The Cask of Amontillado Poem

A thousand injuries of Fortunato, I could at length endure,

But when he dared to insult, I could stand it, no more.

So I plotted and planned; into malevolence, I had sunk,

And when the carnival season was upon us, I approached Fortunato,

And convincing him of my ownership of a cask of Amontillado,

I lured him into the catacombs, tricking him into intoxication,

With all the wine he had drunk.

A cough, Fortunato suffered, but it's severity did not concern me,

He would be dealt with, soon enough, as you shall see:

For upon entering the place where the fabled Amontillado was said to rest,

And seeing nothing, Fortunato as flabbergasted at best.

Stuttering and stumbling, he turned around and about

In search of that fabled Amontillado,

And while he was distracted, I chained him within,

While I stood without.

And so my dear friend, my poor Fortunato,

As you blubber and cry that it must be a joke,

I pull a trowel from within my cloak, and the fear

Of it finally sets in, and your terror makes you choke.

As you scream, in your madness and misery,

I whisper to you:

"No one provokes me with impunity!"