I Was Late. Too Late.

I remembered; I remembered everything. He confessed his love for me even though it pained him to do so.

"I love you Elena" I could see the love shinning through his crystal blue eyes; but the pain was evident.

He didn't want to be selfish; couldn't be selfish.

"And it's because I love you that. I can't be selfish with you" I could see the tears that were staring to form.

He didn't want me to know; needed me not to know.

"Why you can't know this." I could hear his voice crack with so much emotion.

He believed he didn't deserve me; that his brother did.

"I don't deserve you…. But my brother does" I could hear the sacrifice that he was making.

He wished I didn't have to forget; he wanted me not to have to forget.

"God, I wish you didn't have to forget this." I could hear the pain.

But he knew I had to.

"But you do." I saw the stray tear fall from his eye; that's when I realized. I loved him too.

It's only now, when I'm sat here on my bed. Thinking about everything. Thinking about how he killed Elijah, how he saved my life yet again. That I realize I have been blind for so long. That maybe on that painful night, when he nearly killed Jeremy; did kill Jeremy. That maybe he was right. No he was right. Something has been going on between the two off us. I have been lying to him; to Stefan and to myself. When I told him I love Stefan; it's always going to be Stefan. I was lying; I knew I felt something for him, something more that I what I'm suppose to feel for my boyfriends brother. But I still felt it; but was too scared to acknowledge the feelings; the love I felt. Now I know, I have to tell him. He has to know; needs to know. There's no reason stopping me; no excuse. Stefan and me are on a break; broken up. However you want to interpret it. No reason for me to lie to him; or myself anymore.

It's now; I'm going to tell him. I'm stood at his doorstep, finding the courage to knock on his door. I reach up and lift the knocker and tap it twice. I'm waiting; but there's no answer. I lean on the door slightly and it opens. I smile slightly, and walk in. I look around and there's no sign of him, I call out his name quietly. "Damon!" There's no answer. He should hear; he is a vampire after all.

I decide to check by the bar, that is where he spends all of his time after all.

I turn the corner and that's when I hear it.

The moans of pleasure. My heart drops. I feel sick.

I hear her moaning his name in ecstasy "Damon…. Fuck….Damon….God."

Her. Rose.

I can feel tears rolling down my cheek as I finally turn the corner; I see them.

Fucking. Having sex. Making love.

I clutch my vervain necklace. I feel dizzy. I feel numb.

I watch them through my tears, she's led on the sofa and he's on top.

I let out a sob, as I feel my heart shatter.

He must have heard me; he turns his head slightly over his shoulder.

Our eyes lock, and his face drops. I see the emotions flash across his face.

I give him a sad smile, through my tears.

Rose pulls him back to her, and I see him give me a last glance before he continues what their doing.

Fucking. Having sex. Making love.

I back away, and walk back towards the main door, clutching my side as I go.

It's when I open the door and the cold night's air hits me that I finally crumble.

My sides are shaking, my legs tremble. I sit on the step sobbing. I pull my legs up to my chest.

I let the tears fall.

That's when I know.
I was late. Too late.

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