Phil was surprised at what was happening. He does try to be the cool dad, though, and with all the videos he'd been watching on YouTube on his new I-Pad, it seemed that boys kissing boys was pretty popular these days.

Except he was married.

Maybe he didn't feel this counted. He probably had some pseudo-witty comment about that.

But Dylan was down about Haley breaking up with him, and who knew that guitar shopping and ice cream sundaes would turn into this?

The car was parked by the lake, the line of trees blocking them from the street and wandering eyes. Dylan had been the one to surprise Phil by climbing over onto Mr. Dunphy's lap, putting his arms around his neck and pulling him into a wildly passionate kiss.

Phil wanted to be cool, and backing out of kissing one of the popular kids was not cool.

And it wasn't like he was gay, or anything. Dylan was just really hot, and much more exciting than he'd ever admit his wife wasn't.

And so what? So what if Dylan had taken off his and Phil's shirts? So what if Phil had reclined his seat? So what if they were both dealing with the tension? They were just hands and kisses that didn't mean anything.

And yet, it meant everything.

After dropping Dylan off, he realized what he was really feeling.