Hello everyone. I first would like to say I have never written a Grimm/Ichi fic. In fact, I'm a recent yaoi fan all together. But with some encouragement from my friend Racey, I decided to take a shot at it. :) So I hope you like it. Please no flames...I won't stand for them. Constructive criticism is one thing, bashing for no reason is another thing entirely. Also...this will eventually be yaoi, which is boyXboy. If you don't like that kind of thing...then don't keep reading. You have been warned. :) Also I tend to do long Fics...So this may result into 20+ chapters. So hopefully you like longer fics with crazy plots, because that's where this is heading. :) Read and Enjoy the prologue of The Laws of Motion!

Disclaimer: Bleach belongs to Tite Kubo, not me. If it DID belong to me, I would have had Grimmjow switch sides and help Ichigo kick Aizen's ass. ^^

Pairings: Grimm/Ichi


Other Parings come into play later

The Laws of Motion


The rain came down in droves as the twenty year old walked silently down the empty street. He tugged the hood of his jacket closer to his face. It wasn't that the rain bothered him, really. Even though his pants were soaked he could barely feel it. He had become immune to the stinging cold years ago. No, the rain wasn't the problem. It was the damned wind and the tangled mess his hair would become later.

He slid a hand into his right pocket and fingered the cigarette pack resting there. He was tempted to light one up, but decided it would be pointless. The wind wouldn't cooperate, and he was almost there anyhow. He could see the club from the corner, it was his safe haven, his second home. Or it used to be; once upon a time. He had only been back two days, yet he had already gravitated here. It was like he couldn't escape. He had been gone for the last two years, trying to find himself. Now he was back, and he didn't know how he really felt about it.

Karakura had been his home, once upon a time. And while it held some of his fondest memories, it also held some of his worst. Although, he couldn't say he left on bad terms, he hadn't exactly left on a high note. Shit got heavy and he needed a fresh start. So with little warning, he left; leaving his friends behind with phone calls and text messages. Of course a few had tracked him down and demanded answers. But after he told them he'd come back eventually, they left without a fight. They had been patient and he was surprised when he showed up and they welcomed him with open arms. Like a lost brother had returned home. In fact, that's what it felt like. Because no matter how he looked at it, this shit hole was where his friends were, it was his home.

He ran through the dark, pulling his jacket closer. Lightning struck and lit up the street, showing two figures under the sign that read Pantera in blue, neon lights. As he got closer he could see the taller of the men grin. "Oi! Bout time ya showed up."

The man jogged up to the door and threw back his hood, revealing electric blue hair. "Sorry, Nnoitra, I had a problem to take care of."

"Luppi givin ya shit again?" he asked, his lone eye showing keen interest.

"When isn't he givin me shit?"

A shorter man with jet black hair and piercing green eyes scoffed. "Grimmjow, why do you insist on keeping that thing around?"

Grimmjow laughed and opened the door, taking a big whiff of the welcoming smell of smoke, sweat, and booze. "Cuz even though he's bat shit crazy, he's a damn good fuck."

The dark haired man blinked, but showed no further emotion. "I don't see what difference that makes. Trash is trash."

"That's yer problem Ulqui." Grimmjow said, snatching a shot from a man that was already drunk and on the verge of passing out. He threw it back, letting the burning inferno filter down his throat before continuing. "Ya don't just throw shit away because it looks like trash. It aint trash until it breaks."

"And ya know all bout breakin shit don't cha, Grimmjow?" A silky voice called out behind him.

The trio turned around. "Yeah, ya could say that." He replied, giving a wide grin at the sight of the albino male in front of him. " 'S been awhile, Shiro."

"Indeed it 'as." His golden orbs had been watching the man with interest, dissecting his every move, analyzing his every word. "How long ya plan on stickin round this time?"

Grimmjow shrugged. "Don't know yet."

"Well there's still a spot open for ya. Ya know, if ya need a job."

Icy blue eyes narrowed. "Thanks for the offer Shi, but I'm not hurtin right now."

Shiro lifted his hands. "Just thought I'd ask. Ya know, for old times sake."

Nnoitra cackled and put one lanky arm around Grimmjow, and the other around Shiro. "Speakin of old times, whatcha say we call up some of the gang and party like we're rock stars."

Ulquiorra shook his head and whispered, "I hate that song." under his breath.

Grimmjow smiled, thinking about the last time he had partied with his friends. "I'm game. Haven't seen many people since I got back."

Shiro looked thoughtful. "It'd be fun, ne?" A plan formed in the back of his mind. If he could pull this off, it'd be the perfect surprise for his buddy. He was the only one in the group that knew what happened that night, two years ago, and he had no intentions of letting it be.

Across Town

It was closing time. The third year locked the door, wiped his brown, and turned off the lights of the small candy shop. He then picked up the broom he had left next to the register, and began cleaning up. His boss had left an hour ago and he was left to close up shop. He didn't mind the work. It gave him plenty of time to think. It was his last year of school and he had yet to decide on which University he was going to attend. He'd take a few entrance exams, but truth be told he wasn't sure what he actually wanted. Going to college was a given, but what he wanted to study was a different story. He had been rethinking his decision to become a doctor, not that he had told his old man that. He just wanted to do something that he loved and was good at. Now he just had to figure out what the hell that was.

He hummed an old melody as he swept the floor and straightened the merchandise. Soon he'd be done and he would walk home to stick his nose in a book. It would be like every other night he'd had for the last two years. He'd been quite the partier before then, following after his cousin and wanting a way to forget his mother. He had jumped right into the late night lifestyle and loved hanging out with his cousin's friends. He felt good, important, keeping up with the third years. It had seemed like a good idea at the time. But now he knew better. In the end it had just caused him heartache and trouble. He still kind of missed partying with his cousin though.

He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the thoughts suddenly bombarding him. His cell went off, startling him. He fumbled in his pocket and looked at the screen. He didn't know the number but answered with a calm voice. "Kurosaki speaking."

"Ya think I don't know who ya are? Ichigo I'm offended. I thought ya'd 'ave yer cousin's phone number." Came a smooth voice.


"Nah, 's Santa Clause."

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Smart ass, why are you calling me?"

"Just wanted to see what ya were up to."

Ichigo walked over to the closet and threw the broom inside, effectively closing the door behind him with his foot. "I'm getting ready to leave work. Why?"

He could hear the booming music in the background before his cousin continued. "We're 'avin a party tonight at Jiruga's place. Wanna come?"

Ichigo sighed. "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why?" The older boy asked. "Ya don't 'ave school tomorrow."

"Shiro. You know I quit that shit." Ichigo replied. He said that, but in reality he wanted to hang out with his cousin. They hadn't hung out in a long time. Mostly because of school. Shiro had graduated last year so they had drifted apart.

"Come on Ichi. Ya know I don't ask ya for anythin. Just come hang out fer awhile. You'll kill yourself if ya don't loosen up. You'll 'ave fun. I promise."

He was tired of arguing. What was the point? If he didn't go, Shiro would just bug him all night anyway. "Fine, I'll be there." He replied.

He heard Shiro laugh on the other end. "I knew ya would be back Ichi."

"I'm not back!" He snapped. "I'm just…makin a cameo appearance."

"Yeah, whatever. Jus meet me there at midnight."

"Got it." Ichigo hung up the phone and left out the back door. It was raining hard. He pulled on his hoodie and made his way down the block. He hated the rain. You could say he loathed it even. In fact, there was nothing he hated more than rain. Except maybe one thing, or should he say, person.

That person was the reason why he was thinking about changing his major, the reason he had rethought everything in his life, including his sexuality. Until that night, he'd thought he was as straight as a board. He'd even been dating Rukia, the most popular girl in his class. But now that had all changed. That one night had screwed up everything he had thought he ever wanted. That person had given him hope for the first time in his life. And thendisappeared without warning, leaving him broken and confused. It was almost as if he hadn't existed at all. But of course the evidence of his existence hit Ichigo in the face every day.

He sighed once again, shoving his hands deep in his pockets. Maybe Shiro was right. Maybe he needed to loosen up. What could it hurt?