I decided to do another KabutoXNaruto oneshot since I noticed that there are very few of them. They're so cute together. this is friendship, but I was htinking of a multi-chaptered romantic one. If anyone has any ideas of what I should do, as long as it's T, please contact me via PM. Have fun reading! R and R, please!

"Hey, Kabuto?" Naruto asked, as he watched Kabuto making breakfast for him.



"What do all the colors mean?"

"Well…what do you mean by that?"

"Don't all the colors stand for something? Like white means purity and black is cool and depressing. Like that."

"Well, that's hard to say." Kabuto placed a plate in front of Naruto and sat opposite of him. "Do you want any specific colors?"

"Um….yellow, blue, and silver…or maybe it was gray…"

"You're wanting to know about our hair and eye color?"


"It's gray. My hair is gray."

"Old man!"

"I'm 19, boy. Watch it."

Naruto smiled innocently.

"Well…now, let's see. I guess yellow stands for happiness. And blue means you're firm and undeterred, but free, like the sky."

"That does sound like me. What about you?"

"Um….gray….I guess they're kind of like rain clouds…"

"Low and depressing?"

"No! Sad is more like it."

"So…what? You're sad, but cool?"

"Um….I dunno. I'm so confused!"

"Ha ha! You're senile!"

Kabuto glared at Naruto. "I am not senile! Or old! I'm barely 20!"

I seriously don't know if that's what gray means! I'll laugh if I'm right! I just thought Naruto would want to randomly know what colors meant, so I came up with this! I hope you liked it! R and R, once again, please!