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"Oh, shit. Oh shit oh shit. Quinn!" Rachel moaned as Quinn fucked her deep and slow from behind.

The brunette was completely naked, Quinn still in boxers and a beater.

Rachel bit her lip, eyes screwed shut as pleasure coursed through her. They were sitting on the armchair by the piano, Rachel on Quinn's lap with her legs spread over the blonde's thighs, holding her weight on the arms of the chair. Quinn's hands massaged her hips and her slightly swollen belly, controlling Rachel's slowly rolling hips, sometimes tugging at her hair and nipples.

"Fuck, baby, don't stop grinding me" Quinn growled against the brunette's ear, trembling as she held back her orgasm by biting the lobe. Ever since she started showing signs of being pregnant, Rachel had loved having her ear bitten. She shivered in delight as Quinn scraped her teeth down to her shoulder before screaming out as the blonde bit the flesh between her neck and her shoulder.

"You're so deep right now, you're so deep" Rachel gasped as yet again Quinn's member brushed against her G spot. "I want it harder, faster" the teacher panted as she reclined back into Quinn and the young woman wrapped one arm around her chest and one around her hips. "I want your cum."

"Yes ma'am," Quinn smirked as she began lifting the woman and rocking her own hips, meeting hard in the middle. Rachel groaned every time they met, causing Quinn to whimper at the sound.

"You're so sexy, so fucking sexy. I want you to cum, Rachel." The blonde moaned as her hand slipped through Rachel's wiry curls and onto her slick clit.

"Oh god, I will"

"C'mon, cum for me, cum on my dick."

"Ahhhiiiiii…will, oh god I am! Fuck, cum with me, Quinn!" They both began trembling as they gave in to their pleasure, Quinn's hips tensing each time she ejaculated, in turn causing Rachel to spasm as the younger woman unconsciously thrusted.

They both fell back, exhausted as their mixed juices dripped down Quinn's shaft and onto the upholstery of the chair. Rachel panted in an attempt to regain her breath as Quinn stroked her belly.

Quinn swallowed hard, her sticky mouth making it difficult, "We…should have put down a towel," she panted in between kissing the sweet skin of Rachel's neck.

Rachel smiled, closing her eyes and playing with Quinn's hand on her belly, "I don't know about you, but I haven't been able to think for the past forty minutes. I still can't recall where we keep the towels. Can you?"

The blonde huffed a laugh into Rachel's neck as she nuzzled the woman. "Touché."

They were quiet, drifting into satisfied sleep as Rachel still absently played with Quinn's fingers.

"Love you" Quinn muttered to the two on top of her as she slipped away.

For a few days, this was all they had been doing. Quinn would wake up early, make Rachel breakfast in bed, and then they would spend the day lounging, reading, relaxing in the garden, listening to music and making love. They were always within earshot and arm's reach of each other, whenever possible.

Quinn smiled as she regained consciousness, resuming her gentle massaging of Rachel's stomach until the woman stirred. She groaned as her stiff muscles moved again, and stretched like a cat, smirking on top of Quinn as the blonde waited patiently before getting bored and picking her up bridal style. Rachel squealed with delight and laughed as she tightened her arms around the younger woman's neck.

With a wink, Quinn put the woman lightly on her feet again, then put her arms around her waist and leaned in for a kiss, "Mmm, lunch?" the blonde mumbled as they eskimo-kissed, holding each other tight.

"Naked lunch?" Rachel replied with an arched brow. Quinn rolled her eyes and mock-sighed.

"Fine…" She broke into a smile and released the woman in her arms, pausing a second so she could playfully swat the woman's perfect, naked behind.

Deciding that knives, fire and naked butts did not go well together, Quinn quickly grabbed Rachel's shorts and tshirt from the floor, and dressed the shorter woman as she tried to continue making their salad.

She stood behind the brunette and nuzzled the woman's neck, watching her work and contemplating the change in her life; she had gone from a life of loneliness and anger, absent, judgemental parents and superficial friends, and no future prospect of anything different to having a relationship with the most perfect woman she had ever encountered, expecting a child who she would love and adore without question, two friends she could tell anything, and waiting to go to college for something she would love wholeheartedly. If ever anyone wanted to know what happiness was, she was pretty sure her life was it.

Unlike the first time they had holed up together, this time they were both deliriously happy. Rachel couldn't help but imagine that these days filled with endless pleasure would set the tone for their life together. Obviously nothing could be perfect all the time, she had seen that herself during the tumultuous months that they had spent in love with each other, but as she watched on with a smile as Quinn tried and failed to climb the cherry tree in the back yard so they could re-create a Romeo and Juliet scene, pure contentment overwhelmed all of her senses.

Quinn popped up from the ground with messy hair and a smile on her face, walking over to the older woman and announcing "I'll just have to be Romeo then!" as she got on her knees, momentarily distracted by peeling an edge of the brunette's top up and kissing the taut skin there, before she hugged the woman's thighs and smiled up at her face.

She prompted Rachel from "Romeo, Romeo", and the brunette pressed a soft palm to her cheek as they smiled at each other, holding in giggles as they melodramatically performed to one another.

It had become much more common over the past few days to see Quinn's playful side, but later on as Rachel dozed with her head on Quinn's lap and the girl devoured the news at ten, then shut off the TV, leading them both to bed, laying Rachel down and undressing her so she could keep dozing, the older woman smiled in satisfaction, knowing that she and her child would both be taken care of, supported, and encouraged.

Their life would be the very definition of happiness.

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