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Chapter 8 (Muahahahaha) JK


Vivid colors.

Groaning and whispering from all over the room.

Beautiful young women parading about in next to nothing. Their bodies bending in time with the music.

Ο Θεός τής. A place where Aphrodite's followers showed their devotion through intercourse.

This was how Xander Janssen met Hades.

It was also how a young demigod was born.

Fang had been a frightening baby.

Normal children cried and screamed, he came out eyes closed, barely breathing.

The doctors cleared his airways, yet he made no sound.

Instead he stared at the doctor carrying him to his mother with a contempt that made the grown man shiver.

Xander's long black hair was sweaty but shiny, as if she had recently come out of a gym, her olive colored skin flushed, but just slightly. She had made no sounds as her son was born. And as she lay on her hospital bed, not with exhaustion, but pure and utter boredom, the doctor wondered if this patient was quite normal.

Then he brushed the thought aside. Of course she was normal. What else could she be? Her son on the other hand, was not.

Xander stared at the baby in her arms.

Longish black hair, black eyes with no pupil visible, dark skin that had a slightly unhealthy pallor to it. The sign that he was indeed the son of Hades.

Pulling the blanket away from his shoulders, Xander examined her son's wings. Barely longer than her forearm and covered in silky, black feathers hardly more substantial than snow, his wings looked like they couldn't hold him up if he tried.

Gently, she stroked up and down them, wondering at the fact each time she touched them, they shivered and twitched slightly.

It wasn't just the wings that made him special.

His black eyes stared up at her with amazing depth and understanding. You could literally lose yourself in them.

His bones poked out of his skin which was stretched tightly over his body. With almost no fat to mask them, his muscles etched faint lines across his limbs.

"Enough! Finish fondling your child so he can be stabilized," her sister, Marian, hissed at her. She snapped her fingers imperiously, "Jeb, come over here," tossing one strand of pale blond hair over her shoulder. No one would have ever accused the two of being sisters. Marian's pale complexion and dark brown eyes differed significantly from her sister, Xander's dark skin and scarily intense stare made you feel like your willpower was melting away.

Reluctantly, Xander lifted the child into the waiting doctor's arms.

Jeb Batchelder.

One of the most respected names in his field, genetic engineering. Xander was glad at least her little boy would have expert care.

"Wait," Xander whispered. Her voice wafted across the room and increased in volume, ringing in Jeb's ears. "Tell him... tell him his name is Fang."

Then she lay back into the pillows on the hospital bed.

"Are you ready sister?" Marian asked. She was hoping for a no. For the first time in her life, she wanted someone to say no.

She was dissapointed.

"Yes Marian, I am ready," Xander replied gently closing her eyesThe blond scientist took a hypodermic needle out of her pocket and injected it into the IV tube attached to Xander's wrist.

Slowly to poison spread through her bloodstream.

Marian glanced down at her sister for the final time. She wore a peaceful expression, but blank. As blank in death as in life.

She turned around and walked away.

A pale, bony child lay on the hospital bed in utter and complete exhaustion.

Gasping and panting, Fang Janssen's back arched upwards as another shot of electricity spread through his body.

He could feel the tears poking and prodding at his eyes, but shoved them down regardless. There was no way in hell he was going to cry in front of them.

Sector X.

A group of specialized half-blood scientists who were experimenting on him. Testing his capabilities, whatever that meant.

He felt like reminding them that he was four. Four!

Instinctively he rolled hard. As his back pounded against the cold tiles of the floor, Fang curled his already clawed hands into fists that he shoved straight into the ground.

He shoved through tile and concrete until he could feel power seeping into his body. He was connected to his root and nothing could stop him now.

Letting out a feral yell, Fang shoved his torso up and slid his legs behind him so he was crouching.

He opened his eyes.

The whites of his eyes had disappeared, melting into a horrifying blackness that made everyone succumb to their control.

Then the ground began to crack.


Out of the white floor a bony hand covered in rotting flesh shoved its way through the tiles and began to lever itself out of the pit. A giant chasm that Fang opened for that purpose.

More and more skeletons crawled up and out of the ground, some of them were humanoid, but the others were twisted and bent, a mixture of animals covered with half-rotting flesh their empty (in some cases partially empty) eye sockets fixating themselves onto the scientists.

"AFTER THEM!" Fang screeched and after them they went.

All of a sudden he felt tired. His root to the darkness seeping upwards was pumping adrenaline through his veins but after several hours of electrocution and summoning skeletons, he felt like he'd just ran around the world 15 times in five minutes.

The last thing he saw was a tiger-like thing attacking Dr. Parks.

Good, he thought, Fang never liked her much.

Angel's POV

I spread my wings and prepared to take off. Drinking in the admiring glances, I leapt into the air flapping in synchronization with Gazzy who flew next to me. Behind us, the pegasi took off into the air, dragging with them chariots filled with some of my favorite people in the entire world.

Here's a list!

Percy and his girlfriend, Piper- the pretty camper from Aphrodite who could also control minds, Clarisse and a bunch of her huge siblings- they were actually pretty nice after I beat them in hand-to-hand combat, Hermes campers- Gazzy schooled Travis and Connor Stoll in poker and they respected him ever since, and a Hephaestus camper named Leo- who was riding a giant metal dragon named Festus II.

Changing the direction of my feathers, I altered courses slightly to catch a good thermal, and felt the wind whip my hair out of my face. Flying was freedom.

"Okay you two, get in here!" Percy yelled. Carefully angling my wings, I landed next to him in the chariot. The second Gazzy landed behind me, the sky began to blur and mix. Within a minute we ended up somewhere over New York.

"Right there Percy!" Gazzy hollered over the whipping wind. Percy led the rest of the campers to the motel parking lot in one lightening-fast swoop. He would have been a better flier than us if he had wings.

I leapt out of the chariot and hovered up to Max's window.

Nudge opened the door with slight confusion. "I thought you were at camp Angel."

Shoving through the door, I glanced around and found Max curled up with Dylan. Lovely! She probably won't even care about Fang's death!

"Un... fair... advantage!" Travis panted as he launched into the room, his brother on his heels.

I ignored him and nodded at my new friends.

And they jumped.

Travis and Connor body slammed Nudge, then gripped her arms as she struggled to get the combined weight of Leo, Clarisse, and half of her siblings off.

Percy, Annabeth, and the rest of the Ares campers grabbed Max and Dylan.

Iggy came out following Piper like a half-conscious drunk man, before the rest of the Hermes cabin smashed into him and pinned him to the ground.

"Hurry up!" Annanbeth screamed as Max punched her in the nose.

Gazzy ran over to Nudge and knelt over her head. He yanked a glowing blue bottle of the chain around his neck and dripped it into her eyes.

All hell broke loose.

Nudge bucked up and down like a horse, screaming and crying, scattering the campers like bowling pins.

Dylan shoved Percy off of Max, grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him into the wall, where he slumped and didn't move.

Iggy and Max fought back to back punching and kicking.

"Everyone stop!" Piper screamed at the top of her lungs. She was trying to get Dylan off of her stomach, where he was punching her face. People immediately dropped to the floor, even Nudge crying and whimpering.

"What the hell, Angel!" Max screeched, "What the hell are you doing!"

"Hurry!" I commanded. Gazzy swooped forward and gripped Iggy's head, pouring the blue liquid into his eyes and stepping back as he thrashed and yelled.

I ran to Max and gripped her head, doing the same.

Dylan's eyes were shut tight, his teeth ground in frustration as he pushed against Piper's charmspeak.

I dumped the last of my bottle into his eyes, and waited.

Clarisse sat down and rubbed her swelling arm.

Glancing around I could see broken nose, swelling eyes, and half a dozen unconscious people.

I sighed. What did I get myself into.