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chapter ten ; only god knows that i miss you ...

Celty had just finished delivering a rather sharp jab to the underground doctor's stomach when her phone went off. As Shinra whimpered and crouched over, she slid the PDA out from her sleeve to look at the screen. It was a message from Shizuo.

"I-I hope that's not your secret boyfriend, Celty... that's my- ow!"

Ignoring his continuous cries, she opened up the message.

Need your help.

That was all it said.

Shinra adjusted his glasses, peering over her shoulder. "Is Shizuo in trouble? Well, not that that's anything new, but he can usually handle those sort of things..."

[Either way, I'm sure he wouldn't ask for help if he didn't need it.] Celty replied, then brought the PDA back and typed a message back to Shizuo. Sliding it back up her sleeve, she grabbed the bright yellow helmet from the table and started walking out the door.

"Be careful, my honey!" Shinra called out, hands cupped around his mouth as if he were shouting from a mountain top. "And no falling in love with anyone but me, okay!"

Such a moron sometimes...

Shaking her non-existent head, she set off. Getting to Shizuo's location only took her a few minutes, considering the way she zoomed down the streets. He was standing off to the side of an empty street, cigarette in hand. She noticed that there were already multiple cigarette butts littering the area around his feet.

"Yo." Shizuo greeted her, lifting the cigarette up for another drag.

[Are you alright?]

"I'm fine. But..." He looked straight at her, seeing the graveness in his own eyes reflected in her inky visor. "Someone took her. Nana."

[Nana? What do you mean? She got kidnapped?]

"If that's what you call knocking her out and shoving her into a van, then yeah."

[That's terrible... did you see what the van looked like, or the license plate number? The person who did it?]

"Couldn't see the place number since they drove off so damn fast. Black van, some guy with glasses and suit." He took the last drag of his cigarette before throwing it down and stomping it out, staring at the smoldering remnants. "Damn it."

[Well, I think I can help. I've encountered some people like that before...] He read the text, but remained quiet. [Shizuo, don't worry. How long has it been?]

"Twenty minutes or so," He groused, then pushed off against the wall he was leaning on to face her.

[Alright. I'm sure she'll be okay, Shizuo. I'll go now. It shouldn't be too hard to catch up with them.]

"I'm coming with you."

[... Eh?] Celty wasn't too surprised that he'd want to - but if he came with her, that would leave no room for Nana. [What about Nana? She won't be able to fit.]

"Tch. I'll find my own way home." He paused. "...I just can't wait around."

Celty formed a helmet with her shadows, placing it in his hands. [Then let's go.]

She hoped they wouldn't be too late - though it was at least helpful that she had done a rescue job for a teenage girl who had been abducted by the same type of people. At least, it sounded like it was. Now the only other thing left to hope for was that Shizuo didn't go on a murderous rampage. He seemed to be calm so far, however, which was a good sign.

"Kill, kill, kill..." Shizuo muttered under his breath as they settled onto her motorbike.

Or not.

"How much longer until we get there?"

"Calm down. Not too much. Besides, she'll be out for a little longer." The driver looked in his rearview at the girl slumped against the side of the van interior. "I highly doubt she could do much harm, anyways."

"Yeah, but what if the Black Rider comes back?" One of the accomplices shivered. "I don't wanna go through that again..."

"I might have a heart attack if that happens," A third man chimed in.

"Ah, shut up," The man with glasses sighed, "You guys wanna get paid or not?"

"Yeah..." They both grumbled reluctantly. They happened to drive over a rather large bump, jolting all the passengers - including Nana.

Ever so slowly, she began to regain consciousness. Her body felt tired, and she lay there for a minute, overwhelmed by fatigue. Each time the vehicle went over a bump and jostled her, she felt a wave of nausea.

Where... am I?

She remembered being on her way to Izaya's, and then... and then what happened? Then it hit her - the man with glasses, the rag; opening her eyes up just a slit so as not to let her captors know she was awake, she glanced around at her surroundings.

I'm in a car... a van?

"Who picks these people out, anyway? That's one creepy hobby." Nana heard one of them say. Kidnapping's just as creepy, if not more, you weirdos!

"Eh, they've got their sources. I'm pretty sure one of them is that informant from Shinjuku, though. At least, I wouldn't be surprised."

Informant from Shinjuku...? She stiffened.

"Huh? That Orihara guy?"

"Well, it makes sense. If he's an informant, then finding people that fit the requirements shouldn't be too difficult."

They're lying, right?

"That's true... I've heard he's a scary guy, too."

Am I going to die? I don't want to... not when everything is finally good at home. And not when Shizuo thinks I hate him...

"Though I'd rather go up against him than that Heiwajima any day-"

"Oh, shit!" One of the men next to her yelled out, fear apparent in his tone.

"What? What's wrong?" The driver shouted, his companion's nervousness having an effect on him.

"T-the Black Rider... I knew that was going to happen! I told you! Now we're gonna-!"

"Be quiet, damn it! We just have to lose her..."

"That didn't work last time!"

"Well, that was last time!"

Black Rider?

She felt the van speed up even more, going over some sort of speed bump - she got thrown up into the air from the force of it, and let out a yelp despite herself.

"Shit, she's awake!"

There goes my cover...

"Well, what are you waiting for? Knock her out again, you idiots!"

Two men, one on the obese side and a scrawny looking one advanced upon her - which didn't take long, considering they were in the back of a van.

The scrawny one started fumbling around with a bottle and a rag, and the heavier one sat down on her torso. She wheezed out, still feeling nauseous; the weight on top of her made her feel like she was going to be crushed. She began waving her arms around wildly, trying to land some sort of hit on the man on top of her; to her satisfaction, she landed a few smacks, but they didn't seem to do much due to her weakened state.

"Hurry up!"

"I'm trying!"

"Celty!" Shizuo shouted against the rushing wind, "When we get closer to them, drop me off. Stop 'em from the front, and I'll stop them from the back."

Celty nodded, tightening her grip on the handles as she sped up.

Damn girl keeps getting into trouble. He narrowed his eyes at the swerving vehicle in front of them. Well, technically, she didn't make a habit of it - but she had already gotten the crap beaten out of her once before, and he wasn't about to let it happen again. Not if he could help it, at least.

Besides, in Shizuo's book, working for and hanging around the damn flea was only asking for it.

When this is all over, I'm going to tell her what an idiot she is. And even if she hates me, too bad. Stupid girls like her obviously need someone to keep an eye on them. And in his mind, amidst the worry and anger, there was only one person who would be able to do that.

Yeah. Even if she hates me... Ah, who the hell cares. If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

She couldn't end up like this. She wouldn't end up like this. Her vision became blurry from tears of desperation, and her arm went out to her side, trying to reach for anything to aid her - when she felt something cool and thin. Not wanting to waste anymore time trying to find something more suitable, she tightened her hand around the metal, looking up at the man on top of her.

He was seemingly distracted, looking out of the back window. "The Black Rider's gaining on us-"

Mustering up all the strength she could in her feeble state, she let out a cry and wrenched her arm forth with as much force as she could. There was a solid thwack as the tire iron landed right on his temple.

"Ow!" He held up a hand to his temple, which was starting to bleed. "Crazy bitc- ow!" Again, she brought up the tire iron, trying to strike him in the same spot to the best of her ability.

Even though he was one of the people who had kidnapped her, she still didn't want to have to knock someone out. She especially didn't want to have to repeatedly whack someone in such a tender place as his head. The nausea grew more when she felt some spatters of blood hit her cheek.

"Stop her, damn it!" The driver cried, swerving.

But if she wanted to get out of this, then... she felt tears and nervous drops of sweat run down the side of her face and into her hair as she delivered the blow that finally brought him down.

"What the hell!" The scrawny one cried, as the large one slumped on top of her, knocked out. She let out another whoosh of air from the whole weight of his body on her chest, and she tried to wiggle out from underneath him.

The scrawny one leaned over his friend's knocked out body, rag in hand as it neared her face. Not when I was so close...!

Suddenly, the van halted to an immediate stop. The one with the rag teetered from his position on his knees, and he wavered before falling backwards in the direction of the front of the vehicle, the cloth flying in the air from his hands that were loosened in surprise. Fate, or maybe a miracle - Nana didn't exactly know and couldn't think about it right now, anyway - happened to have the rag land smack dab on his face.

"Damn it! He's trying to block us off! What the hell?"

Nana herself could not see any of this, still underneath the passed out man; her nose wrinkled in disgust and she turned her head to the side as she felt warm blood leaking from the man's temple onto her.

"Don't you hear me? Hey-!" The man turned around, the van already in reverse. "What the-!" He surveyed the two knocked out men and cursed, stomping on the gas pedal. In the middle of backing up, the vehicle went off to the side to gain enough room to turn around.

Suddenly, one of the dim glows from a street light went out - Nana could at least notice that from her squashed position - and then the van skidded to a stop as the street light itself went through the passenger window and out through the windshield. Glass tinkled down from the broken windows, and she heard the driver whimper before it was silent.

W-what happened? Am I ... saved?

She got her answer when when the back of the van opened up, and she stared up in surprise.

"S-Shizuo?" She wheezed out, still beneath the passed out man. She had never been happier to see the familiar blond hair and bartender suit; even the scowl on his face was like the light at the end of the tunnel.

Her hand finally loosened its grip on the tire iron, and Shizuo frowned as he shoved the obese man off of her as if he was pushing aside a pebble. More tears welled up in her eyes, and she found herself smiling weakly in relief. "Shizuo..."

"Who else?" Shizuo grumbled as another figure appeared by his side.

"Celty-san, too..." Was that the Black Rider they were talking about? I know it's not Shizuo, so...

Nana lifted herself up on her elbows before Shizuo took hold of her, moving her so she was sitting upright on the now open ledge of the back of the vehicle. She surveyed her surroundings, thankful that the street was empty. It surely would have attracted a lot of commotion if it wasn't.

[Are you okay? Did you... do this?] Celty asked her at the same that Shizuo spoke.

"That blood had better not be yours."

Blinking and raising a hand to her still dizzy head, she tried to wipe off the blood on her cheek with the back of her hand. "I-it's not... it's his," She pointed to the knocked out man that Shizuo had moved off of her. "And yeah, I guess I did do that... I didn't want to, but I didn't know what else to do."

Shizuo nodded, both relieved and annoyed - relieved that she was okay, yet pissed he wasn't able to give her captors a piece of his mind.

[Well, at least you're okay. It's a good thing we were able to catch up to him.]

"Thanks, you two... I'm really, really grateful..." She bowed her head, embarrassed of the new tears she could feel coming.

[I'm going to check on them. Can you help her to my bike?] Celty typed out to Shizuo, who nodded before she went around to the front to see the damage.

"Come on." Shizuo held out an arm for her to grab, frowning when she didn't take it.

"Hey, Shizuo..."

He sighed, waving his arm around a bit more in front of her as if to tell her to hurry up and take it. "What?" Slowly, she reached out and took it, and they began walking to Celty's pitch black motorbike.

"Back there, I was really scared." She whispered, and he dropped his arm as they reached the bike. "I was really scared I would die. I didn't want to die..."

"Who does?" He grunted before before figuring she had more to say, and dug in his pocket for a lighter and his pack of cigarettes before lighting one up.

"I know no one does, but I didn't want to die, especially when everything at home was getting better. And maybe even more than that... no, definitely more than that, I..."

She sniffed before looking at him, smiling tiredly again. "I definitely would have regretted not telling you that I don't hate you. I don't hate you at all, Shizuo, so...!"

Nana lunged forward, wrapping her heavy arms around his waist and ignoring the dizziness that came with her sudden movement. "I'm sorry! I don't hate you! I definitely don't! I..." She gulped. "I missed you, so don't be mad..."

"Stupid..." Shizuo muttered, looking somewhere over her head with a frown.

"Eh?" She jerked, staring up at him in surprise. "S-stupid! I'm not-" Nana made to let go of him in her indignation, when Shizuo stuck the cigarette between his lips, grudgingly and awkwardly returning her hug.

"... I'm not mad."

"Good ... I'm glad." She calmed down and whispered, smiling to herself in relief.

Footsteps approached, and Nana flushed before letting go of him. Shizuo simply returned to puffing on his cigarette as Celty appeared from around the side of the vehicle.

[Well, you did a number on that one man, Nana.] Celty said, and the girl sheepishly tugged the ends of her hair.


[The driver must have knocked himself out on the steering wheel, and the other managed to drug himself...]

"Idiots." Shizuo frowned.

[Are you sure you feel okay, Nana? They did use chloroform on you, after all.]

"I feel nauseous, but other than that..."

[Why don't you come with me? I'll have Shinra make sure everything's alright, if that's okay with you.]

"S-sure, if that's not a problem..."

[Of course not.] Celty formed another helmet from her shadows, and Nana gawked at the act before looking at Celty with wide eyes. [Here you go.]

A bit cautiously, she reached out to take the helmet. How did she...? But Celty had just been one half of the duo that had just rescused her, and from what Nana knew of her, she wouldn't hurt her - so she tugged it on, still blinking in wonder.

[I'm guessing you'll want to come, right?] She directed at Shizuo, who nodded.

"I'll catch a cab. I'll see you soon." He looked down at Nana once more before taking another drag of his cigarette and walking down the street.

[Ready?] Celty flashed her PDA at Nana, who nodded and held onto the older woman's waist.

Celty set off into motion, and Nana took one last glance at the blond before she squealed and held on for dear life as they zoomed through the streets.

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