I Was Late. Too Late.

I'm sat on my bed, thinking. About him. About them; Damon and Rose.

He didn't come after me, he didn't follow me. He just stood there; by her side. By Rose's side.

He didn't run after me, like how I wanted him to.

He didn't run after me, like how a man in a film runs after the women he loves who's walking away.

He just stood by her side. By Rose's side.

That's what hurt the most, it was her. Rose.

He hadn't even known her that long. Hadn't been fucking her for that long, and yet he stood by her side. While I walked away, while I ran away.

He supposedly loves me, everyone knows that.

I know he loves me, because he confessed.

But yet he still stayed by her side, By Rose's side.

He knows now that I remember, that I know he loves me.

And I hope that somewhere deep down within, that he has realized that I love him too.

How could he be so blind? Of course I love him.

I shouldn't. But I do.

I always said how I didn't want to be like Katherine, and have both brothers.

But what did I go and do? I fell in love with my boyfriend's older brother.

That's why Stefan and me haven't got back together, because I know I love Damon. I think Stefan knows this too.

The more I think about Damon and Rose, the more it hurts.

Now I know how he's felt. How Damon has felt, as he's watched Stefan and me together. It hurts so badly, it's like my heart is breaking in my chest, and I can't do anything to dull the pain.

I hear a knock on my bedroom door. I sigh and wipe away the tears that have been falling ever since I left his house. Damon's house.

"Who is it?" I say trying to sound ok, trying to sound as if my heat hasn't just broken.

I know it can't be Damon because he never uses the front door; he just comes through the window. Unexpected.

The doors opening and I look at it, Jenna pops her head round, and she frowns while she looks at my appearance.

"Elena, honey what's wrong?" I hear the concern present in her voice.

"Everything" I murmur, my voice is slightly cracking.

"Oh honey" I hear her sigh and she walks into my room, she shuts the door behind her and walks closer to me, she sits down next to me on my bed.

"Elena, you can talk to me ok. I won't judge you, because let's face it I'm hardly the one to judge anybody else" I hear her say, she's trying to make me at ease, she's trying to help me.

"Is this about you and Stefan? Have you had an argument?" she asks me, I sigh. She doesn't know anything. She's just oblivious to everything.

"Me and Stefan, we well we broke up over two weeks ago now" I say looking into my lap, I can't look at her, because she'll be shocked, and sad that I haven't confined in her.

"Oh my gosh Elena, I'm so sorry honey. What happened? If you don't mind me asking?" I hear her say, I feel guilty. I've kept so many secrets from her. For so long.

"Things weren't working, it was mutual," I say looking up at her and smiling slightly.

"Then what's the matter?" she asks stroking my arm slightly.

It's now, I need to tell someone. And god be it, I have to tell her, Jenna. I won't tell her everything, of course not the Vampire and witches, and doppelgangers and Original Vampires bit, but I will tell her how I'm feeling.

"I'm in love with someone, and I know they are in love with me. But they think they don't deserve me, and they believe that Stefan is the only person who does deserve me. But they don't know that I love them, well I hope they know, but I'm not sure. But the thing is, he's sleeping with somebody else, and he's pushing me away" I confess, and it feels good, to tell somebody. Even if it is Jenna. I can't tell Bonnie because she hates Damon, and I can't tell Caroline because she can't really keep things to herself, so Jenna is the best bet. My cheeks become wet again, I've been crying throughout the confession. I try and wipe them away, but more fall in their place.

I look at Jenna; she looks shocked, and worried.

"I don't know what to say Elena, but just listen to me. If you really love him, and you know that he really loves you. Then everything will work out, it has to. True love will conquer all, trust me it will. Maybe now everything may seem so complicated, but if you are meant to be together with him it will happen. Give it some time, maybe a week a month or maybe even a few years, and if you aren't together you will know that it wasn't meant to be. But if it is, somehow and sometime you and him will be together, you will be united" Jenna says, it's deep, it's emotional, it's so not Jenna.

"Maybe, I don't know. I love him so much that it hurts, when I think about him and that girl together, it feels as if I'm suffocating in pain" I say, a tear falls from my right eye. I let it fall. I want to feel the pain. I need it.

"Either talk to him tomorrow, or leave it a couple of days, now who is it? Do I know him?" Jenna asks, she's smiling at me curiously.

I feel nervous, what's she going to think? It's Damon, she hates Damon. He's a man, not a guy. He's older. He's extremely hot. He's dangerous.

"It's Damon" I whisper, I look at her nervously.

"Damon who?" she asks. She hasn't put 2 and 2 together, she hasn't realized.

"Salvatore. Damon Salvatore" I whisper. I look at her, a pure look of shock flashes across her face. Her eyes slightly bug out, and her mouth is opens in a gasp.

"Talking about me ladies?" I hear it, his voice. His velvety voice.

Damon. Damon Salvatore.

I feel myself begin to shake.

He left me, he didn't run after me. Didn't follow me.

He stayed by her side. By Rose's Side.

But now he's here?

He came.

He eventually followed.

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