Chapter 1

A young kunoichi wandered carefully down the path by fallen tree. She had short, chin-length, black hair, and her eyes were a clear pearl white with a splash of gray swirled in. She wore a baggy tan coat with fur lining and her forehead protector around her neck, instead the on her head, like it was normally worn by other ninja.

Hinata was lost in the woods... again. A while back she'd stopped paying attention to where her team was heading and ended up getting separated. She was alone, and she knew ninja everywhere were just itching to take out some competition. Hinata wasn't the best fighter in the world, and she knew it, but she knew how to use her byakugon pretty well, so she could tell if someone was trying to sneak up on her, or at least she thought she could.

Hinata was still pretty shaken up after what she'd seen Gaara do. Such cold-bloodedness scared her. She'd seen it on many faces before. One of them stuck out in her mind. Sasuke Uchiha was on the same team as her longtime crush, Naruto Uzumaki. Often times Hinata worried about Naruto-kun's safety, but nothing seemed to set off Uchiha-san yet.

There was a rustling in the bushes not far off and Hinata paniced. She activate her byakugon. She didn't know who was hiding, and she was pretty sure he or she could overpower her, but Hinata did not plan to go down without some swinging. That way, whoever the unlucky ninja ran into next, hopefully Naruto-kun, would take advatage of the situation and there'd be one less obstical in their way to becoming a Chunin.

Wow, Hinata was thinking like Neji...

Hinata let out a sigh of relief as she realized the thing in the bushes was just a snake. It couldn't harm her too much, but didn't someone tell her the snakes were poisonous? Just to be safe she traveled in the direction opposite the snake, completely forgetting that their might be other awaiting ninja.

Hinata was still frenetic trying to find her team. it's not like they could've gone that far, could they?

Hinata sped up, sensing an unfamiliar chakra somewhere behind her. No matter how far she ran, the chakra didn't seem to get any farther, nor any closure. No matter how fast she ran she got the same results. Hinata looked around trying to find some clue as to who was following her, or what was going on. It wasn't long before she'd realized she kept passing the same fallen log over and over again. Hinata stopped, suddenly realizing why the chakra never seemed to change. She wasn't moving, she only thought she was.


Someone had Hinata trapped in their genjustu... and Hinata had let them.

How can that be? She hadn't sensed anyone near her, and no one would've had the chance to do anything before she would've sensed it anyway.

Unfamiliar chakra

That had to be it. No one Hinata knew was powerful enough to hide their chakra from her, not even Gaara or Sasuke, so it must've been someone she didn't know... A more powerful ninja...

But who?

Hinata sat there, in that spot she'd been in for who knows how long, and waited for the unknown ninja to either reveal themself, or take her out. She hoped that if she didn't show any sign of hostility, the ninja would do neither and just leave her alone. That's what she hoped would happen.

The bushes rustled again, and Hinata turned just as a snake launched itself at her.

Next thing she knew, Hinata was waking up with a throbbing in her lower back. She was leaning against a tree and a concerned looking Kiba and Shino were hovering over her.

"You're awake!" Kiba celebrated, while Shino just nodded."What happened? We noticed you weren't with us and so we came back and you were passed out by a fallen tree."

"See something scary?" Shino asked quietly.

"N-no. I-i just... W-well there was this g-genjutsu, a-and then this snake attacked m-me, and t-then... I don't know, but no my b-back hurts"

Kiba shook his head. "Are you sure you didn't faint again? you probably just pulled a muscle when you fell."

Hinata shook her head. "Y-you're probably right. We should get g-going."

Kiba helped Hinata up. "Yeah, don't want to get caught by hostile ninja. I know how those grass ninja are. Sound ninja aren't much better, and I wouldn't want to get caught by that Gaara kid... Sasuke too... All of them are just trouble."

Hinata nodded. "Y-yeah, lets j-just go." Still Hinata couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. That couldn't have been a fainting induced dream. It felt to real.

Hinata's team's stratagy was to move at night, when everyone else would be sleeping, and rest during the day. They found secure spots where they would camp, and each took turns on lookout duty. Hinata's turns were shorter. The boys felt she was too dainty to fight off an intruder, and they were probably right.

Anyway, on the third day when Hinata was on duty, she started slacking off. No one got hurt, but it did bring some important issues to light. It started when she wanted a bath. She hadn't had one since the exam started and she remembered seeing a small spring not far back. It wasn't not like the boys would be in danger. It was almost evening and all the other teams would be setting up camp instead of searching for the scrolls.

Hinata snuck away from the camp, but as per usual, got lost before she could make it to the spring. Hinata stumbled around the barely lit forest until she heard a crashing through the trees in front of her. She hid in a bush and activated her byakugon, focusing on the expanse ahead of her. It wasn't until too late that she realized someone was behind her.

A hand clamped over her mouth and Hinata was dragged out of the bushes by her hair.

"If you have one of the scrolls, I suggest you hand it over... At least if you value your life." Sasuke glared at the kunoichi. She wasn't big nor particularly strong, but it was these ones you have to look out for. They were sneaky.

"I d-don't have a s-scroll."

"What about your team?"


Sasuke held a kunai to the girls throat. "You won't mind if I searched you then?"

"I t-told you! I don't h-have one!"

A hissing sound interupted Sasuke as he began to go through Hinata's pockets and bag.

A snake slithered out of the bushes, right up to Sasuke and Hinata.

"N-no..." Hinata tried to back away from the snake. "I k-knew it was real. I-I knew I wasn't d-dreaming."

Sasuke pulled Hinata's hair, not realizing that she was talking about the snake that was slowely making it's way toward them. "Don't even dare."

"P-please! Let m-me go."

Suddenly the snake wasn't a snake anymore. In front of them stood one of the ninja from the grass village. "How sweet," he hissed. "Two young lovers in the middle of a competition of life and death."

"What do you want?" Sasuke growled while Hinata shook. He had instinctivly stepped in front of her, as if to protect her.

"What do I want? Why you two of course." He smiled a sickening smile. "I've already claimed one of you, now I've come to collect the other."

"W-what?" Hinata stuttered.

"Why that curse mark on your back, young lady. I'm the one who gave it to you, and it can give you great power. Consider it a present from your future master." Hinata hadn't realized she had a mark. Only that her back hadn't stopped hurting since the genjustu incident.

"I-I don't even k-know you!"

"Me? Well, let me introduce myself them." The ninja passed his hand over his face and it changed, as if he'd taken off a mask. Suddenly he was pasty white, his eyes were golden, like a cobra's, and they were rimmed in a black that trailed down his nose. He truly looked like a snake. "My name is Orochimaru, and I've chosen you two to succeed me."

"What the hell?" Sasue hissed.

"W-why us?"

Orochimaru aproached us and it was against my greater instinct to stay put, but Sasuke held me tight. "Well," He smiled a sick smile. "This young man here wants revenge, and thus power. I can give him that power, and you... well you have skills that I find very useful." He hissed. "But don't get me wrong. You're weak and I can kill you any time I want. Just be glad now isn't that time."

"No" Hinata looked up at Sasuke. "No. If I want power I'll get it myself."

Orochimaru tsked and smiled. "To late."

Before I knew it I was thrown to the ground and Sasuke was being wrapped by a snake... A big snake... The biggest snake Hinata had ever seen, and to make things worse, At the head was the grinning face of Orochimaru. His head snapped forward and he bit Sasuke where his shoulder and his neck met, but suddenly Hinata was the one in pain.

"ahhh...AAhhhh... AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" the throbbing in her back had worsened. almost as if someone had stabbed her with a kunai and was now twisting it in circles and digging it deeper, drilling it through her body.

It wasn't long until she passed out from the pain.

Kiba shook Hinata, twaking her up. "Hey! It's time to get up! We gotta go, come on come on come one!"

Hinata shook her head and sat up. What just happened? She looked around and saw that she was at her campsite. Wait, What?

What Hinata didn't realize was that Sasuke was watching her from tree's .after Orochimaru marked him and told him that he'd be back for them in a years time, the young ninja carried Hinata, who was passed out, back to her camp, and when Shino and Kiba woke up they didn't know the difference. Just thought she'd fallen asleep on her lookout.

'Poor girl,' Sasuke thought.