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Chapter 8

Everything was pretty much back to normal, Sasuke was home, the Akatsuki went back into hiding, and Hinata was stuck under survaillence in the village, but Sasuke still had some things on his mind. He'll admit he had started to develop feeling for Hinata, from the time he'd carried her back to her team during the Chunin exams, up until getting her back from Itachi.

Sasuke was nervous around her. The Sasuke Uchiha was nervous because of a girl. A really pretty girl... a really nice girl... ahhh, Hinata made him smile. Sasuke needed to do something.

Sasuke stepped through the house that him and Hinata had shared for several months. He never really noticed anything about it before, but it was like he was seeing things through new eyes. The walls were a perfect combination of lavender with blue trim. Pictures of ninja from the village decorated shelves that were placed along the wall. In the living room was a purple couch with sat atop a navy carpet. A coffee table rested in the center of the spacious room.

Sasuke traveled to the bedrooms, noting how Hinata's was neat and clean . Her walls were the same shade of lavender as the ones he'd just seen, but featured no blue trim. Hell, her whole room was a combination of lavender and white. Sasuke'd room, on the other hand, was messy and had a dark shade of Blue painted over the walls. If he'd ever opened the blinds covering the windows, it would give one the impression of seeing an aquarium lit by a single ray of light. his sheets were crumpled at the edge of his bed. Funny, he'd been a neat person before.

He then traveled through the rest of the small house, noting small things that seemed to appear out of nowhere, until he reached the kitchen. This room had a whole different feel then the rest of the home. It gave you the feeling of being underneath the clear, sun-filled sky, where as the rest of the house made you think a water or a garden. Chestnut cabinets replaced gray ones that had been destroyed earlier, and the marble island reflected a khaki white across the beige walls. The counters were made of a gold colored stone, and underneath them were oak cupboards with brass nobs. The wood floor had been scrubbed clean of any blood that had remained from the previous incident with Itachi. Overall the sunlit room reflected and inviting warmth, but the was made it Sasuke's favorite room in the house was the fact that Hinata could often be found here, cooking, cleaning, or just resting. Her face would light up in the gentle sun and her hair would glow like a halo around her.

Currently Hinata was washing dishes. She was facing the open window, away from Sasuke, and humming to the radio, which was turned to her favorite station.

Sasuke took a single step forward, then almost went back again. He was about to do somethig he wasn't sure he could do. not that he doubted his skills or anything, but honestly, Sasuke was afraid of being rejected. Of course he had saved Hinata during more than one occasion but that didn't mean she felt the same way about his as he did about her.

Sasuke had never been rejected...

Hinata smiled as she scrubbed a pan clean. She was thinking about Sasuke. He'd been so kind to her, considering their accomidations, I mean, he was being forced to live with her, and he seemed never to complain whenever she redectorated. When they'd returned home after Itachi had kidnapped her, Sasuke immediatly made sure Hinata was at home, doing the house chores and even cooking and cleaning (Hinata had never eaten so many tomatoes in her life, but she never complained.). Over time, she'd begun to develop warm feelings toward the Uchiha, and butterflies had started fluttering in her stomach everytime she thought of him.

Hinata sighed happily, starting to rinse the silverwear she'd done when she felt a presence behind her. She tensed, getting ready to attack when a low voice interupted quietly next to her ear.

"Shhhhhhhh... It's just me." A Shiver went down Hinata's spine when she felt Sasuke's warm breath brush across her shoulders. She relaxed and went back to what she was doing, reaching forward to run water over the soapy spoon she held.

"Stop." Hinata paused. She didn't need her byakugon to know that Sasuke was quite close to her. His hand snaked around her and grabbed the spoon in her fingers and then dropped it in the sink. The clattering made Hinata jump but then everything was silent aside from the radio in the background. Sasuke used the arm that was still in front of him and slowly, as if to give her time to pull away, took Hinata's hand in his. His thumb traced several circles in her palm before he brought her fingers to his mouth and kissed the tips of each of them.

"S-sasuke?" Hinata's heart was pounding in her chest. She didn't know what was going on. She didn't fight it and she definitly didn't not like it, but she could feel her breath hitch in her throat when Sasuke kissed her hand and a familiar stutter slipped through her lips.

Sasuke pulled lightly on her wrist, turning her to face him. Hinata was taken aback with how beautiful the dark haired shinobi looked. The suns glow lit his face and a soft flush dusted his cheeks. He was smilling slightly, almost unconsciously.

Sasuke was equally in awe. Hinata was a deep red, and he was sure it was because of what he was doing. Her endless grey eyes were wide, innocent looking, and her mouth was slightly parted as her breath was coming out more shallow than usual.

Sasuke could feel Hinata shaking as he leaned down to whisper in her ears. "Tell me to stop if you don't want me to do this." He almost expected her to faint like she'd done when she was younger.

If it were possible, her cheeks would've gotten redder. Her eyes fluttered then shut as she consentrated on her incoherent thoughts, trying to make sense of the jumble. Sasuke was here... doing this to her... she'd wanted him for a while now... had he felt the same way as she did?

Hinata lowered her head, resting it against Sasuke's shoulder. Her hands rested against his chest and her fingers gripped his navy blue shirt. Sasuke pressed his hands against Hinata's shoulders and waist pulling only alittle closer, to make both of them more comfortable.

On the radio a new song started playing and Sasuke hummed along singing sofly into the blushing kunoichi's ear.

"I need you to hear,

I've found a reason for me

to change who I used to be.

A reason to start over new,

and the reason is you..."

Sasuke and Hinata were swaying in time with the music, slow dancing. Hinata shifted and let her hands drift to rest behind Sasuke's neck, and he locked his fingers behind her back. They were pressed together tentatively. Hinata listened as Sasuke's deep voice seranaded her quietly.

"I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me

to change who I used to be.

A reason to start over new,

and the reason is you.

I've found a reason to show

a side of me you didn't know.

A reason for all that I do,

and the reason is you."

The song ended but our two ninja did not move apart. They stood there, close enough to hear eachother's pounding hearts, close enough to feel eachother's breath.

The sun was setting in the horizon and dusk caused the kitchen to be alit with hues of pinks and oranges. Light danced across the the ceiling after reflecting off the warm dish water that was still sitting in the sink, waiting to be drained.

"Hinata?" Sasuke asked quietly.


"I'm not a perfect person... not even close... but-"

"shhh." Hinata placed her index finger over Sasuke's lips, silencing him. "Sasuke Uchiha you are about as far from perfect at Naruto is from maturity... but..." Hinata blushed. "Who likes perfection anyway?"

Sasuke smiled and slowly lifted her chin up so he could look into those eyes of her. Her gaze shifted from his eyes to his lips and then back again. She swallowed, and made the consious effort of leaning foreward. Sasuke mimicked her actions and after hesitating just alittle, they met in the middle.

One tentative kiss and Hinata knew that she was happy she had that stupid little curse mark.


Saria:Though I feel the ending went alittle fast, this chapter made me immensly happy and warm and fuzzy! I hope you all enjoyed it just as much as I did writing it! and reading it over... and rereading it over...