Maximum Ride and Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover

By: Penndag and Jibao

Chapter 1

I see Fang leaning against a rock. The sunlight glinted off his black hair and half extended wings, changing them from black to slightly purple.

I've had this dream before. Every single night since Fang's been gone I've seen, and he never noticed me. This time though, his head turned.

"Hey, Max. I've missed you."

I scowled. "So you think you can just waltz back in here like nothing happened? How could you do that? You promised you'd never leave us again!"

"I'm so sorry. I had to leave; it was essential to the strategy, Max." he whispered in reply. His words sounded pained and broken.

"What strategy!" I screamed, bewildered and angry.

"To destroy the school and all the scum of their kind! Don't you get it? That's why I left, Max, to save you guys!" He wrapped his hands around my face and glared at me. Then the energy fell out of his feverish eyes. "Well, it doesn't matter anyway. You'll figure everything out eventually. Remember this, Gazzy and Angel need to get to Camp. That's critical to everything!"

Then a kid who looked just like Fang ran up. "We're out of time! He's sent hellhounds and hyperborean giants! We've got to run!"

"Right Nico. Grab our stuff and get on the Pegasus." Fang ordered handing 'Nico' a variety of items, like a baseball bat and twigs wrapped in a blanket.

"Max, if he's already found me, he'll find you instantly. You've got to leave Dr. Martinez and head for New York, someone will find you there."

"Wait, Fang," I screamed, "Don't leave!"

"Go! Max," Fang yelled, "Wake up!"

I jolted up from the bed and crashed into someone's feet.

"Ow! God, Max! What's going on?" Dylan yelped.

I stood up, "I saw Fang! In my dream! But I could feel him. He said something like hyper giants or hellhounds and there was this kid who looked just like Fang named Nico. And he, uh, said go to New York and someone would find us. We've got to go now!" I realized I was babbling. Even when I insisted we had to go to New York, my voice sounded uncertain, like I wasn't sure if everything I'd just dreamt was real or not.

Everyone just stared at me until Nudge said in accordance with her normally loquacious personality "New York! Really! OMG! Max, we've got to go to New York! Do you think they've still got those cookies and weird potato things? I really don't want to sleep in the subway tunnel again. We ought to go to a fancy hotel. But didn't Fang say that we we'd get found, so we shouldn't go.", but she sounded disappointed.

"Uh, Max?" Iggy asked. "You got this all from a dream. It's not that I'm saying you're crazy, it's just, are you sure you didn't imagine it?" I had no reply and his face twisted up in a half smirk.

"Max, I really don't think you should run off to find him. I mean the guy left you. You don't half to race halfway across the country just to have him formally break up with you. Then he probably wouldn't even stay." Dylan piped up.

Ugh! I really hate them sometimes. Unfortunately, they both made sense. First, I obviously could have dreamt about Fang. I mean, I thought about him next to every second of every day. Maybe my subconscious felt that I deserved a reward for my dreadful suffering. Then, there was the fact that if Fang had some how managed to worm his way into my dream, which, by the way, was sounding more and more ridiculous by the second, he probably wouldn't stick around for long anyway, so there was no point, unless I was a sucker for punishment and loved to rip myself in two every time he left, but those thoughts were instantaneously dispelled by the sound of breaking glass.

"Aw," a sickening voice purred, "Pity. I wanted to go against that one again. I guess I'll have to make do with you."

A black blur slammed into me clawing furiously at my face. I threw my knee into its stomach and shoved it off, getting hit in the face with a familiar stench in the process. It smelled like an eraser. What? I thought they were all 'retired'. I didn't have time to dwell though. The eraser punched me hard and I was hit by a whirlwind of punches before I had the sense to block or duck. Jeez, I'm so out of practice. I kicked the beast in front of me and knocked him out, then took the time to scan the room quickly. Dylan was kicking a mutant with ten hands' butt, Nudge was stabbing an eraser in the nose with a butter knife, and even my mom was doing okay wielding a knife heroically while protecting Total and Akila, the former of which was biting a mutant with weird skin that looked like metal in the ankle. Then I saw Angel. She was cowering, trying to fight the snake skinned mutant that was trying to kill her, but she kept dodging her kicks and punches.

I leapt across my bed and slammed into the snaky lady. "Leave Angel alone!" I hissed angrily.

"Thanks Max!" Angel squealed with a small smile. I nodded at her and ran to help Ella who was backing away from a flyboy.

Just as I was about to break the robot into little metal pieces Gazzy yelled "Max! We've got to leave NOW!"

I turned to see him hovering over Iggy kicking bad guys in the face while urging him to hurry up. Then I focused on Iggy. I had just enough time to see what he was attaching to the wall before a mutant with brainwashed eyes rammed into me. I kicked and punched my way free then began shoving my way out of the mass of mutants, robots, and erasers to the window raining blows on anyone who dared get in my way.

"Up and away guys! Like right now!" I screeched. I grabbed my Mom's shoulder and yelled "Mom! Grab Ella and Akila and get out of the house!" She nodded and I kept moving.

"Max! When I said now I mean now!" Gazzy yelled.

I ran shot out my wings and half hovered half ran to the nearest exit hooking Total up by the collar and clutching him tight. Angel would be impossible if I left him, and honestly, he was growing on me.


I got out of the house and into the air just before house blew up. A huge blast of hot air shoved me towards the trees and burnt a few of my downier feathers in the process. I barely managed to avoid a rather large pine and fell on the ground hard. I sat there stupidly until Total started to lick my face.

"Ew! Gross Total." I grimaced.

"We just got thrown out of a exploding house and you're worried about me licking your face?" he asked, incredulous.

That got me back in action. I scanned the skies meticulously. God! They couldn't be dead could they?

"Max. They're right there." Total assured me. I looked in the direction he was and saw figures walking to me through the haze.

"Max," Angel chirped and ran towards me, "I thought you were dead!"

"Well, I'm not," I assured her, "and hopefully never will be." Then I turned to Gazzy and Iggy who were recounting all the best parts of the explosion.

"…and the flyboys were like popcorn! Too bad you couldn't see it! The final blast was like BA-BA-BOOM! Then all the…" Gazzy slowly trailed off as he noticed me glaring.

"So, just out of curiosity, when'd you build the bomb boys?" my voice was pleasant and chipper.

"Um, last week," Iggy whimpered, so it came out sounding like a question, "When, er, you went shopping with Nudge." Iggy managed to get out.

"That's just great," I said happily, my voice laced with sarcasm, "let's do more things behind Max's back shall we!"

"Max? Did you see them? The snake ladies! They were so scary! They looked like real snakes and slithered!" Angel whimpered.

"I did, Angel. Why didn't you?" Gazzy asked the rest of us, noticing our looks of confusion, "Dylan! One tried to bite your head off!"

"That doesn't matter," I said firmly, "Angel, I'm sorry your scared but we've got bigger issues."

"Max? What do we do now?" my mom asked.

"Now, we go to New York." I declared. This time, no one argued.