To Heal a Soul

Chapter Ten - interlude


I have killed more than I can recall. It was never fun, or easy. More often than not, I was filled with a nearly unbearable guilt.

I killed a child once. She wore her blonde hair in a braid, and her blue eyes were full of fear.

And tears.

I killed her.

She was fifteen years old in 1979. Her name was Bridget Smith.

She was a Muggle girl who had come home at the wrong time.

Her face is engraved beneath my eyelids. I see her when I close my eyes.

[There is a sketch here. Of a girl with her jump rope, smiling widely.]

I see them all.

"I'm not going to apologise, you know. For doing what I did," she tells me. I had not expected her to.

"I asked someone to met me here. Because there is something I need to do."

For my benefit, or her own?

There is a knock.

And everything changes.

I have made far too many Unbreakable Vows in my life. I have vowed to do much more than I ever should have.

I vowed to Lily when we were First Years that I would always love her. I vowed to Dumbledore to protect Harry. I vowed to Narcissa to save her son's life.

I vowed to myself that I would finish this potion, this sano a animus,then I would allow myself to die.

Hermione Weasley vowed to help me with my potion. She vowed. She vowed an unbreakable vow to do whatever it took to assist in creating a potion to heal a soul.

Stupid fucking bint was willing to widow her insipid husband, and leave her children motherless if it meant that I could make a potion and die. So I could make a potion that thousands have tried to make since the dawn of magic.

She was risking more than she would ever know. .

Theodore Nott was the one who came to witness her vow. He did not bring Perseus, and I am glad for it.

He tried to talk Weasley out of it.

But in the end, we all knew she was a stubborn chit.

I will finish the potion.

And then I will end everything.

Sano a animus.
to heal a soul.
to release it from life at last.

End of Chapter Ten

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