The Path of a Cevar

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Chapter One: Traitor

Gau Ban wearily walked to the center of the field in his tattered bloody clothes . This was the moment of his life .

After 3 days of continuos fighting , the war would finally come to an end . It would determine who would be the winner of the war . By now his legs were bruised and severely wounded , his vision blurred , his eyes ached , his body covered with gashes and slashes and worst of all his arms were numb. He, in fact was more dead than alive.

Gau's opponent entered the war field in synchronized steps . His face looked famillar . Who could this be? I'm sure I know him , he helplessly thought . He pondered his thoughts of who this person could be.

"So fate has brought us together, it seems, " Gau's opponent muttered sarcastically.

Immedietly Gau recognized the voice . It was his old friend Lowengrinn . It had been a long time since he last saw Low. Five years wouldn't be a bad guess, his mind thought dryly.

Lowengrinn looked different now. His hair was green and his face looked pale . He wore the Soulfan Army uniform . Gau stared at him with eyes of shock.

"Low ? Is that really you ?! " Gau yelled.

" Still sticking with Kuruda , Gau ? " Low asked saddistically .

" You idiot ! Bakeru ! How could you ?! " Gau screamed .

" Your the idiot , Gau . I'm brillant enough to join the Soulfan . I have taught them Kuruda Ryu Kossapo ! In

the end , I will be rewarded handsomely." Low proudly said.

Gau looked at Low in disgust. His eyes grew with rage. "That's enough !" Gau shouted . "Kuruda Ryu Kossapo , Harken!"

Gau's fist came hurling towards Low.

" Not enough , " Low coldly said as he dodged Gau's Harken by tilting his head to the right .

"Harken ! Harken ! Harken ! " Gau roared as his fists hit Low's cheek .

"How dare you ! " Low muttered . " Kuruda Ryu Kossapo , Kattana !

Low's fingers plunged into Gau 's stomache . "That's what you deserve."

Blood spilled on Gau's shirt . And then slowly his knees dropped to the ground . In a few seconds , he lay motionless on the ground

For moments there was silence only broken by a gust of wind . Gau's body lay motionless and Low stood silently at his side .

" You are mediocre in skill , Gau . You do not deserve the title 60th Cevar Black Howling , " Low told Gau's lifeless body.

Suddenly motion started in Gau's body . " Not yet." Gau's eyes burned with determination. "Kuruda Ryu Kossapo, Sword!"

Low was astonished in his stamina.

Gau's legs came plunging into Low's armor . Low's armor cracked and then it quickly broke revealing his body covered with bandages .

"Harken ! " Low quickly said as his fist came swiftly towards Gau's chest .

Gau merely moved his chest back to avoid Low's fist.

"Impressive," Low murmurred .

"That's not all , " came Gau's quick reply .

--------------Martial Language Begins ---------------

" There is no one who can defeat my Shadow Skill . "

" I am number one. "

" My blood burns Kuruda red ."

"I am never defeated . "

" My one single blow is invincible ! "

" My assault is White Lightning ! "


"Kuruda Ryu Kossapo, Shadow Skill , Chainsaw . "

"Kuruda Ryu Kossapo , Open skill , Kattana . "

Gau's legs and Low's fingers met each other in such a strong force that both men came tumbling back . They stared at each other in eyes swelled with rage.

"You have greatly improved Low , " Gau praised as he stood up straight and wiped the blood from his mouth.

"Did you actually think you could defeat ME with a mere Chainsaw ? " Low boasted as he wiped the dirt off his clothes .

"Enough! Meice! " Gau shouted. His fists started a flurry of punches which hit Lowengrinn straight in his abdomen.

Lowengrinn made a long leap away from Gau. He panted for breath. "You caught me off-guarded, " he admitted .

" Harken-Sword Fist ! " Gau yelled with strength as energy formed around his fists .

It streamed to Low's chest as the energy engulfed him.

" Where...where did you learn..." Low coughed out blood. "Such a move?"

" From ..." Gau couldn't even finish as Low threw a Harken at his cheek .

"Kattana ," Low hissed as his fingers came near Gau .

Gau jumped swiftly to avoid Low's Kattana. He somersaulted up in the air. " Blade."

What the...? How?!, Low thought. He looked up and tried to evade but it was too late.

Gau's leg hit Low's head in such a force that Low was beginning to lose consciousness.

I'm passing out, Low thought. Why? Why couldn't I defeat Gau?! Low stared at Gau as his vision blurred. Lowengrinn slid into unconsciousness.

Gau looked in pity as he cradled Low in his arms and started walking back to Kuruda.

* * * * * * * *


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