sirius had started to feel. They were going to send him back. Pettigrew had gotten away again, and they were going to send him back. He took a step backwards and was about to bolt.

"Sirius." He froze. McGonagall had never called him by his given name. He stared at her. His eyes were wide. She took a step towards him. "We will not let them take you back."

"They will not believe you without the rat," he said.

"He is right, Minerva, without Pettigrew in custody it will not be easy to clear Sirius of his charges," Dumbledore said.

"We could send him to America, with Harry," she suggested.

Sirius perked up. "Harry?"

"Harry, this is Sirius Black," McGonagall said.

Harry studied the thin man in front of him. The man's black hair was freshly cut, an unwanted change by the way the man kept running his hand through it. His clothes hung limply off of his body, as did his skin. His eyes, however, seemed to spark when he was Harry.

"Harry," Sirius said. His voice was raspy and hitched slightly when saying the word.

"Hello," Harry replied.

"You've grown so much."

"I'm pretty sure that happens over twelve years."

Sirius laughed. "I never thought I would see you again. But, here you are, the spitting image of your father with your mother's eyes and wit."

Harry nodded slightly, but glanced at McGonagall for help. She understood instantly.

"Sirius is going to stay in an apartment in town. He will be there is you want to talk to him," she said.

"We can talk any time you want, Harry, about anything," Sirius said.

"Okay," Harry nodded.

McGonagall led Sirius out.

"You okay, kid?" Gibbs asked once they were out of the room.

"Yeah," Harry numbly said before standing up and going to his room.

Once he got there he quietly closed his door, then felt the anger in his chest boil over. He couldn't think straight. For once, he let the anger control him.

He swiped his arm across his dresser, knocking everything to the ground. He pulled his posters off of the wall. He threw everything he could reach across the room. When he ran out of things to destroy, he stared at the mess, than turned around and punched the wall.

The pain shot up his arm. He fell back with a gasp. He lifted his hand up to look at it, only to realize that his vision was blurry. At first he thought that his glasses might have fallen off, but he soon realized that it was tears.

"You done?" a voice said.

He looked up to see Gibbs standing in the doorway.

"Leave me alone," Harry said.


"Just leave me alone."

"Only if you tell me why."

"Because I want to be alone!"

He turned away from his father. How could he explain? He hardly understood what he was feeling. A mixture of anger and joy and pain and, hidden deep underneath it all, gratitude, was rolling through his blood.

Gibbs didn't say anything for a while, so Harry turned around to see the door empty. He stalked over to it, and slammed it shut. He made his way back across the room, and collapsed in his bed.

He wasn't sure about a lot of things, but he was sure that he never wanted to see Sirius Black again. Why would he want to see a man who could have prevented him from going to the Dursley's in the first place? A man who could have prevented his parent's deaths?

"Why should I give you a chance? You have shown no loyalty to the cause. You have hidden from the law as well as from us. So, tell me. Why should I not curse you dead now?"

The portly man in front of him shivered in fear. His mind moved as fast as it could, trying to figure out a way to worm out of the trouble.

"I can help you get Potter," he blurted out.

The tall man watched him with calculating eyes. "Go on. How can you know where Potter is if he is not at Hogwarts?"

"The boys talked. He is in America. I have been there. I have been through the wards around his house."

"They are sure to have changed the wards as to not allow you past."

"I still know the area in lives in. If I cannot reach him, I can reach those around him."

The blond considered him for a moment before nodding slightly.

"I will give you this one chance."


You won't believe it, although Hermione keeps saying that by the time you get this, you will already know, but who cares?

Scabbers is a anime animagus. Turns out he's some bloke named Peter Pettigrew (He slept in my bed! – Ron), who is the reason Sirius Black was in Azkaban. They didn't tell us all the detail, but we do know that he's the reason your folks were killed. Sorry, mate.


Harry read through the letter again. He smiled softly. At least the Knights would never keep anything from him.

"Hey," Kelly's voice said from the doorway.

"What?" he said, still looking at the letter.

"Just making sure you're okay," she said. Her voice betrayed her hurt feelings at his brash tone.

He looked up at her. "Sorry. It's just…"

"Sirius Black?"

He sighed. "Yeah. None of them thought to tell me about him. Nothing. He just got himself locked up, and vanished from my life."

"But he's here now. Doesn't that count?"

"I don't know, Kells, I really don't know. I mean, I could have lived with him. I never had to go to the Dursley's."

"Then we never would have met."

He didn't reply. "We never would have met," he whispered as he looked at the wall. He looked back at her. "I would never give up my time with the Dursley's if it meant I wouldn't have met you."

She smiled, and walked over to him. "You should talk to him."

He nodded.

He fingered the knife in his pocket, the metal handle cool against his palm.

wait for his bus…

He leaned against the tree, its bark catching his jacket whenever his position shifted.

wait for his bus…

He kept his eyes on the stop sign, waiting for the bus.

wait his bus…

He smiled when the bus pulled up and stopped.

find the boy…

Students started to file off of the bus.

find the boy…

In the middle of the line was a dark haired boy talking with a red haired girl.

follow him…

He waited until the boy and girl were halfway down the block, then started after them.

get him…

He slowly caught up to them, his longer legs working in his favor.

...get him…

He moved so he was behind the boy.

get him…

He pulled the knife out of his pocket.


He lunged towards the boy and everything blurred into pain.

"I'm sure you could convince Dad to let you take cooking lessons," Harry said.

"You really think so?" Kelly said.

"Of course, he would do anything for you."

Kelly laughed. Harry smiled. Kelly didn't laugh nearly enough anymore, but she was getting better.

"He really would," he told her.

She was about to say something, when she glanced behind them. Her eyes grew wide, and she shoved Harry into the street.

Harry flipped around to see Kelly stumble away from a man. A knife was lodged in her arm.

"Kelly!" he cried.

He rushed to her side. She was gripping the handle of her knife, and staring at the man. Harry turned towards the man, just in time to see him barreled over by a giant dog. He turned back to his sister, and gently got her to sit down.

"You're gunna be okay, Kelly," he told her. She nodded, although her eyes where growing starting to dull with unconsciousness.

"Kelly? Harry? Oh my goodness!" Harry looked up at the voice. One of their neighbors was racing down the street towards them. "Call 911," she cried over her shoulder. Harry noticed her husband poking his head out of their door.

"Harry?" Kelly said.


"Think imma ask Dad bout cooking lessons."

Harry let out a halfhearted laugh. "You will, Kelly, you will."

Gibbs slowly walked into the waiting room at the hospital. His little girl. His baby. She was in surgery. Someone had stabbed her. Her brachial artery had been nicked. She had almost bled out.

"Dad?" The word was more of a sob than an actual word.

He turned around. Harry was watching him. Tears were quietly falling from the boys eyes.

"Harry," he quietly said. He sat in the seat next to him, and pulled him into a hug.

"He was aiming for me, Dad, and she saved me, and now she might…she might…" Harry's voice broke as he spoke.

Gibbs tightened his grip on his son. "She will make it through. She will."

Harry didn't respond. He just quietly cried into his father's shirt. Gibbs held onto to boy.

"You are going down no matter what, so you might as well tell us why you did it," Franks almost yelled at the man.

"I don't know, something just made me, some voice I couldn't ignore," the man replied. Fear and confusion mixed in his eyes.

Franks was about to yell again, when the door opened. He turned to see a man in a suit.

"I will be taking things from here," he said.


"That is irrelevant. You director has already approved it."

Franks stared at the men and was about to protest when the director stepped out from behind them.

"Don't question it, Franks. He will be punished, and you can't get any more out of him."

Franks growled, then stormed out of the room. What was he supposed to tell the probie?

The man ignored his exit, and turned to the man sitting at the table. He knew what Franks did not. He knew of the Imperious Curse.

He nodded at the director before closing the door and slipping his wand out of his pocket.

"Do not worry, you will forget everything. You did not ask for this, so you will not have to live with it."

The man watched him with curiosity mixed into the fear and confusion.


He had failed, again. He only had one choice. He had to hide. He had to get as far away as possible.

Where? How?

He would have to travel as a rat. They knew he was alive. Everyone would be looking for him.

Sirius was in the States. He had attacked the man. He was the reason the boy was still alive. Damned mutt. Sirius would know that he was close. He would be looking for him.

It was only safe to stay a rat.

It was only safe to hide.

He had heard Canada could be nice.

"You okay?"

Harry looked up to see Sirius Black leaning against the wall. His conversation with Kelly was hidden beneath the anger and fear of what had happened. He could lose another part of his family.

"Why do you care?"

"I care about you."

"Yeah, you care so much."

"I'm sure you don't trust me right now…"

"At all."

"Isn't that a bit harsh?"

Harry turned his head to stare at the wall in front of him. "What are you even doing here?"

"I want to make sure you're okay."

"Well, I'm fine. Thanks. Go away."

A growl rose from Sirius's throat. "What do I have to do to get through to you?"

"You lost your chance when you left me."

"I didn't have a choice! Dumbledore thought that taking you to the Dursley's was the best thing to do."

"Well, he was obviously wrong."

"If I had known what they were like…if any of us knew what they were like, do you think we would have left you there?"

"You didn't just leave me there. You just left me."

"I didn't have a choice! I didn't exactly plan on being arrested."

"You didn't have to go after him."

"Yes, I did. I didn't know he was going to blow up the street. All I knew was that if I didn't get him, I was going to Azkaban anyway."

Harry finally looked at him. "But you got out. Why not get out sooner?"

Sirius sighed, and sat in the seat next to Harry. "I was a mess, pup. I was mad, and could not get over the guilt I felt for convincing your parents to make Pettigrew the secret keeper."

"And when you got out? You went after him! You didn't bother to try and find me. Was that all you cared about? Getting him? Was it so important for you to find him over me? Did you even think about me?"

Sirius looked at the boy. "The first place I went was Privet Drive, to try and find you," he quietly said. Harry's eyes changed from anger to surprise. "I was looking when I heard some kids talking about you moving over here. I knew you were safe over here, pup, and I knew it would be damn near impossible for me to get here. So, I went after Pettigrew."

"You went to Privet Drive?" Harry slowly asked.

"Course, I needed to see you."

"You could have sent me an owl."

"I figured they must have told you about me. Besides, I couldn't risk it getting intercepted."

Harry nodded slightly. It did make sense. He wasn't over what he felt towards the man, but maybe he could with time. Sirius made a movement, as though he was going to hug Harry, but stopped almost instantly. They weren't quite there yet.

"Kelly thinks I should forgive you." He wasn't sure what made him say it, but it still came out.

Sirius looked shocked for a second. "She's smart."

Harry nodded. "She said that, if I hadn't been left with the Dursley's, I never would have met her. I wouldn't have my family. And, she's right."

"You still shouldn't have had to live through what they put you through."

"Maybe I did. Or, she would be dead already. She would have died in the accident. And, Dad. He would be all alone right now."

Sirius thought for a moment to gather his thoughts. Harry wasn't what he had thought the boy would be, and not by anything the boy chose for himself. His childhood had matured Harry beyond his age.

"Harry?" Gibbs said from the doorway before Sirius could speak. "She's awake."

Harry stood up instantly, and followed his father. He paused in the doorway.

"Thanks for saving us," he said to Sirius before he walked away.

Sirius watched them go with a sad smile on his face. Harry still didn't trust him completely, but they were better off than they had been.

Gibbs entered the room after letting Harry and Kelly talk for a few minutes. Kelly was asleep again; the bandage on her arm crushed him. He had almost lost her again.

Harry was sitting in the chair next to her. His face was hidden in his hands.

"It's my fault," the boy said. He looked up at his father. "He was aiming for me. She pushed me out of the way."

"Harry, I wouldn't have her anymore if it wasn't for you."

Confusion spread across Harry's face. Gibbs sat on the chair next to him.

"You saved her during the car crash, and now, you saved her from herself."

Harry's eyes grew wide.

"The doctor told me about her scars. He said they stopped months ago, right around when you asked to stay home," Gibbs said. "Without you, I wouldn't have her, at all."

Harry nodded. Gibbs reached over, wrapped an arm around the boy, and pulled his over for a single-arm hug.

For those who were confused before the edit, Kelly was stabbed in the arm, in the brachial artery, which can bleed out in as little as 5 minutes.

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