The Beach of Waves and The Sea of Tears

For them, the way it started, is the way it ended, and even started again. They met on a beach; he was a drowning boy. She gave him breath with breath of her own. She saved his life. Soon, They were in love, and it just worked. They were planning to go back to the beach, but he was late and she went with another. He had followed her there and saw it all happen. Later, he returned to the beach where they met; he was going to throw his feelings to the water. But, he just couldn't do it. Then, he lost a present she had given him and she found out. She realized she still loved him and went to him. She found him again in the water drowning and saved his life again. While she was bringing him back she kept thinking: I can't lose you! I love you too much! I came for you! You cant leave me like this now , you just cant! But he lived, the ocean which brought them to each other brought them back together. They have gone through a lot but, their love seems to conquer anything life throws at them. I wish them luck and hope their love lasts. As long as they have that beach I know it will. They can stand through anything as long as they stand together because apart they fall at the slightest breeze. Tears are to precious to waste and they have already wasted to many. So from start to end and to start again the beach has always been theirs. Their place of love it started there and will continue as long as they remember "the beach of waves" not "the tears of sadness." How strong is their love is and how passionate are they? Strong enough to stand up against the worst of it is their love and passionate enough to know that they shouldn't waste their love.